How to win the Super Lotto jackpot: statistics and expert advice

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How to increase the likelihood of winning in Super Lotto?

Winning the lottery
- a matter of pure chance. For decades, people have been puzzling over that, as
guess the numbers and get the desired prize. But ways to predict actions
the lottery drum does not exist. But there are options to increase the likelihood of getting into
desired goal:

  1. System game:- complete system;- incomplete system for several key numbers.
  2. A large number of combinations.

About all methods we
have written repeatedly before. The only negative is a significant increase in spending
for each specific game. After all, each additional combination costs, as well
previous, 15 hryvnia.

By the way, the game on the system has repeatedly yielded results not only in Super Lotto, but also in Lotto Maxima.

You can read all the stories of the winners in the section of the same name of our blog.

What else can you do to win Super Lotto.

Many players are attracted by a variety of ways to increase their winnings, in addition to the above. They wear special clothes and interpret their dreams responsibly.. Various methods of analyzing numbers or even combinations are popular among the "old-timers of lotteries". Last time we talked about contract and reverse pairs. In the material, as an example, given Lotto Maxima, but you can still use it for Super Lotto.

Below we tell
about the bonus promised at the beginning.

Claus Joule's method.

According to
author he won the lottery about 50 time (the editors were unable to confirm or
refute). During this time, he developed a special victory strategy. In short
let's describe its essence.

The player needs
retire and completely relax. The author advises to submit, that life is
is it a train or a bus, and days are stops along the way. You should estimate the amount
days to the next draw and exit in the right place. for instance, Today
Monday, and the Super Lotto draw is on Wednesday. You drove through Tuesday and went out Wednesday,
that is, at the second stop. Next is the most interesting.

Stands on the platform
find a kiosk and buy a fresh issue of the newspaper or turn on the Kiev TV channel in 22.55 and
see the print run ... And then get on the train and return back to today. Get out
your card or go to the website and mark the winning numbers you see. Done!

That's just Klaus
approves, that the first time may not work. Necessary practice and
constant visualization training.

How do you choose the numbers to play? Already bought tickets for the new Super Lotto draw?


With the development of information technology, the lotto game is no longer so popular, as 20-30 years ago. But that doesn't mean, that she is forgotten. Lotto is still popular in many countries, taking you to the fascinating world of fun and excitement. The rules of playing lotto, domestic or Russian, are unchanged, are simple and allow you to be carried away into the world of carefree childhood.

Russian lotto – this is a common board game, available for all ages. It only requires a set of cards and barrels, which are easy to get.

The history of Russian loto is curious, his appearance, formation and spread, a few words about it.

Also worth discussing is, what sets for Russian loto are made of. Why ethnic motives are often chosen, what is the reason for this, the influence of national culture on this board game?

It is worth mentioning the gambling side of Russian lotto.. After all “play kegs” possible with money. Despite, that many people think this game is calm and not gambling.

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