"Win" the jackpot three times a year

How the record jackpot has accumulated - timelottery

How to win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot?

On one of the sites, dedicated to this jackpot, the author shares his impressions of, how to increase the chances of winning. In his opinion, if the budget is limited to £ 50- £ 100, then it is better to put less and twist more, than spending the same amount for fewer spins.

If you have £ 500 or more at your disposal, it is better to make maximum bets. Indeed, the chances of activating the bonus game with access to one of the four jackpots depend on the size of the bet.

It is important not to be confused here - everyone has a chance, even that, who puts the minimum, but in this case, the chances of activating the bonus game will then also be less


Beyond wagering requirements and the odds difference between small and large bets, you can only play more often. Unfortunately, everything else depends solely on the case. You can play all your life and never get a progressive jackpot. And there were cases, when a player won a large prize from his first bet in an online casino.

Anyway, never forget, what to play responsibly. Chasing ghostly million dollar jackpots is not guaranteed. Sometimes a lifetime is missing. So that, do not dwell on this.

How to win the progressive jackpot? Betting

Always pay attention to the minimum bet rules. Many progressive slots require, so that the rate is not less than a certain amount, so she can bring the jackpot

The game itself will allow lower rates, but upon receiving the coveted winning combination, you just get a fixed prize, not a progressive jackpot. It would be very disappointing, if you deprived yourself of this chance.

Consider also, that some slots require a maximum bet, to qualify for the jackpot. So calculate your budget. The pursuit of a particularly large win can take a long time. Furthermore, you may never get what you want. So that, consider the required rates and your capabilities. If you can't afford the minimum, it is better to choose regular slot machines. There will be a higher chance of getting regular prizes..

On this topic American online casino. Who can play and where, how much does the license cost?

There are also jackpots like the Dollar Ball from Playtech. To take part in the jackpot draw, you need to put a separate bet in dollar. Unlike most other progressive slots, here part of the standard bet does not go to the prize pool.

How to win a jackpot in Russian Lotto. How to become a lottery winner

"Russian Lotto" is considered a specific game, based on the mentality of people. This game is nostalgic for many, therefore, many people strive to try their luck in it. If we consider the game from the point of view of theorists, then we can conclude: it is quite difficult to win the lotto and, often, almost impossible, though, on the other hand, there is still a chance of getting money.

To win the lotto you need to take part in it, do not miss a single draw, carefully check all marked numbers, so as not to miss the chance to become a winner. To increase the probability of winning, will have to improve your chances, buying as many tickets as possible.

If the host says, that there are only three balls left, and the game goes to 87 course, then it means one thing, - every third ticket can bring money to its holder.

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