What lottery is profitable to play

Top 7 lotteries in russia where you can really win big money

What lotteries from abroad are available to Russians

There are countless games, in which residents of Russia can take part. The most popular among them are several options..


The most famous lottery not only in America, but, probably, and all over the world. You will not see such jackpots as here anywhere else. The record was set in 2016 year, when more than one and a half billion dollars were drawn. This is a bomb!

Powerball lottery

Of course the Powerball lottery ticket is not the cheapest, but I assure you it's worth it!

Mega Millions

This is the second most important lottery in the USA. She always ranked second in rankings. But recently, the organizers have slightly changed the rules of the, and now Mega Millions can be seen more and more often on the first line of the rating. Mega Millions also raffled off the main prize in the amount of 1,5 billion dollars!

Mega Millions Lottery

Therefore, this lottery must also take a close look., just like Powerball.


One of the most reliable European lotteries with large prizes. She also attracts people, that cash payments are not taxed.

EuroJackpot lottery

The jackpot varies from draw to draw, can range from 10 to 90 million euros. Residents of other countries have appreciated this game, because those, who has ever won this lottery, gets bigger every year.


This lottery is one of the most famous in the world. It was first carried out in 2004 year. Over the years, she has earned an excellent reputation. Three European countries took part in the first draw: England, France and Spain.

EuroMillions lottery

Now the lottery has the largest jackpot on the European continent, which reached the mark in 190 million euros.

What can you play in a lottery supermarket

so, you nevertheless decided to try your luck and buy the coveted ticket. let's consider, what to play and how much you can win.

As mentioned above, the site presents 15 various lotteries. They are conventionally divided into 3 categories.

Fast lotteries

Draws are held every 15 minutes, at the same time, large sums up to 15 000 000 rubles. But don't think, that such amounts are handed out to the right and left each circulation. Usually the maximum winning amount does not exceed 5000 rubles.

These include:

  • KENO-Sportloto;
  • Collection;
  • Rapid;
  • Top 3;
  • Duel;
  • 12/24.

Multi-million dollar lotteries

These are the most cash lotteries. If you take the largest cash prizes, then most of them fell in the famous "Gosloto 6 of 45 ".

From one to six draws are carried out daily for each of them. The rules are extremely simple - you need to choose a certain number of numbers and wait for the result. The name speaks for itself. for instance, in Gosloto 4 of 20 "is loaded into the lottery drum 20 balls, and the player only needs to choose 4.

Gosloto has 5 varieties:

  • 4 of 20;
  • 5 of 36;
  • 6 of 45;
  • 7 of 49;
  • Sportloto Matchball.

TV lotteries

The third type is a real show with invited guests and spectators in the hall. Draws take place once a week, and the broadcasts are on TV live. Huge cash prizes are raffled, apartments, cars, vacation packages and much more.

These include:

  • Russian lotto;
  • Housing lottery;
  • 6 of 36 (not to be confused with Gosloto);
  • Golden horseshoe.

Types of lotteries from stoloto and rules for their conduct

Multi-million dollar lotteries

These are the most cash lotteries. for instance, in the game "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 "the super prize for the next draw is 503 000 000 rubles. Lottery tickets are sold:

Draws are held daily (every lottery has its own time).

Multimillion dollar lotteries include:

  • "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 ";
  • "Gosloto" 7 out of 49 ";
  • "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ";
  • "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 ";
  • "Zodiac";
  • "Sportloto Matchball".

Another important rule: you should be more 18 years old! Lottery organizers are subject to the laws of the Russian Federation. To play stoloto, the user must have citizenship or a SIM card of a mobile operator of one of these countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia

But when buying a paper ticket, it is not necessary to provide a mobile phone number.

To play Stoloto, need to register a ticket, fill it with combinations of numbers, pay and wait for results. If the prize is more than 15 000 rubles, then to the phone specified during registration, an SMS with a winning code will come.

The results can be viewed on the official website, in the mobile application, at lottery distribution points or by phone 8 900 555 00 55.

Instant lotteries

Stoloto rules for instant lotteries are different from others. No need to wait for the draw. You just buy a ticket and erase the protective layer. Below it will be the amount of the prize money.

Instant lotteries include:

  • "Rapido";
  • «Rapido 2.0»;
  • "Top 3";
  • «12/24»;
  • "Duel";
  • "Joker";
  • KENO-Sportloto.

Winnings up to 1000 rubles can be collected at the place of purchase of the ticket. To 10 000 - in the lottery center stoloto, in Balt-Lotto or in the Moscow Lottery network. From 10 000 - Bank transaction. From 1 000 000 - in the lottery center stoloto.

TV lotteries

The main difference between such pranks is real shows., with invited guests. Such lotteries are held once a week. Here players can get more than a cash prize, but also at home, apartments, cars and so on.

Television lotteries include:

  • "Russian Lotto";
  • "Russian Lotto Express";
  • "Housing lottery";
  • "Golden Horseshoe";
  • Bingo-75;
  • "6 out of 36".

You can buy a ticket for TV lotteries there., where and for multimillion. The rules for receiving a prize are the same. All lotteries are subject to the paper ticket examination rule, if the win is more 1000 rubles and less 600 thousand. Confirmation period no more 30 days. When, if the prize is more 600 thousand rubles, then examination may take 180 days.

Record winnings in Russian lotteries

Colossal money can be found in Russian lotteries. Statistics only confirm this idea.. Prize rating, received over several years, presented below.

  • 506 000 000 rub.: prize, received by a resident of one of the settlements of the Voronezh region, was won in 2017 year in the "Russian Lotto", is still the largest in the Russian Federation.
  • 364 000 000 rub.: citizen from Sochi to 2017 year purchased a ticket for a modest amount in 700 rubles and won this prize. The ticket belonged to the Gosloto brand 6 of 45 ".
  • 358 000 000 rub.: in the same Gosloto 6 of 45 "a resident of the city of Novosibirsk received a prize in 2016 year. He managed to participate in three draws of this famous lottery, before I became a winner.
  • 300 000 000 rub.: another record in the history of "Gosloto", only applies to the "4 of 20" edition. IN 2017 year this amount went to Novosibirsk. A citizen spent one hundred rubles to buy a ticket.
  • 202 000 000 rub.: in 2014 year this prize went to a resident from Nizhny Novgorod, he had a Gosloto ticket in his hands.

Worth remembering: all winners must pay taxes on the amount won in the lottery.

What lottery to play?

Further will be presented 6 the most significant factors, based on which it is necessary to make decisions for choosing a lottery:

Lottery ticket price

The cost of one lottery ticket is one of the most significant factors in increasing the chances of winning.. Really, Let's take a look at one of the most common lottery formats – "6 out of 45". The chance of winning the jackpot with this game format is 1 to 8.145.060. In this case, the cost of the Australian Monday Lotto is 1,10$ and the cost is Austrian Lotto 3,30$. In other words, you can purchase one Austrian Lotto ticket, or 3 Australian Monday Lotto ticket, thereby increasing your chances of winning in 3 times. And then your chances of winning the jackpot will be 1 to 2.715.020. I think, you get the gist.

Jackpot Winning Odds

Next, we will analyze such a factor as "The probability of winning the jackpot". It directly depends on the format of that lottery, which you chose. And at the moment there are a lot of them.. There are all known "6 out of 45" or "7 out of 49", but there are exotic, such as "5 of 60 + 1 of 4 ". To make it clear, what I'm talking about, we will take two lotteries again, in which the size of the jackpot today is approximately equal and is 330 million rubles. The first – Canadian Lotto 649 (6 out of 49 game format) with odds of winning a jackpot 1 to 13.983.816. The second – German Lotto (the format of the game "6 of 49 + 1 of 10 ") with odds of winning a jackpot 1 to 125.854.344. In this case, the jackpot is the same, but so that the chances of winning are equal, need to purchase 9 German Lotto tickets and everything 1 Canadian Lotto ticket 649. I think, here everything became immediately clear.

Jackpot size

Now let's dwell on such a factor as "Jackpot size". This value depends not only on the lottery, but also from the drawing in each lottery. Since there are games with a fixed top prize, but there is a funded system. In the second case, the value of the jackpot grows from drawing to drawing., given that, that in the last draw, the coveted prize was not raffled. As usual, for example, we will take two lotteries. I want to notice right away, that the cost of these lotteries will be the same and at the moment is 5,45$. The first – French Loto, the jackpot of which for the next draw is 3 million euros. The second – Spanish EuroMillions, the main prize of which for the next draw 25 million euros. Probably, everything is clear here.

Optimal lottery range (OLR)

In this paragraph, we will not consider any factors. We will summarize 3 above listed. You, probably, noticed, that at the end of each paragraph there is a conclusion, which begins with the phrase "All other things being equal ..." But often these other conditions are not equal, but a choice must be made. For this, such an indicator was created (coefficient) как Optimal lottery range. OLR (optimal lottery range) – coefficient, showing the effectiveness of the lottery. Calculated by the jackpot, the cost of the ticket and the probability of winning the jackpot. On the page listing all lotteries – lotteries online, this indicator is calculated for each lottery for the current draw. Now it's very easy to choose a lottery. For example, let's take two lotteries again.. The first will be – Spanish La Primitiva, with OLR equal to 111,455. And the second – Italian SuperStar, whose OLR is 0,004. Let me remind you, this is data on 29 july 2015 of the year. The indicator changes every day, from draw to draw. As an example, the "best" and "worst" lotteries were naturally chosen. so, why is there such a huge difference, everything is very simple. Jackpot size: The primitive – 64 500 000 euros, SuperStar – 8 200 000 euros; ticket price: The primitive – 2,75$, SuperStar – 2,75$; chance at jackpot: The primitive – 1 to 13.983.816, SuperStar – 1 to 56.035.316.700. I think, now everything has become very clear.

Combo bets

This type of game has just appeared on the Internet. And the pioneer of course was thelotter. Soon I will devote a separate article to combo bets, to describe in detail all the pros. Now only one thing needs to be noted., combo bets combine two types of games: single player and syndicate play. That is, you buy a so-called "package" consisting of individual tickets and shares in one or more syndicates. At the same time you save, since thelotter offers a discount on such a "package" in contrast, if you bought everything separately. I think, that the prospects for combo bets are very high. Since they combine the ability for a person to single-handedly have a win, and the opportunity to increase your chances of winning as part of a syndicate.

Investments and profit

To hold a small-scale lottery, you will need at least a million rubles. Consider the cost structure in the table:

Prize fund Cost of one ticket Circulation Profit from ticket sales
2 500 000 rub. 50 rub. 100 000 PCS. 5 000 000

This table does not include advertising costs, payment for the partner-operator, because in each case they will be different. So, the most expensive advertising is on television, and, if you decide to hold a draw on live TV, even on a local TV channel in a small town, be prepared for significant spending.

It will take a beginner about two months to prepare a lottery of this level.. With the acquisition of experience, the period will be reduced to a month.

You also need to take into account that, that a certain number of tickets may not be sold out. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses, therefore it may be necessary to increase the prize pool.

Is it possible to win a large amount of money in the lottery?

Win a large amount of money in the lottery or, as they say, hit the jackpot, absolutely anyone can, who bought a lottery ticket. A person's personal luck plays a role here, fortune, luck factor, maybe even some intuition. It happens, that the person has never participated in lotteries, and, buying a few random tickets in my life, won. But more often everything happens exactly the opposite.: people regularly spend a lot of money to buy lottery tickets, develop a variety of strategies, count combinations of numbers, but win only small consolation sums or win nothing. Nevertheless, the number of people willing to play and participate in lotteries is not decreasing, but only increases. After all, participation in the lottery, this is:

  • Fascinatingly;
  • Buying a ticket gives a positive attitude;
  • Helping the community, after all, part of the funds goes to charities;
  • There is still a chance to win a prize, which means you can improve your material well-being.

Examples of real big wins

There are a huge number of examples of real big wins. But that's the way it should be, and there is nothing surprising in this, because if there are jackpots, means, there are players, who are trying to win them, and win them successfully. Let's look at the largest winnings in the history of foreign and Russian lotteries.

Among Russian lotteries, at the moment, in terms of the amount of winnings, Nikolay F.. This player won the jackpot in Gosloto 6 of 45, the amount of which was 358 million. rubles. Nikolai never revealed his “proprietary formula”, which helped him win such an astronomical amount in the Russian lottery. He only noted, “Every number, which I cross out, makes serious sense”.

Iraqi player won $6,4 million.

As for the lucky ones, who managed to win in a foreign lottery, then in this case it is necessary to mark the player from Iraq, who won $6,4 million. in the Oregon-Megabucks lottery. The press calls him M.M., since he chose not to advertise his true name. It is noteworthy that, what he won through the intermediary Thelotter, buying American lottery tickets, while at home in Iraq.

The main types and features of lotteries

Now on the gambling market you can find a huge number of lotteries. Sure, many beginners may well get confused in such a wide variety. The main advice in this case – stop your choice on the most popular and large-scale lottery games.

Immediately note, that lottery games have no specific secrets. That's why, if you come across an offer to sell a secret, effective and 100% winning strategy – do not rush to buy it. There is a high probability that, what is it simple “divorce”. Better spend that money on buying another lottery ticket. By and large, all lotteries can be divided into two types:

Fast lotteries

Without a doubt, this is the simplest type of lottery game. The essence of the game itself is, that you need to erase the field closed on the lottery ticket. If you won, you will see the corresponding text. Also worth noting, that there are some other types of fast lotteries. for instance, after purchasing a ticket, you just need to tear off a small part of the ticket. Largely, in case you are lucky, you can receive your winnings directly “in place”, that is there, where you purchased the winning ticket. True in some cases, especially when it comes to fairly large amounts, you will have to contact the lottery organizer.

Types of lotteries

Draw lotteries

This type of lottery can be called the most common, and it is conditionally divided into two categories. The first category includes lotteries, in which the player independently chooses a combination of numbers, and by the second – lottery, in which the player purchases a ready-made ticket with a unique number indicated on it.

A separate group should include the so-called local draws. In this case, we are talking about various quizzes. As practice shows, mostly one-time events, which are organized by companies to achieve certain commercial goals. Furthermore, more often than not money is provided as a prize, and any goods. By the way, experienced gambling addicts recommend not neglecting participation in such events, because the chances of winning in such draws are quite high due to the limited number of participants. Another question: do you need, let's say, clothes dryer?

Pros and cons of fast and drawn lotteries

In the fast (instant) lotteries have their positive aspects:

  • The lottery result is known immediately;
  • Possibility to receive your winnings on the spot, if the amount is small;
  • Buying a lottery ticket online;
  • The ticket has a bright attractive appearance.

Cons in fast (instant) lotteries are also present:

  • Loss of a winning ticket;
  • There is no way to choose combinations of numbers yourself;
  • Prizes won are usually small;
  • A large number of fraud organizers.

Increase your chances of winning, you can buy tickets from proven and positively proven organizers. It's also a good idea to keep track of the statistics of prizes already paid., to analyze, which lottery brings the most wins. Buying a ticket, you need to make sure it's authentic, check on the back side information about the organizer and the timing.

Pros and cons of fast and drawn lotteries

Pros of Draw Lotteries:

  • Large amounts of jackpots, which accumulate due to the large number of players;
  • The variety of draw lotteries is very large, there is a choice;
  • Can be played by syndicates or alone;
  • Numerical combinations can be written by yourself or selected automatically.

Cons of draw lotteries:

  • Due to the large number of numbers, difficult to guess more than two or three numbers;
  • Long wait for the next print run.

How to play and win Russian Lotto

They, who is wondering, how to play and win lotteries, must understand, that there is no winning strategy. If you have lost several dozen tickets in a row, then the chances of winning the next draw remain the same, like newbies. When planning to play lotto for money, this type of gambling cannot be considered as a possible source of stable profit. Here randomness rules, but you can still increase the chances of winning.

Setting up a lottery syndicate

The easiest way to get closer to victory is to purchase a large number of tickets, calculate mathematically possible combinations and overlap them. Lottery coupons are usually not expensive, but this approach requires hundreds or even thousands of tickets for each print run. It is expensive to spend that amount of money, but if you divide the costs by several people, then spending will not be critical.

It is best to ask friends and describe to them the possible benefits of the plan.. Yes, if there is a winning ticket among those purchased, then the profit will have to be divided among all participants of the "syndicate", but the chances of winning increase tenfold.

Go and play Russian Lotto

More numbers, more chances

Each coupon contains 30 numbers, divided into 2 playing fields. In theory, 3 tickets can be closed by all 90 barrels. Buying cards, try to minimize repetitions. Russian Lotto rules do not prohibit this approach, but the probability of winning with the same financial investments increases.

Don't miss the distribution runs

Some players are helped by a simple tip: you need to follow the news and not miss extraordinary runs ("money box" sign on the "lottery"). If during several issues the jackpot is not drawn, then the probable gain continues to accumulate. One of the conditions for the distribution draw is the mandatory draw of the money pool. As One Person Can Win, and a few lucky ones.

The main thing is not to lose heart!

The lottery doesn't need to be taken seriously

It's just a game, therefore it is important to keep positive. Golden Rule: if a Russian person believes in victory, then the chances of a successful outcome are higher, than a pessimist

For assimilation, how to play loto, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. Think through possible combinations mathematically.
  2. Try to avoid repetitions in numbers.
  3. Create a syndicate with friends or acquaintances.
  4. Follow the extraordinary circulation.

Remember, because the lottery is so called, that the outcome is always random. We recommend to take Russian Lotto as fun, and not as a possible financial asset.

Go to the Russian Lotto website

What are Stoloto special bonuses?

How to pay for a lottery ticket with a special bonus:

  1. Choose a lottery, in which you want to participate, choose your favorite ticket or mark the numbers in the playing field.
  2. If you have a special bonus, with which you can pay for this particular game, the corresponding inscription will be active under the payment button. If she's not there, choose another lottery.
  3. Click on "All payment methods", in the list that appears, select the "Special Bonus" button.
  4. If you have some special bonuses, with which you can pay for a specific game, choose one of the options and complete the payment.

Consider, that special points cannot be used to pay for an expanded rate, for only one ticket or for a standard set of numbers on the ticket. A list of all currently valid special bonuses is in a special section of the user's personal account. This type of promotion has a validity period - points can be used to pay for a lottery ticket only within 10 days from receipt of each special bonus.

Play and win with Stoloto

How to play bonus games on the Stoloto website

Bonus game conditions (over time, all new games become available to each participant):

  1. There is a game board, which can be done from 1 to 23 moves, you need to move across the field from the first to the last cell.
  2. Moving around the field is provided by purchasing tickets, which are sold for bonuses.
  3. There are tickets for 1, 3, 5 and 8 moves. They stand, respectively, 3, 9, 30 and 90 points.
  4. Buying a specific ticket, you make a certain number of moves, each of which can bring you even more bonuses.
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