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Online Lottery FAQs

Do I have to be a state resident to play the lottery online?

This varies by state.

The online lotteries in Michigan, Illinois, Georgia,
Kentucky and North Dakota require all customers to be state residents.

The online lotteries in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North
Carolina allow all US residents to play as long as they are physically located
within state lines.

What is geolocation?

Online lotteries use geolocation technology to verify the physical location of people who wish to buy tickets online. Geolocation technology uses a combination of methods that not only ensure customers are within state lines, but also that customers are not using spoofing technology (such as VPNs) to mask their actual locations.

Some customers may be required to install a browser add-on or download a mobile app to assist with geolocation. This is a fairly common requirement and the lottery will provide simple step-by-step instructions to get started as quickly as possible.

What responsible gambling resources are there for lottery players?

Responsible gambling resources vary by state, but in general, online lotteries offer any combination of deposit limits, voluntary self-exclusion programs and in-state problem gambling help services. See our responsible gambling page for a complete list of national and state-level problem gambling resources.

Is it worth playing the lottery?

The answer to this question depends on how you look at it.
No lottery is a good bet from a mathematics point of view. The odds of winning
are so low that even a $1 ticket to a major drawing is a losing investment.
When you compare the total number of tickets sold to the size of each jackpot,
tickets are worth less than the price you pay for them.

Long story short: there are better ways to invest your
money. The lottery is not a good retirement plan. If you had to choose between
buying lottery tickets and investing in your retirement fund, the retirement
fund is the obvious choice.

But again, that’s just looking at it from a purely
mathematics point of view. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing the
lottery for fun. If you have a few extra bucks to spare and you want to buy a
ticket, then go for it. Even talented mathematicians and statisticians
sometimes buy lotto tickets for fun.

The most important thing is to keep it in moderation. Don’t
be one of those people wasting every other paycheck on lottery tickets. Keep it
simple, spend a few bucks when you feel like it and remember that the lottery
is just a good way to spend a little time. If you win, well, that’s even

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