Thelotter deceives people?

Lotto site - scam and scam - reviews (2020)

Eurolotteryticket: honest review

The Eurolotteryticket website is a website, which provides a large amount of information about European lotteries and intermediaries. They write, what do not sell lotto tickets online, however by clicking the "Play Now", the player goes to the famous site TheLotter, who has been breeding people for years. But before that, how to expose this resource, consider, what this site offers.

The resource has a pleasant enough interface. It is made in blue, stars everywhere. In general, everything is like on the EU flag. The banner is immediately striking, centered, where the EuroMillions online lotto game is advertised with their crazy jackpot in 50 000 000 euros.

Further on the site the rules of the game in EuroMillions are described, what is the jackpot and how can you win this game. In general, they advertise this particular lottery. But, if you go to the very bottom of the site, you will see, what is suggested here to get acquainted with such lotto:

  • EuroJackpot;
  • UK Lotto (England);
  • SuperEnalotto (Italian National Lottery);
  • German Lotto 6 of 49 (German lottery);
  • The primitive (Spanish National Lottery);
  • Loto France (French lottery);
  • Swiss Lotto (lotto Switzerland).

If you choose to play + lotto online in any of these lotteries, will take you to the site- intermediary Lottery Pro, which is managed by TheLotter.

SmartGuide informs, that whatever lottery you want to play, you will always be taken to TheLotter website. This resource is a hidden advertisement for a known fraudster.

The resource offers a choice 4 language:

  • Russian,
  • Ukrainian,
  • Spanish,
  • English.

Since this resource is on the side of the EuroMillions game and tells, how to play online lotto legally 2020, a few words about this lottery.

EuroMillions – this is an international lotto, which was launched 7 february 2004 of the year by the French lottery Française des Jeux, Spanish lottery Loterías y State bets and by the Camelot Group from the UK. Lotto online lottery EuroMillions allows only those participants to play, who turned 18 years old, residing in one of the countries of the drawing. By the way, in some countries the allowed age of players 16 years old. Today the game is also available for participants from Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain.

You can buy lotto tickets only at offline points of sale, Euromillion does not distribute its tickets via the Internet and through intermediaries. But at the same time, the creators do not prohibit non-residents of the country from playing their game. Then the question arises by itself: How to play, if i am in another country?»The answer is simple - play through intermediaries. The only problem is, that finding an honest agent is difficult, or rather unrealistic. Even the Eurolotteryticket website, is not an intermediary per se, he is a referral in TheLotter scam.

Lovers to encrypt information

This clan is more cunning than the previous one and much more thoughtful. Actually, it is not possible to present them with fraud, because they perform their duties as a mediator. And there would be no complaints about them at all, if not for one BUT ...

These comrades really like to operate with fuzzy phrases and vague concepts.. They write especially important and valuable information in the smallest font somewhere in the bins of their sites.. At the same time, they are very fond of unsubscriptions like "We are not responsible for ...".

It is also worth mentioning the love of this clan to tick the boxes "By default". So it may be, what player, without knowing it, signed up for 100 runs in advance or became a member of a syndicate, etc..

Lottery secrets

Therefore, that lucky numbers really exist. Moreover, they are different for each person., we can say individual with their own special combination. Is considered, that such numbers include the digits of your own date of birth. the main thing, they, understand which of the date of birth numbers will really bring good luck and profit, and only then can they be used in the purchased lottery ticket.

If you choose one of the proposed methods or come up with your own based on the information read, stick with it for a long time, you will definitely win. At the same time, we must not forget, that the lottery is just a fun pastime, bringing only joy, and then success is inevitable.

Vera, aspiration and success, here is the guarantee of good luck and winning! This is the most powerful secret in lotteries..

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