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Collect your SuperEnalotto winnings: how does it work

In case of a SuperEnalotto win, there is the possibility of collecting the prize in the bookshop or online.

In order to collect the winnings at a point of sale, you must be in possession of the receipt of the game which must be legible, original and intact.
Regarding the method of payment, this depends on the amount won:

  1. If the payout is equal to or less than € 520, it is possible to collect the prize in cash or with a non-transferable bank check at any office;
  2. If the payout is equal to or less than € 5,200, the amount can be collected in the ticket office where the ticket was played by cash, bank transfer or non-transferable bank check;
  3. If the payout is equal to or less than € 52,000, you can get the prize, after booking the payment at one of the authorized points of sale, only by bank transfer;
  4. If the payout is greater than € 52,000, the game receipt must be shown at the Sisal prize offices at the Milan or Rome offices.

In the event that the winnings are obtained through online play, amounts up to € 5,200 are automatically credited to the player's account; for amounts exceeding € 5,200, instead, it is necessary to send a request to collect the prize at one of the Sisal payment centers.
At the time of the request, you need the following documents: fiscal Code, valid identity document, print of the game and identification code of the online gaming account.

The collection of winnings is subject to time limits which vary according to the amount. For winnings over € 5,200, the prize must be collected by 60 calendar days from the day following the draw; after i 60 days it is possible to request it at the Sisal offices no later than 90 days after winning.
As for winnings between € 5,200 and € 52,000, the receipt of the winnings must be presented at an authorized payment point by 60 calendar days or at Sisal offices by 90 days.
Finally, for winnings over € 52,000, the winning receipt must be presented at the Sisal offices by 90 calendar days from the day after the extraction.

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