How to buy Stoloto tickets online

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How to buy tickets online?

Advanced users and members refer to the official lotto website. The procedure for purchasing a ticket can be difficult. Therefore, you need to go through the following steps:

You can get a lotto ticket via a mobile phone via a message to the number 9999. In the body of the text, the word "HOUSE" is written in capital letters. Then a message with a code will be sent to the sender's number. This is necessary to confirm the action and pay from the SIM card. Otherwise, you can use electronic money from the Qiwi wallet. Before the code, you need to write "k".

Otherwise, there is a special application for mobile and portable devices on Android or iOS platforms. To download the program, you need to go to the main page of "Stoloto". Then scroll the mouse wheel to the very end of the site. Find categories here, among them is the "Mobile Application".

After that, the page will be refreshed and new information will appear. Here you can download the program for different platforms (1–2). Otherwise, you can scroll the wheel down, and a field for entering the number will appear. After that, the button "Get link" is pressed (3), and a message is sent with the transition to download the program.

If you don't want to download the application, then you can use the mobile version of the lotto home page. To do this, you need to go to Stoloto, and then scroll the wheel to the end. The column with categories will contain "Mobile version". To go, you must click on this button.

After that, the page will be refreshed, and categories of lotto draws will appear. To select the Housing Lotto, click on the appropriate box.

Otherwise, you can purchase lotto coupons through lottery machines. However, such devices are located in Moscow.. Otherwise, to become a member you can visit the Stoloto center.

Tips for choosing lotto coupons

In an electronic or purchased lotto ticket, the field is divided into 2 parts. Total 30 numbers, Where 15 combinations are located in the upper and lower areas. When buy a ticket, then in some cases they require you to specify the cell phone number. When this happens, then this applies to coupons for the Housing Lotto when buying through Internet resources. Besides, this category includes tickets, purchased via message or lotto networks. Besides, the number is indicated when buying coupons at the post office or in the grocery store, participating in the state lotto.

Such tickets can consist of several parts. Combinations of numbers are in color. The second part is black and white and contains the drawing number and all the numbers from the playing field. If the lotto ticket is winning, you will need a receipt with the date to receive the prize. Besides, a notification with a code is sent to the specified cell phone number. It is shown together with the black and white part of the lotto coupon to receive a win. Therefore, it is worth keeping all the pieces of paper when buying a coupon with a phone number.. Lotto coupons are on sale for the next draw.

Colored part of the ticket, and on the back is the playing field.

However, there are tickets without specifying the mobile operator number. Coupon, lotto, consists of a single part. The ticket can be provided upon receipt of the prize. In this case, the participant can purchase several tickets.

Ticket without phone number.

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