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Lotto: where were we?

Still little, therefore, it's Monday 4 May will resume the march of the Lotto Game, with the 3 weekly draws (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) at 20:00 and the 10 wheels to bet on (Bari, Cagliari, Florence, Genoa, Milano, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Torino, Venezia), in addition to the National wheel.

The online Lotto will also start again, to be played on the website or through the My Lotteries App, also stopped for the suspension of all mining activities, fundamental in order to establish the winning numerical combinations.
The last Lotto draw was the last one 21 March, in which, in addition to the numbers of the various wheels, the 5 Symbols of the Symbol, the new optional and free game combined with Lotto. For each Lotto / Lotto Più bet on the monthly promotional wheel, a random combination of is assigned 5 symbols, between 45 total, printed on the lower part of the coupon. You win (up to € 5,000) based on the number of corresponding symbols between those shown on the ticket and the winning ones.

We remember that, in the appropriate section, it is possible to consult the archive of drawings and learn more about some statistics relating to the Lot, like late numbers (absolute and per wheel), frequent wheel numbers and spy numbers: these are numbers that "announce" the subsequent release of other numbers (5 those proposed), because with them they were previously extracted more frequently.
Giving, finally, a look at the Lotto trend in recent months, the popular game in February (latest full survey available) he recorded winnings of € 76,283, not to mention the high-end winnings, ie above € 10,000. In the previous two months he had sailed, instead, over € 300,000: € 309,805 winnings paid out in January, 304.647€ those of December 2019, 2° best performance of the year after the August boom (365.333€).
The future? It's all to write… and play. If you are fond of games and lotteries, keep following our news to stay updated on the latest news and discover curiosities and insights.

With the Phase 2 you start playing lotteries again: the date

The process of gradual reopening and resumption of activity and all suspended games is, in truth, already started: the 27 April the offline collection of 10eLotto numerical games is restarted, Million Day, Winforlife and Winforlife Vincicasa, whose extractions take place remotely.

Let's see, in detail, the reopening date:

  1. From 4 May, with the start of the Phase 2, the Lotto collection resumes, SuperEnalotto, SuperStar, SiVinceTutto and Eurojackpot, whose extraction and control activities will be carried out in compliance with health safety measures. It starts again on this date, always in online mode, also the collection of bets that involve certification by the Customs and Monopolies Agency;

Superenalotto winning categories

In the SuperEnalotto game there are several ways to win: you can in fact win by guessing 2, 3, 4, The 5 numbers plus the wild card number (5+1). Matching six numbers of the basic combination results in the Jackpot.

The payout categories are 6: the first of these includes all the players who have guessed all the numbers drawn, the second the players who guessed right 5 gods 6 total numbers drawn plus the Jolly, the third those who have selected 5 gods 6 numbers, the fourth is the players who have guessed right 4 numbers, the fifth is those who have played, guessing them, three of the six numbers drawn, and the sixth are those who have guessed two numbers among those drawn.

The prize pool is divided as follows: the first category receives the 17,4% of the prize pool, the second, in which you have to guess five numbers + the Jolly number, the 13%, the third category, in which you have to guess five numbers, receives the 4,2% of the prize pool, the fourth category the 4,2%, the fifth on 12,8%, the sixth category receives the 40% of the total prize money.

The SuperEnalotto payout categories are in total 15, including SuperStar options and instant winnings: these are winnings that can be obtained when purchasing your bet, when they are randomly assigned. As for the value of the prizes of immediate winnings, every 500 tickets sold one receives a win of 25 €. The value of the prizes depends on the number of winners for each prize category. The prize pool is equal to 60% game collection.

How to play Lotto online

Lotto can be played online through AAMS licensed gaming sites. To play you need to open an online gaming account, by registering first on
The gaming account is personal and is associated with an identification account number; you can open it only if you are over 18 and in possession of a tax code, issued by the Italian Revenue Agency. Playing the Lotto online is possible every day from Monday to Sunday from 00:00 all 23:59; to facilitate the carrying out of the extractions, on Tuesday, on Thursdays and Saturdays there is a break between 19:30 and the 21:30. Moreover, with the Dieci and Lotto there is an extraction each 5 minutes.
You can also try the Simbolotto, a new free optional game associated with the Lotto game with which you can win a prize based on the symbols you guess.
Moreover, with the Lotto Plus game mode, you can win more advantageous prizes thanks to multipliers.

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