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The prize fund of UNL lotteries is 50% of the amount of tickets sold. Winnings over 25 000 hryvnia can be obtained only at the main office in Kiev.

Winning tickets are valid 180 days from the date of the draw.

The biggest win in UNL history was 1 520 0000 UAH in the "Super Lotto" draw from 14 April 2007 of the year.

IN 2008 year around the company a scandal broke out as a result of the strange drawing of the Superlotto jackpot. UNL refused to wait, when will the jackpot be hit (26,6 million hryvnia), and divided it at your discretion. In particular, 10 000 000 the winnings went to the insurance company, the name of which lotteries carefully hide. How and where could they go 10000000 neither the marketing director of UNL could explain (Elisei Stratienko), nor the President of the Ukrainian Association of Gambling Businessmen (Sergei Tretyakov), nor the insurance industry. And the Ministry of Finance generally ignored the request of journalists..

The history of development

Since its inception in 1997 year to 2001 year "UNL" held a lottery called "National Lottery 6 of 39 ". IN 2001 "Ukrainian National Lottery" introduced two new lotteries – Keno and Super Loto. IN 2002 year a game like "bingo" was founded – Bingo Boom Lotto, which existed 56 draws and was eliminated in December 2003 of the year.
1 june 2004 the world widespread Pick3 lottery was introduced, which received the name "Lotto Troika" in Ukraine. In December 2008 the Lotto Maxima lottery started, which is now carried out according to the classical formula 5 of 45.

For a long time, UNL was the only enterprise in the CIS, which provided online lottery services: using electronic equipment and telecommunications system, the player's choice was instantly sent and registered in the Central Computer System. In the settlements of Ukraine, more than 5200 lottery terminals.

According to the organizers, the basis for the organization of UNL's lottery activities is the model, which works in the UK. UNL has a lottery system, lottery terminals, similar topics, used in the UK by the Camelot Group. This company is the operator of the UK National Lottery with 1994 of the year.

IN 2012 year UNL's revenue from the Keno and Super Lotto lotteries amounted to 280 million. hryvnia, what made UNL the third lottery operator on the Ukrainian market after M.S.L. and "Patriot".

For the period with 2015 by 2018 UNL became the leader of the lottery market in Ukraine and the largest taxpayer among lottery operators, although still in 2013 year “UNL” had a market share of 15%. Journalists attribute this success of the company to the fact, what “UNL” received a reliable “the roof” represented by the deputies close to the President Tretyakov Alexander Yuryevich, Gleb Zagoria and former head of the Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin. At the same time, the hunt for competitors begins., as a result of which both competitors are included in the so-called sanctions lists (DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE No. 549 / 2015). After that, only one company remained on the Ukrainian lottery market. – “UNL”

The brands "Pari Match" work under her wing, "Favorite sport", "National Lottery Gold Cup", "Cosmolot", "Lotto platinum", Baza bet, Fortuna live.

All these brands – these are actually separate companies, who use “UNL” as a cover tool for illegal betting activities.

IN 2016 year the company paid 103,5 million hryvnia taxes. IN 2017 – already 186 000 000 hryvnia

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