Lottery "Gosloto 6 of 45 "


The essence of the Gosloto lottery 6 of 45 "

Drawing "Gosloto 6 of 45 "was one of the first games, organized by Stoloto. For the first time, players were able to try their luck in this game in November 2008 of the year. The drawing was held three times a week, now they are held twice a day. Several players in Russia managed to win impressive cash prizes.

Half of the cost of all purchased lottery tickets is used to generate the winnings. Given the popularity of the game, a significant amount is accumulated.

The ticket contains one playing field, here are numbers from one to forty-five. The player can expect to receive a super prize, when, if he managed to correctly guess only six digits. If the main prize has not been found in the drawing, then it accumulates until the next draw.

The six-digit combination is not the only winning one. Two correctly guessed numbers will allow you to return the cost of the lottery ticket. Three winning numbers are eligible for 300 rubles. Participants, guessing four numbers, can count on 3000 rubles. A complete list of prizes and probabilities for winning them is presented in the table below.

Prizes Conformity Odds Winnings, rub.
1 Prize 6 of 6 1:8 145 060 Super prize
2 Prize 5 of 6 1:34 808 200 000
3 Prize 4 of 6 1:733 3 000
4 Prize 3 of 6 1:45 300
5 Prize 2 of 6 1:7 100


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