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What lottery tickets to buy?

Of course, to purchase lottery tickets, you need to register in the system, otherwise how will you get the prize later? Registration in the system on any of the sites is quite simple, to pass it, click on the "Register" button at the top of the page on the Jackpot or Lotto Agent website. You can pay for the purchased tickets either through electronic wallets, or by plastic card.

Now let's take a look at the mind-blowing selection of lottery tickets in the world.. Below I will list the most popular lotteries with a brief description..

PowerBall is the most famous lottery in the United States of America, held in forty-three states. It was here in January 2016 the largest jackpot in the history of lotteries was drawn - 1,5 billion dollars, and in 2013 year 590,5 million. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday local time. Winnings start at 3$ and end 200 000$. Jackpot, however, not played out every time, due to which it is constantly accumulating and growing to phenomenal sizes, sometimes reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

EuroMillions is already a European lottery, conducted for 9 countries, including France, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and others. Jackpot starts with 15 000 000 Euro and once reached the mark 115 million and was won by one person. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 Paris time.

Russian lotto - if you choose from the domestic segment of the gambling market, then this lottery is one of the most preferred. The reasons are simple - a large number of winning combinations, interesting gameplay, increased ratio of the number of winning tickets to their total number. Jackpot starts from 50 million rubles and with successful accumulation reaches half a billion. Draw is held every week, the broadcast of the draw on Sundays at 14:00 on the TV channel "NTV".

MegaMillions is also one of the most famous lotteries in the USA, held in forty six states. The jackpot of this lottery starts at 12 000 000$. Additional winnings, played every time, come to 250 000$. The draws are broadcast on WGN America on Tuesdays and Fridays in Atlanta at 23:00 local time.

Exist, as you understood, many more famous lotteries, which you will all find on the above services. If they seem more reliable to you, or you were already familiar with them before, you can also purchase them. Here I just brought the most famous and purchased.

For motivation ...

Hopefully, now you understand, how to buy certain lottery tickets, now, as a motivation, I would like to cite a few examples of fabulously large wins for more enthusiasm:

Good luck and no fluff, not a pen " !


Here are some of the main reasons for the popularity of foreign establishments:

  • quality - large reputable online casinos do not hesitate to invest more money in their development and promotion;
  • authority - they carefully monitor their reputation abroad;
  • honesty control - establishments are constantly checked by large independent auditors, and also use modern technologies to protect against third-party interference;
  • use of licensed software;
  • excellent service - you will be polite and courteous, no matter, how much money do you have;
  • generous bonuses - the number of interesting promotions in some casinos is off the charts;
  • giant progressive jackpots, thanks to a huge audience and high turnover of funds;
  • chic assortment of games.
Casino Bonus Percent Software RU site Payouts Overview Play!
RUB 200.000 100% 97,85%
$2400 100% 96.85%
RUB 200.000 100% 96.64%
RUB 70.000 100% 98.17%
$200 100% 95.61%
$500 100% 97.34%
$200 200% 98.27%
RUB 24.000 100% 97.19%
RUB 50.000 100% 96.30%
RUB 7.000 100% 95.76%
$2000 100% 97.88%
€500 50% 98.67%
RUB 30.000 100% 98.21%
RUB 10.000 100% 96.4%

Sure, the above points are typical for the best casinos

When choosing a gambling club, we recommend paying attention to the ratings, or even better - rely on personal preference and experience

German lottery – German lotto

The most popular lottery in Germany is Lotto 6 of 49, which has been held since the beginning of the 70s of the last century. Draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with six main lottery balls ranging from one to forty-nine used in the German Lotto draw. There is also a superball (super number) - he is selected from ten. The ticket price is one euro. The jackpot starts from one million and if it is not drawn in the current draw, then it goes to the next. The table below shows the categories of winnings.

Category Number of coincidences Probability
Jackpot 6 major + super ball 1 to 139 838 160
2 6 main balls 1 to 13 983 816
3 5 major + super ball 1 to 2 330 636
4 5 main balls 1 to 54 201
5 4 major + super ball 1 to 22 196
6 4 main ball 1 to 1 032
7 3 major + super ball 1 to 812
8 3 main ball 1 to 57

The biggest jackpot in German lotto to date was won in December 2007 of the year, when the three lucky ones received a total of more than forty-four million euros. Lottery winnings are tax-free in Germany. The specifics of taxes on lottery winnings in different countries can be found in the article lottery taxes.

How the Viking Lotto appeared and who plays it?

Vikinglotto lottery - a joint project
Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Interestingly, she was the first
multinational lottery in Europe, even before the appearance of such famous games as EuroMillions
and Eurojackpot. Viking lotto draws were started with 17 Martha 1993 of the year.
This was preceded by negotiations between companies - organizers of national lotteries
Scandinavian countries.

IN 1992 year of TipstjänstAb (Sweden, now called SvenskaSpel), NorskTipping (Norway), DanskTipstjeneste (Denmark, сейчас DanskeSpil), ÍslenskGetspá (Iceland) and the Veikkaus lottery (Finland) entered into an agreement to release a weekly lottery, uniting all the listed countries. This is how the Viking Lotto appeared - the first supranational lottery in Europe at that time..

Thus, at the origins of Vikinglotto
there were five states - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. IN 2000
Estonia joined the lottery with its national lottery EestiLoto,
and in 2011 year - Latvia and Lithuania with national lotteries LatvijasLoto and Olifeja
respectively. I.e, to the second decade of the XXI century list of participating countries
Viking Lotto rose to eight and included, besides the Scandinavian states, also
all Baltic countries.

Large-scale reform of the Viking Lotto was
held in 1997 year, when the players began to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45 and 2
additional numbers. At the same time, the cost of tickets also increased - from 2 crowns to 3
crown, which allowed to significantly increase the Vikinglotto prize fund and to award
winners every week. From that time it became enough to guess 3
main numbers, to be eligible for a prize. This norm has increased the chances
players to earn money in the lottery and, hence, led to an increase in popularity
games in scandinavian countries.

IN 1998 Viking lottery for the first time
exceeded the annual turnover in 1 billion kroons. For twenty seven years of existence
Viking lotto lottery jackpot rose to 35 million. Vikinglotto's rise in popularity has contributed to,
what in 2017 year the ninth participating country - Slovenia - joined the game.
Thus, the lottery has crossed the borders of Scandinavia and the Baltic States. By the way, in
Slovenia makes it even easier to win the lottery, than in the Scandinavian or Baltic
countries - just guess 2 main numbers, to get the first prize.

The advantages and disadvantages of the American lottery

There are pros and cons to draws from the USA. Having studied them, you yourself can make a decision, is it worth taking part in them. What are the advantages of these drawings?

  • Big prize pool and big jackpots. America has the largest jackpots in the world. For instance, lottery MegaMillions at the end 2018 won the second largest prize in history, equal 1,5 billion dollars.
  • Tickets available for purchase. It's easy to buy a ticket. Formally, paper versions of popular brands PowerBall and MegaMillions are sold only in America. But participation in the drawings is available to Russians, who can use the services of intermediaries.

There is one significant drawback: American citizens don't like, when big wins leave the country. If foreigners receive the main prize, local residents start scribbling complaints to the authorities about this person. No one wants to give a fortune outside the state.

Should you play Australian Lotto??

Almost all Australian lotteries are organized by The Tatts. Thanks to the efforts of the organizer, the Australian Draws gained great popularity and reached the level of the famous European and American draws.

For Russians australian lotteries - a great opportunity to try your luck.

Consider the Merits of Australian Draws.

#1. Big jackpots.

Major Australian Lotteries Top Prizes Start From 1 million Australian dollars, which in US currency is about 700 thousand. Australia's largest jackpot was raffled at 2012 year at the Oz Lotto draw. Winner won A $ 112 million prize.

#2. Frequent draws.

Australian Draws are held 5 days a week :

  • Mon & Wed Lotto - Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Oz Lotto - on Tuesdays
  • PowerBall Australia - Thursdays
  • Saturday Lotto - on Saturdays

#3. High probability of winning.

The odds of hitting the jackpot at PowerBall Australia are 1 to 76 million, в Oz Lotto — 1 to 45 million, в My & Wed Lotto и Saturday Lotto — 1 to 8 million. These are good indicators.. For instance, in the American version of PowerBall the probability of winning is 1 to 300 million.

#4. Tax free.

Winners of the Australian Draws are tax-free. For comparison, in many lotteries in other countries, winnings are taxed from 20 to 45 %.

#5. Participation is available to anyone.

Everyone can try their luck in the Australian lotto. Unfortunately, Russians cannot buy tickets on official foreign websites, so they turn to lottery dealer services.

Which Australian lotteries are better to choose?

There are many different lotteries in Australia, but we will focus on the four largest, and we will analyze them in more detail.

Powerball Australia

For fans of foreign lotteries, the name of this game may seem very familiar, and not in vain. The first Powerball Australia draw was held in 2013 year. Then the game was almost a complete copy of the American Powerball.. Throughout the existence of the lottery, its rules were constantly changing., so now the game has little to do with the American version, more adapting to the people of Australia.

According to Powerball Australia rules, the player marks on the ticket 7 main numbers from 35, and one bonus number (Powerball) of 20. Prize categories and prizes look something like this:

  • 7 and bonus - jackpot;
  • 7 — 100.000 $;
  • 6 and bonus - 4.000 $;
  • 6 — 450 $;
  • 5 and bonus - 160 $;
  • 5 — 40 $;
  • 4 and bonus - 75 $;
  • 3 and bonus - 20 $;
  • 2 and bonus - 10 $.

Powerball Australia jackpot amount starts at 3.000.000 Australian $, and rises by 1.000.000 to the next edition, if the main prize remains unplayed.

Mon & Wed Lotto

As the name of the lottery is Monday & Wednesday Lotto is not hard to guess, that it takes place twice a week, namely on monday and wednesday. Players mark on the ticket 6 main numbers and 2 additional of 45. The winning combinations look like this:

  • 6 main numbers;
  • 5 major and 1 bonus;
  • 5 major;
  • 4 major;
  • 3 + 1 or 3 + 2;
  • 1 + 2 or 2 + 2.

В My & Wed Lotto missing rollover rule. It means, that the amount of the unplayed jackpot does not increase by the next draw.

Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto rules are very similar to Mon & Wed Lotto. Players also mark on tickets 7 major and 2 bonus numbers, trying to get into similar prize categories. The main difference between Saturday Lotto is the jackpot, whose amount starts from 4.000.000 Australian $, and gradually increases, if no one won the main prize.

Another special feature of Saturday Lotto is the holiday draws, in which there is always a big jackpot, the amount of which can reach 20-30 million Australian $. Such printings are usually timed to coincide with the New Year holidays or other important events..

Oz Lotto

Players mark on the ticket 7 main numbers and 2 bonus from 45. The lottery has 7 prize categories with a fixed prize fund, which is divided equally among all players, guessed the same winning combination.

The winning combinations and the corresponding cash prizes look like this:

  • 7 main numbers - jackpot;
  • 6 major and 1 bonus - 35.000 $;
  • 6 main - 4.500 $;
  • 5 + 1 or 5 + 2 — 400 $;
  • 5 main - 50 $;
  • 4 main - 25 $;
  • 3 + 1 or 3 + 2 — 15 $.

Where is the best place to buy lottery tickets online?

so, are you ready to start playing. However, one big question remains: where you can buy lottery tickets?

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the areas with direct online tickets, you have nothing to worry about. You can get lottery tickets directly from your local operator, or you can check, where can I buy tickets near you!

Here are some states, which allow you to buy tickets online.

  • UK National Lottery
  • Australian lotteries
  • Georgia Lottery
  • Kentucky Lottery
  • Illinois Lottery
  • Michigan Lottery
  • North Carolina Lottery
  • North Dakota Lottery

Not sure, that in your area lottery tickets are sold online? Just search your state lottery website (or country) and see, can you buy tickets directly from the national lottery operator. If your country does not include, then you can purchase lottery tickets from lottery agents.

To save a few clicks, here are some of our best reseller options.

  • theLotter offers variety for new, and experienced players. You can play any of 50 lottery games, as well as syndicates and raffles for millionaires. The site is very easy to use.
  • Bmillions is a good place to start, if you were interested in group play. He offers 11 syndicates to choose from, as well as combinations in terms of value for money, which combine several syndicates into one package.
  • WinTrillions is a great choice, if you want to opt out of your credit or debit card. Thanks to the support 32 different payment methods, including Bitcoin, WinTrillions is an accessible portal for 20 lottery games and several syndicates.

Rules of the game

Consider the rules of the game. Lotto "6/49" 3 lotteries during 1 circulation. This is the main lotto, where to guess 6 numbers from 49, next draw 1 000 000 dollars, that is, "Guaranteed Prize Draw" and the drawing of an additional prize from 500 000 dollars to 1 million dollars - "Encore Draw".

Main Lotto

The rules are the same as in other lotteries "6 out of 49". The ticket contains 49 digits ranging from one to 49. From them you need to cross out 6 random numbers.

The more numbers match the numbers, which the presenter took from the lottery drum, the more the winning amount will be. Choosing a hard game, the player must cross out 6, and 5,7,8,9 digits, the number of winning combinations will be the same.

  • when choosing 5 digits - 44 (the cost of the game - $132)
  • when choosing 7 digits - 7 (the cost of the game - $21)
  • when choosing 8 digits - 28 (the cost of the game - $84)
  • when choosing 9 digits - 84 (the cost of the game - $252)

The main feature of Lotto "6/49": when crossing out 5 digits, combinations that lead to victory, there will be more, than in that case, when the player crosses out 6 or 7 digits. If the player crosses out 5 digits, then the winning combinations will be those, which has everything 5 digits and any third-party number. I speak otherwise, if the player crosses out the numbers 12345, the combination 123456 will be victorious for him.


What are the prizes in the main round?

The Lotto 6/49 prize pool is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • For the winning category 1 need to 6 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 79,5%)
  • For the winning category 2 need to 5+1 coincidence (the share of the prize fund will be 6%)
  • For the winning category 3 need to 5 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 5%)
  • For the winning category 4 need to 4 coincidences (the share of the prize fund will be 9,5%)
  • For the winning category 5 need to 3 coincidences, gain 10$
  • For the winning category 6 need to 2+1 coincidence, gain 5$
  • For the winning category 7 need to 2 coincidences, and the winner gets into the next draw for free.

«Guaranted Prize»

Each draw makes one participant of Lotto 6/49 richer by 1 000 000 dollars. Such a drawing is held in each draw, Based on this, twice a week, the organizers make one of the participants a dollar millionaire. Participation in this drawing is free and no additional payment is required.

The winners are determined after the end of the main lottery draw, the host will announce a ten-digit combination. Participant, who will find such a combination on his ticket, will be the winner. Need to mark, that bonus combinations cannot be selected by players, they are printed before tickets are issued.

You can take part in the additional drawing, I paid 1 dollars. This round is held in each lotto draw "6/49". Inside the lottery drum there is 10 kegs with numbers from 0 to 9. Take turns getting from the inside 7 balls, announcing their numbers then the removed barrel is put back in the lottery drum.

Based on this, the number of winning combinations can be repeated two or more times. Players, who guessed everything 7 numbers in that order, in which they dropped out, get one million each, and the players, who guessed the part correctly, also expect a reward:

  • for 6 numbers - $100 thousand;
  • for 5 numbers - $1000;
  • for 4 numbers - $100;
  • for 3 numbers - $10;
  • for 2 numbers - $5.

Features of Spanish lotteries

Spain lotteries have many differences from other foreign and European games. Further we will analyze only the most interesting and important ones..

№1. Jackpots

For most lotteries, multi-million dollar cash prizes are rather rare., than the rule, what can not be said about the Spanish games. The simplest example is El Gordo de la Primitiva, which jackpot is 5.000.000 euros.

And this is not the limit, as local lotteries have a rollover rule, according to which the unplayed jackpot increases by the next draw.

№2. High chances of winning a good cash prize

It is worth noting, that the chances of winning in Spanish lotteries differ little from similar foreign or domestic games. In this case, the amount of the win is often much larger.

Another feature is, that every player has the opportunity to get money back, spent on buying a ticket. To do this, you just need to carefully monitor the drawing of the Reintegro bonus ball. If the number of this ball matches the digit, printed on the purchased ticket, the player will receive a prize, equal to the cost of this ticket.

№3. Frequent draws

To participate in the game, no need to wait a whole week, because in Spain there are different lottery draws every day, and most of them play good cash prizes. If a player wants to increase his chances of winning, he is waiting for the Loteria Nacional draw, which takes place once every four weeks. In this lottery, every third player gets a prize.

№4. Low ticket prices

Most Spanish lottery tickets are no more expensive 1.5 euros, which is quite cheap compared to many foreign games. Unfortunately, our compatriots will have to pay for one such ticket at least 3 dollars, since you have to buy through intermediaries, who take a small commission for their services.

The ways, how to win the lottery

If you decide to win the lottery in one way or another, then you need to understand one simple thing. The likelihood of, what will win this particular ticket is extremely small (but she still exists) and from that, how often do you buy tickets, it does not increase. Can win like a randomly bought first time in a life lottery ticket, so any other, which will you ever buy, even if you buy them daily. This is mathematical (statistical) regularity, and that is why there are simply no mathematicians among gambling lottery players.

Sorted it out. Now let's take a look at the other side of the coin.. If the probability of winning itself is the same, then the probability of the winning amount (if it does happen) you can influence. It can be increased. And that already means, what are all your costs (how nervous, and financial) can pay off handsomely. But how to increase your winnings?

Win on the Stoloto website

Let's admit, you play an online lottery like 6 of 45, where you yourself put down a combination of numbers, and the organizers of the lottery throw balls with numbers or pull out any other items. And if your numbers fall out, then you are a winner. But the point is, that there can be more than one winner, and several, therefore the jackpot is divided among all and, respectively, decreases. But we remember, that the probability of any combination is exactly the same, therefore it makes sense to choose such a combination, which no one will choose. And if there is a jackpot, then it will only be yours.

so, sum up:

  • any number or combination of numbers is equally probable;
  • no strategy can affect the appearance of a specific number;
  • the more winners, the less each of them gains.

Can you trust intermediaries?

Many people are wondering, is it worth trusting intermediaries, let's face it, and see what guarantees this intermediary provides us.

To purchase a ticket from a lottery broker, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the intermediary's website and register on it;
  2. Top up your personal account balance;
  3. Choose the required lottery you will play;
  4. Wait for confirmation of ticket purchase (many services, besides confirmation by e-mail, provide scans of purchased tickets).

Video instruction:

If you win small amounts, you can withdraw the funds credited to your personal account to electronic wallets..

If the amount is large, then a ticket will be sent to you, with which you will need to come to the country, where was it purchased, and personally receive the prize. Alternative option: the cash prize is received by the representative of the intermediary, and money, less broker commission, transferred to your bank account.

About the creators of TheLotter

TheLotter is owned by TheLotter Enterprises Ltd, which is registered in Malta (although many resources report, what's in London, somewhere celebrate, what's in South America), as they write on the site, in case of problems or questions, customers can contact the site staff free of charge by phone numbers in Australia, Of Russia, Of Ukraine, Germany, Canada and South Africa. But will your questions be answered there?

As we wrote above, this Internet resource acts as an intermediary between the client and the lottery representative, purchasing a lottery ticket for players and providing related services. In short, help you win money. And from what is written on the site, we can make the following conclusion: “You are lucky to become a winner? Site employees will send a notification to your email and in the near future the prize will be transferred to your personal account ".

But users, I'm interested in one thing - is it cheating? According to the creators, this resource guarantees that users will receive their prizes in full, and participants always have access to a scan of their lottery ticket, which is in the personal account. There will also be information about all transactions., made by the participants during the use of the site.

According to the published statistics, over the entire period of the company's existence, more than 1 million winning tickets, and the amount of payments is over 30 million US dollars.

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