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Wealth and fame in one evening

The lottery is available to everyone. This is not a casino, where you need to come in decent shape and with some decent amount in your pocket. For little money, you get the opportunity to hit a huge jackpot, with little or no mental effort. The most profitable is the lottery, acting according to the following rules: a man buys a ticket and marks a row of numbers on it, to then compare them with the combination, dropped out “on TV”. Full match brings the ticket holder the jackpot. Unlike Russia, where is the main prize of such a lottery (eg, everyone known in Soviet times “Sportloto” or the current “Of the golden key”) enough for one or two large purchases, in the West, jackpots are calculated in huge amounts, which allow the lucky one to radically change his life.

The largest cash prize in the world was 363 million dollars and was paid in the United States to the holder of the Big Game lottery ticket in 2000 year. In second place according to this indicator is again the American Powerball lottery, the largest jackpot exceeded 314 million. It was paid in February 2004 of the year. Mega Millons lottery record, also valid in the USA, – 290 million dollars. A winning ticket for this amount was purchased in Massachusetts in July 2004 of the year. Then, that all records are American, due to the much more modest size of European jackpots, although the word “modest” does not fit even a few tens of millions of dollars.

When in the West someone manages to make a fortune, he becomes not only rich, but also a famous person. Newspapers and TV news write about him, he is invited to the evening talk shows. Under the gun of cameras and television cameras aimed at him, the lucky one usually answers the same questions.: how are you going to dispose of the won money? did you bet on arbitrary numbers or do they mean something to you? are you going to change jobs? and the like. At first, the owner of the jackpot only does, who shares his joy with the world, and then left alone with his wealth, secret desires, and often with a horde of relatives and friends who were kindled to him with unexpected love.

All this is to come, eg, 30-summer resident of Idaho, to the winner 30 May this year 220,3 million dollars in Powerball lottery. He learned about his win two days later and prudently asked the lottery organizers not to disclose his name yet., to hire decent helpers – lawyer and financial advisor. He would like to continue to remain incognito, so as not to add a load of glory to the load of wealth, however, the state lottery commission insisted on publicity, fearing accusations of falsification. Finally, he is not the first and not the last millionaire, for whom wealth came as a complete surprise. Every now and then in the media there are messages about new owners “happy” tickets, hit million jackpots.

So, In November 2004 New Yorker Juan Rodriguez – native of Colombia, parking shop – solved all my financial problems overnight, by buying a lottery ticket. Having only 78 cents in the account and 44 thousand dollars in debt, he won a jackpot of 149 million dollars. In March of the same year, young American Tim Rivers, just fired from the tractor plant, won the lottery 89 million dollars. One week after the onset 2004 34-year-old Rebecca Jamison became the owner 162 million dollars. In October 2003 the lottery ticket brought 150 million to US Army Sergeant Stephen Moore, after which Moore decided to give up his military career and broke the contract with the army. The largest jackpot in European history, 72 million euros, won in early May 2005 ten Italians. Prior to that, the largest European jackpot, 66 million dollars, was also played in Italy – in August 2003 year it was won by a resident of a small village in the suburbs of Milan.

Usually, the names of the lucky ones appear in the news only for that, to talk about their sky-high winnings. However, it also happens, that the status of a multimillionaire is too much for a person – after all, the life of a fat man is fraught with many temptations and pitfalls, – and then these names fall into the curiosities section, or even a criminal chronicle.

What Fatal Millions Do to People

But remember about the negative side of this issue.. Almost all winners, got fabulous sums, could not cope with their weaknesses and ended up very badly. Big money ruins a man, and the big ones stop making people of us at all. The fate of American lottery winners is disappointing: seventy percent of winners in six to seven years have gone to ruin, either degraded, died tragically, or were cruelly deceived. Consider the following sad cases with the lucky ones, so as not to repeat their path.

  • Abram Shakespeare - 30 000 000 $. Abram Shakespeare - the owner of a $ 30 million winnings and a very poetic name - became the subject of attacks from all possible relatives. They occupied his house, got calls, relentlessly followed every move he made, that in the end a friend came to his aid, who is a superhero, decided to save a man "from vile thieves", and then she completely convinced him to transfer all his millions to her account for safety. One week after the lottery game, Shakespeare disappeared without a lead. And in 2012 the police found out, that it was this very friend who cruelly dealt with the winner, and was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Former drug addict Edwards - 27 000 000 $. Unemployed rehabilitated drug addict named Edwards made a $ 27 million jackpot, who began to actively spend money on the delights of life: bought an expensive house, thoroughbred horses, plane, limousine, own company. And then he took drugs again, and as a result, he drained all his fortune in a couple of years. Last time police detained Edwards in a garage with a dose of heroin in his hands. A man in a hospice dies with a zero on his pocket.
  • Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova - 58 000 000 rubles. The case will close our list of sad stories, what happened to Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova from Ufa, who accidentally acquired a lottery ticket, and as a result became the owner of fifty-eight million rubles. Until winning the lottery, Nadezhda, along with her husband, led a rather unremarkable lifestyle and worked as a cleaner. But her life was instantly transformed, and climbed out like numerous relatives, and problems with alcohol. The constant availability of money made the couple's lifestyle worse. They started drinking even more, despite winning, could not leave the apartment for months, which in turn has led to numerous serious health problems. Five years after the lottery, the woman died at the age of fifty-two.
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