All-Russian state lottery "Russian Lotto"

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All-Russian state lottery

Thousands of people gather in front of TV screens every Sunday morning, who bought a Russian loto ticket. Some tempt fate every print run, but there are, who bought a lottery ticket for the first time, In hope, that "beginners are always lucky".

More recently, the Russian loto got a new lease on life. Now every draw is a real show. Interesting guests and those, who became the proud owner of the winnings in the previous time.

TV viewers and guests in the studio can not only win money, but also get valuable prizes.

Rules of the game

Tickets take part in the game, each of which has two cards on the playing field. Each card is divided into 27 cells, where are located 15 figures from 1 to 90, randomly arranged. The line contains five such digits.

The game is divided into three rounds. The first one wins that ticket, in which before all the numbers of one horizontal line coincide with the numbers of the kegs, pulled out of the bag.

The second round raffles for a more serious prize. The winner is the one, who will match all 15 numbers, which are indicated in one card.

The lucky winners of the third round are those, who will match the fastest 30 numbers.

If fortune smiles at you, and for 15 moves you close 15 numbers on the ticket, you will become the owner of the Jackpot.

According to the terms of the game, the organizers retain the right to hold additional draws.

How to check a ticket?

Unless you are a morning person, and you prefer to spend Sunday morning in bed, dont be upset. There are three ways to check a lottery ticket:

  1. After watching the drawing of the next draw on TV.
  2. At ticket sales points.
  3. On the official website of "Russian Lotto".

Anyway, if you are lucky and you become a winner, your prize will always find you. There are various forums today, where fans of this exciting game meet and share their impressions. There you can read various reviews. Happy winners talk about, what did they experience in minutes, when they understood, that they won prizes. They, who are lucky to be in the studio, share their impressions of the shooting. After all, almost every one of us dreams of visiting television.. You can see interesting famous people in the studio, and, if you're lucky, get their autograph.

How can you track the result of the lottery on the site

There are several ways, allowing verification Russian lotto express in lotteries. To do this, enter the section "Russian Lotto Express". Next, at the top of the page, select "Circulation Archive".

Draw archive Russian Lotto Express

To find out the results of the Russian Lotto Express Stoloto, you can enter the desired date, but you can view, How did the Russian Lotto Express draw by draw number ended?. To do this, you need to enter the circulation number, and then press the "Login" button. Basically, you can find the required circulation of purchased tickets online and manually.

Search for the desired Russian Lotto Express ticket by the draw number

Draws can also be checked by ticket number. As a result, you can find out directly online, how much winnings can you expect.
so, how can this be done? You can check the ticket on the https page:// On the page that opens, you need to do the following:
⦁ First select, which lotto result do you want to know. Respectively, you need to choose "Russian Lotto Express".

Selecting the appropriate lotto to clarify the result

⦁ Next, you need to enter the circulation number. It's on the ticket itself. If the ticket is large-circulation, then you must enter the number of the starting drawing.

Entering the drawing number to determine the ticket results

⦁ You also need to enter the ticket number. Respectively, it will also be on your ticket, either in the check, if you bought a ticket at a point of sale.

Filling in the ticket number to get results

Finally, after that you need to press the "Check" button, to find out, what is the result in Russian Lotto Express. This will help track, you won something in Stoloto, or not.

Buy lottery tickets "Russian Lotto", and, Sooner or later, Fortune will definitely smile at you!


Taxation of winnings in Stoloto is, but only in case, if the amount of profit from one win or from all winnings for the reporting period is 4000 rubles and more. If the amount of profit from playing the lottery - 3999 and less, you don't have to declare it and you don't have to pay tax. In other cases, taxation occurs in this way:

  1. If the sum of all winnings for the year exceeds 4000 rubles, the tax is paid by the player. However, tax is not paid on the entire amount., but with the difference between the profit and 4000 rubles. For instance, during the reporting period, the player won the lottery 9000 rubles. Means, tax he must pay with 5000 rubles (9000 – 4000).
  2. Income tax per lottery ticket in the amount of 15 000 rubles and above are charged by the lottery operator. That is, tax is charged directly at the time of payment of the winnings. Since taxation takes place automatically, this win can be disregarded when summing up the total income from the lottery for the year.

The tax on winnings is 13%. To pay it, you need to contact the tax office at the place of residence no later than 30 April of that year, what comes after the year, during which the player won the amount, taxable.

How to get your winnings?

If you won the Russian Lotto Express lottery, cash prize can be obtained, using a wallet in the Stoloto system. This is your deposit, where you can store funds to buy new lottery tickets. At any time you have the opportunity to withdraw money to a bank card, online wallet, mobile operator account. Winnings up to half a million rubles are credited to the Stoloto wallet.

Payouts of winnings begin within 24 hours after the draw. The player has the right to apply for a prize within six months after the draw. If this period expires, to receive money, you will need to contact the employees of the lottery center.

note! If the winning amount is more than 15 000 rubles, only identified clients of the Stoloto operator will be able to receive it. You can go through identity verification after filling out the questionnaire (, visiting one of the retail outlets of the Stoloto company

And big winnings in the amount of 600 000 rubles are paid only after the examination of the authenticity of the electronic ticket.

Rules of the lottery "Russian Lotto"

A ticket for this lottery can be purchased until Saturday, to 20 minutes of 6 pm Moscow time, sales of lottery tickets stop. And tickets, which were purchased after the close of sales, will be automatically carried over to the next Russian Lotto draw.

The draw is carried out on a weekend, after the calculation of the size of the prize fund of the future draw is made. The broadcast of the drawing itself begins on Sunday at 08:20 on NTV channel. The draw is supervised by the draw commission, which in turn checks the complete set of lotto kegs. Further, after the drawing, the commission confirms the fact of the correctness of the drawing of the draw and signs the protocol.

The drawing is carried out as follows:
1. Into the keg bag, kegs are loaded, which are numbered from 1 to 90;
2. Then the leader of the rally takes out each barrel from this bag one by one, shows the numbers to the camera and calls the number on the barrel;
3. The lottery participant must cross out the numbers on his ticket, which the host named. The drawing is carried out in several so-called "rounds". Each round has its own winning conditions.

1-1st round of the "Russian Lotto" drawing
In this round, the participant must match 5 numbers in one of the 6 horizontal lines on the ticket.

2-1st round of the "Russian Lotto" drawing
The second round has the condition that all 15 numbers of one of the two playing fields match (tables), that is, in one field all the numbers must match with the leading ones.
It is possible to win a jackpot in this round. To do this, the participant on the 15th move must match all 15 numbers out of 30, which are located in 2 playing fields of the lottery ticket.

3-1st round of the "Russian Lotto" drawing
Winning tickets for this tour and subsequent winning tickets are those, in which all numbers of the ticket coincide with the named leading.

Tickets, who won in the 1st or 2nd round are eligible to participate in subsequent rounds. And tickets, who won in the 3rd round, do not participate in further.

After the main draw, sometimes there is an additional rally by the host, which is called "Kubyshka". This additional draw is a draw, in which the missing numbers must match and they must be in one of the playing fields, ie. in the top or bottom.

How to play the lottery?

The Russian Lotto Express lottery draw takes place in several stages or rounds:

  1. Balls with numbers begin to fall out of the lottery drum, players check the numbers with those, what's on their coupons, cross out matching options. Tour ends with winning one of the tickets. Wins that lottery coupon, in which a combination of five crossed out numbers is formed earlier than others in any of the horizontal rows of the first or second playing field.
  2. Numbered balls continue to fall out of the lottery drum, while the players continue to cross out numbers. Tour ends, when in one of the coupons, who participate in the drawing, coincide 15 numbers from the first or from the second playing field.
  3. In the third and subsequent stages of the drawing, those coupons can win, in which all will be crossed out earlier than others 30 rooms.

In this case, one must take into account, what if your ticket is won at the first and / or second stage of the drawing, you can still continue to participate in the lottery and cross out the dropped numbers. But if the ticket is won in the third stage, he can no longer take part in further events.

To get the jackpot in the lottery Russian Lotto Express, it is necessary that one condition be met - on 15 running 15 the numbers in the coupon must be crossed out

It doesn't matter, what field are they in, 15 of 30 must match the numbers of the dropped balls

How to increase the chance of winning?

According to statistics and user experience, everyone wins in the lottery Russian Lotto 3-5 coupon in at least one round. The player cannot use the multiplier, increase the number of combinations, fill more playing fields or use other methods to increase the chances of winning. The only way is to buy more than one, but several tickets for the same circulation at once. If the combinations in them are as diverse as possible, the probability of winning increases. You can make a wholesale purchase using the "Multi-bet" option – buy up to hundreds of tickets with one click.

Also on the page of the Russian Lotto Express lottery on the Stoloto website there is a section "Subscription to the lottery", there you can subscribe to buy one random coupon for each print run. Great option, to increase your chances of winning - try your luck, since you do not choose a ticket, "chance" does it for you.

Is it possible to win?

Bingo, lotto, Russian lotto is one of the most common, popular and recognizable lotteries in Russia and the world. Last but not least, the game deserved the love of the people thanks to, what can you really win in it. What are the last two big wins worth? 1 and 7 january 2020 of the year, one of which is one billion rubles.

clear, not all tickets win, and super prizes get units. But the chances of winning can be increased, if you choose a coupon responsibly, and not just rely on luck. For instance, there is a theory, what coupons win more often, which meet such criteria, both symmetry and systematization. The ticket must have a balance between odd and even, large and small rooms. If you buy multiple tickets, to increase the likelihood of winning, avoid matching the same numbers and their combinations in different coupons, since diversity in this matter can be the key to your success. They, who plays the lottery Russian Lotto, know, what every third to fifth coupon wins, therefore, buying several tickets for the drawing of one draw of the Russian Lotto Express is a completely effective method of approaching the desired victory.

Where to buy tickets

If you are used to buying lottery tickets at land-based stationary points of sale or via SMS, sent to the number 9999, then habits will have to be changed. Russian Lotto Express is a lottery, which is an online analogue of the Russian Lotto game. Therefore, tickets are issued only in electronic form.. We list, where tickets for this lottery are not sold, so that this news does not come as a surprise to you:

  1. In newspaper and lottery kiosks.
  2. In vending and lottery machines.
  3. At the official lottery center Stoloto.
  4. At branches of the Russian Post.
  5. In mobile offices.

If a player does not have the opportunity to buy a paper coupon of the Russian Lotto Express lottery, then how can he take part in the drawing? It's simple, any number of coupons can be purchased, using the Internet supermarket Stoloto. There are many tickets with various number combinations., choosing the right one is not difficult.

Where and how to buy an electronic online ticket for the next lottery draw Russian Lotto Express:

  1. On the official website of the lottery operator and distributor.
  2. In the no less official mobile version of the Stoloto website.
  3. Via downloaded and installed device app, working with the Android or iOS operating systems (smartphones, tablets).

An electronic online ticket is essentially no different from a regular one. Its owner has exactly the same chances and rights to win, which those, who bought the paper ticket of the Russian Lotto lottery.

How to buy a Russian Lotto ticket via the Internet

Benefits, received by those, who prefers purchasing tickets online:

  • You can buy as many tickets, as much as you want. Their number is limited to the amount, which man has.
  • The purchase is carried out at any time.
  • There is a bonus program. They, who has enough bonuses, gets a ticket for free.
  • The won amounts are transferred to the personal account on the same day, when is the draw. The system calculates the number of winning combinations by itself.
  • Small amounts (up to one hundred thousand rubles) credited to the account, opened by you on the site. Then the money is withdrawn by the user to a plastic card or bank account. If you are lucky enough to win over one hundred thousand rubles, you need to contact the central office of the company and send a package of documents.

When there is no way to go to the site, make a purchase at some bookmaker's office, cell phone salon, post office or supermarket. This option also has its advantages.:

  • If your winnings do not exceed one thousand rubles, then you won't have to leave the house for money. Just go to the site and follow the instructions.
  • Bookmaker offices pay out winnings up to two hundred thousand rubles.
  • The lucky person is given a receipt.

People, accustomed to playing the lottery the old fashioned way, perhaps, have no advantages. true, a real ticket is on hand, printed in typography.

Recently, however, the overwhelming majority of those eager to see a smile of fortune are inclined to think about purchasing tickets not at kiosks., and on the official website of "Russian Lotto". The reason for this is the bonus program, free to play. Meanwhile, everyone knows: an increase in the number of attempts significantly increases the likelihood of a big win. In addition, many have developed their own strategy., which is easier to follow, when you are in virtual space.

How are the draws?

Drawings of the lottery Russian Lotto Express are held live in 9 evenings (by MSC) every weekday. The drawing itself is held in the operator's lottery center in a room with transparent glass walls. Lottery drums are installed in the room, equipped with an innovative security system, and 8 surveillance cameras. Anyone can visit the lottery center and see for themselves that, that the draws are carried out without violations and their results are not falsified. During the broadcast on the monitor screen, you can see the numbers of the dropped balls, draw number and date. Each draw lasts approximately 25-30 minutes, after which numbers appear on the screen, which did not fall out.

How to find out the result of the drawing?

You can find out the results of the draws in several ways., choose the most convenient:

  1. Watch the live broadcast of the draw on the Stoloto website.
  2. Watch the video of the broadcast of the circulation in the "Archive" section on the Stoloto website.
  3. Watch the video of the broadcast of the circulation on the YouTube channel of the Stoloto company.
  4. By phone hotline 8 900 555-00-55.
  5. By the lottery coupon number on the operator's website.
  6. Follow links from email notifications, which the user receives when paying for lottery coupons.
  7. In your personal account in the application for Android or iOS, which can be downloaded on the company's website.

Unfortunately, users do not have the ability to find out the results of the Russian Lotto Express lottery in such usual ways, like checking a ticket at a point of sale. But other methods are quite convenient and accessible., therefore, you should not refuse to buy a ticket.

How to fill out a ticket?

You do not need to fill out a lottery ticket for Russian Lotto Express, as numeric combinations are already generated automatically and entered into the playing fields of the coupon. There are two such fields in the ticket, each one contains 15 numbers from numbers from 1 to 90. If combinations, indicated in the coupon, you do not like or for some reason do not fit, just choose another option, by clicking on the "More Coupons" button on the purchase page.

You can choose more than one coupon, and a few. If you intend to purchase a large number of tickets, and do not want to manually select them from the total mass, use the multi-bet function, which allows you to make a purchase at the same time before 100 lottery coupons Russian Lotto Express. You can pay for them using your personal wallet in the Stoloto system, bank card. Also, money can be transferred from an electronic wallet or from a mobile account.

Check ticket against table

Tour The order of the numbers Winnings
1 25, 70, 56, 01, 79, 29, 33 7 by 60 000
2 65, 89, 81, 40, 26, 47, 85, 83, 67, 48, 36, 90, 43, 31, 24, 87, 16, 59, 76, 68, 37, 54, 17, 06, 62, 69, 19 2 by 5 million
3 20, 35, 23, 61, 08, 15, 41, 64, 58, 34, 07, 13, 86, 84, 51, 02, 09, 45, 04, 72, 14, 32, 12, 50, 88, 63, 03, 55 3 by a million
4 74 2 by a million
5 57 10 000
6 78 10 000
7 42 10 000
8 80 10 000
9 75 10 000
10 11 10 000
11 60 5 000
12 71 5 000
13 38 5 000
14 46 1 000
15 66 1 000
16 27 1 000
17 18 500
18 82 500
19 39 500
20 22 200
21 73 200
22 44 150
23 10 150
24 30 125
25 53 125
26 05 100
27 77 100
28 49 100

Missing numbers: 21 / 28 / 52

Announcements and results of other draws

Statistics of the outstanding numbers of the Russian Lotto lottery

Statistics are the only clue, which can help your intuition make the right choice and win Russian Lotto.

1349 circulation 21 28 52
1348 circulation 53 73
1347 circulation 7 18 27 75
1346 circulation 9 18 84
1345 circulation 9 14 40 45
1344 circulation 16 21 59
1343 circulation 9 24
1342 circulation 46 65
1341 circulation 19 73
1340 circulation 30 76
1339 circulation 4 11 18 79

results 1349 of Russian Lotto draw 16 August 2020 of the year will again delight the winners with large cash prizes. One lucky guy will win 10 million rubles, and others will rejoice at the prizes of one million rubles. A successfully bought ticket will change your life for the better. Also winners of cash prizes from 100 to 10 000 rubles will get a chance to try your luck again. Using intuition, winning ticket numbers and statistics, the desired result can be achieved faster.

Buy tickets Russian Lotto 1349 circulation on the website or in the Stoloto mobile application is possible from home until 17:20 (Moscow time) 15 August 2020 of the year.

Good luck, luck and big wins!

The jackpot is under control

Wherein, there were winners in the history of "Russian Lotto", hit the jackpot alone (a typical example is a pensioner Natalia Vlasova from Panino) and divided it in two (the last New Year's drawing where the billion was divided). But, there is no contradiction here - in these examples, the operator allowed the players to win:

  • Natalia Vlasova won when another version of the rules was in force, with probability 1:295 232 118, what in 77,5 million times easier than the current.
  • In the last New Year's drawing, a billion was forcibly divided, in the second round. This is exactly what the operator wanted, and he did it.

Over the past few years, the "Russian Lotto" lottery has been using the drawing rules reliably prohibiting the winning of the main prize. You can read more about this in our article "Two principles of drawing a jackpot". This approach allows the operator to accumulate any amount, not being afraid, that someone will suddenly win it. And the more super prizes, the easier it is to attract players. Who doesn't want to win a billion? ))

Why is the jackpot growing??

Using the theme, what jackpot growth (and most importantly, its safety) depends only and exclusively on the will of the organizers, record wins happen only then, when the operator wants.

One can assume, that jackpot growth now has the following goals:

  • Support summer ticket sales (when they traditionally decline)
  • Set a new record (where else can you find the lottery, where you can win so much?)
  • Wide, celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game on a grand scale

maybe, that the last point is basic. Until October 2019 still 16-17 circulation, during this time, the operator may well postpone more 300-500 million.

The total jackpot amount will be the perfect opportunity to make a big splash on the anniversary - to play 1,5 billion in festive circulation. Maybe it will be a distribution circulation (when the accumulated amount is divided by all winners), maybe a new record winner will emerge (just imagine - man, winner 1,5 billion!), maybe the main prize will be given in the second round, as it was in the last New Year's edition.

No matter how the anniversary edition ends, the main thing is completely different: game, in which the main prize is played only then, when its organizer deigns, it is not a lottery.

maybe, that in the same anniversary edition (if the distribution does take place) make sense to participate, Until then, the lottery "Russian Lotto", it's just a vacuum cleaner, pulling money from players. Moreover, it is the most uninteresting game for the participants., in which a shamefully small part of the fees goes to the payment of current winnings (25-35%), everything for that, to keep the jackpot growing.

About that, how record jackpots are collected in the article “How to raise a billion?»

P. s. In the last edition (№1289) participated 2 451 476 tickets, total fees were 245 million rubles. According to the rules, half of the collected funds (50%) goes to the prize fund, in this case it was 122 million (122 573 800) rubles. But the most interesting thing is, how exactly did it happen (and happens) distribution:

  • 15 million (or 6,1% from fees) went for big wins
  • 72,3 million (or 29,5% from fees) went to winnings not exceeding 150 rubles.
  • 34,6 million (or 14,1 from fees) sent to replenish the jackpot

It turns out, that of the funds raised, only 35,9% from fees. Everything else is jackpot replenishment, operator remuneration (~45%) and earmarked contributions (~5%)

"Russian Lotto" is a lottery, in which it is possible to sometimes return the cost of the ticket, ridiculous "big" wins (what a million? you can't even buy an apartment) and unattainable jackpot, which can only be won then, when the organizer wishes.

Biggest winners in "Russian Lotto"

The lottery business in Russia is on top: all operators together pay out more than two hundred thousand prizes per day. The options for games and draws are varied, like methods to win money. And some gambling people are so lucky, that they received a jackpot or solid prize money. The biggest is considered to be the win in the "Russian Lotto" lottery. It amounted to ONE BILLION rubles before taxes. In other lotteries, large prizes also met.

The record win in the Russian state lottery was 1 billion. rubles

1316th New Year's edition, which took place 1 january 2020 of the year, collected 53 thousand participants. Among them was Nadezhda Bartosh, became the owner of a prize of one billion rubles. A ticket with a prize number was purchased 13 December, a resident of the village of Yudino, Odintsovo District. The woman managed to buy a lucky ticket right before the closing of the kiosk.

The winnings will be transferred to the winner within six months. Income tax will be withheld from the amount won 13%.

Nadezhda Bartosh won a billion rubles

The winner spoke about, what a shopping and entertainment center, in which they were, was already closing, but daughter insisted on buying tickets: “I have always chosen lucky numbers, but here time was running out, and in a hurry I chose three random tickets from the beginning, center and end of the pack ".

Nadezhda learned about the win a few days after the draw. Daughter went to the site, to check the result and was shocked. The very first ticket brought a fabulous win. “The first reaction was stupor, I thought, that there was some mistake. I couldn't believe, that I became the owner of a billion ", – Nadezhda comments on the situation.

The Bartosz spouses are sure, that in the foreseeable future there will be no special changes in their lives. They are still going to throw all their strength into the development of the family business.. Hope in honor of the win decided to purchase a commemorative decoration.

Who after the record holder

Prize in 506 Vlasova Natalia Petrovna received millions. The drawing of the 1204th draw has passed 5 November 2017 of the year. Winning stories like these are often gripping. Natalia was going to throw away the ticket, who lay on the dresser for a long time. Fortunately, she decided to check, is he a prize. Seeing a message about winning, Vlasova could not believe her eyes.

Vlasova Natalya Petrovna won 506 million

It took her several checks, to make sure, that she really is the winner of the prize. The lucky winner of the jackpot decided to buy a new house, go to a luxury resort with the whole family. She promised to donate part of the funds to charity.

Half a billion as a gift

Another family of record holders are the Dogorovs Sergey and Lyubov. 1 january 2019 year they won the prize in 500 million. It happened in the framework of the circulation number 1264. Love counts, that a special talisman helped her - a stack of coins, tied with a red ribbon. She bought a ticket at a kiosk on the street. Unlike many other winners, Dogorova believed that, that the lottery can enrich her family. She carried the ticket in her wallet. After some time, the pensioner and her husband became the owners of half a billion rubles..

Dogorovs Sergey and Lyubov won 500 million

Spouses are working retirees, because their pension is tiny. Love works as a cloakroom attendant, and Sergei works as a mechanic at a factory. Shortly before winning it was cut. And he tried to look for another job, although at his age it is not easy. Now spouses may not work. true, wife decided not to leave the profession.

The Miroshnichenko family won 500 million

Spouses Miroshnichenko became other owners of a similar prize. And their 0,5 billion they received on the same day, within the same circulation, as the Dogorovs. Family Miroshnichenko (Nikolay and Oksana) are members of a large family. They actively communicate with relatives, celebrate all holidays together. Despite new-found wealth, Nikolay assures, what he considers close people to be the main gift of fate. The spouses will continue to buy lotteries of state operators, because they believe, what they can get lucky again.

Prize for a fur coat

209 million rubles - also a solid increase in income. In May 2018 of the year, 13 numbers, during the drawing 1231 of circulation, a resident of Tver named Igor became the owner of this colossal amount. The lucky one used mathematical knowledge and took into account the statistics of the drawn numbers. But I'm sure, that without the help of God, in which he believes, not done. One of the first acquisitions of Igor was a fur coat for his wife.

Lucky number, calculated by color

Your favorite color can tell a lot about you.. By color preferences, you can determine the main personal qualities. People, loving bright and juicy colors, gushing with energy and enthusiasm. They are impulsive and emotional.. They, who prefer pastel colors, calmer and more judicious. They don't need constant adrenaline rush, they are satisfied with a calm and measured life. Lovers of black and white prefer classics in everything. Their hallmark is practicality and a desire for balance..

Knowing a person's favorite color, you can calculate another lucky number. It will help us choose your numbers to play.

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