Lottery Winning Strategy

How to win the lottery - 5 working methods + examples

Strategy, which led to the win

Frequency analysis. The essence of the strategy is to track winning combinations in one month. Numbers, which drop more often than others, called "hot". If the same number appears at least 2 times out 4 games, then, likely, will appear in future editions.

This strategy helped the American Janie Kallus hit the jackpot in 21 million. dollars in Texas Lotto. Moreover, she did not have enough information to analyze a specific game.. She used data from other games.

Multi-draw betting is the choice of the same combination in every game. This strategy helped the winner of the 1157th tirade of the lotto "5 out of 36" to receive a prize in 1,8 million. rub. As Vitaly Dmitrievich admits, he just went ahead, because I was sure, that his strategy will work sooner or later. It took six months to turn a dream into reality. The same strategy for the winner of Valeria T. from Omsk in the 735th edition brought 185 million. rub. - the largest prize in the history of the national lottery.

Online lotteries where you can really win

At the moment, online lotteries are gaining more and more popularity, which do not have any significant differences from such familiar paper tickets and lotteries in "offline mode". One of the many organizers of such entertainment is a popular and reliable online service. , receiving bets on the largest lotteries peace and giving a chance to everyone to get the coveted victory in any corner of the Earth.

The meaning of this game, unlike games with withdrawal of money, is as follows: players bet on the result itself in an instant instead of, to look for some point in your city, buy a ticket, make a forecast and carry it back. Generally, much less effort, and the result is the same. As assured by, if the player guesses all the winning numbers, then he will be guaranteed a win in the same amount, which is specified in the contract. No cheating, – guarantees you .

Simply put, the players are only required to choose a number and pay for participation in the largest lottery projects around the world. Players can also pay for participation in several projects at once., so as not to miss any of them.

The difference between the paper lottery we know from childhood and participation, is only to save participants time, and also that, that the payment will not go to the creators themselves, and the mediator – this implies, that in case of a victory, it is not the creators who provide the prize, and

For, so that you do not have any doubts about this company, you can be sure of its authenticity, having learned, that this company has an official license from the British Commission, gambling-oriented. By the way, in February last year, a resident of Khimki near Moscow won 824 thousand. € on one of these foreign online lotteries!

The man was an ordinary driver, led an unremarkable lifestyle, raised three children. Until February last year, he was making money on the Internet., played for a couple of months, with nothing having won during this time. But he didn't despair, in connection with which life has awarded him such financial success!

He won the Austria Lotto jackpot, ripping off an unrealistic amount. In an instant, an ordinary driver became a millionaire. Naturally, the man did not want publicity, therefore no photos, I can't give you any names. therefore, it remains only to congratulate this lucky, and also wish you, dear readers, such luck in life!

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The largest lottery winnings in the history of their existence

It is very difficult to choose the best of the best in this case., since in the entire history of the existence of lotteries, unimaginable amounts have been won by hundreds of thousands of people. Since we know about the existence of such a term, like a jackpot, that means people exist, who received it.

so, Meet the owners of the biggest lottery winnings in the world:

1. Albert Begrakyan - until that moment, until he became rich he served as an ordinary security guard in a supermarket, brought up two daughters with his wife, systematically purchased lottery tickets. And so, at one point he became the proud owner of the Russian lottery "Gosloto 100 000 000 rubles.

2. Married couple Harold and Elaine Messner (New Jersey residents) bought your lucky lottery ticket by accident along with a bottle of wine, and shared their victory in the amount 390 000 000 US dollars with Ed Neighbors (a regular truck driver from Georgia), who also bought a ticket from a regular store. Such a financial success was presented to these three lucky ones by the Mega Millions project.

3. Big Game has awarded two players from the United States of America 363 000 000 US dollars. Moreover, one of the winners got his win by accident. Larry Ross was not a gambler, but once he wanted to try a hot dog. The seller, in turn did not find change for hungry Larry. With a violent scandal, Larry had to purchase as much 98 lottery tickets, one of which brought him more 180 000 000 US dollars. This is the guy's luck, is not it?

4. Evgeny Sidorov - before 2009 of the year was an ordinary locksmith from Tekstilshchik, and now he owns 35 000 000 rubles. Before the victory, Evgeny spent monthly 2 000 rubles from your salary to purchase lottery tickets. And finally luck smiled at him. Eugene spent the money received on starting his own business, as well as to buy a car. Well done man, did everything wisely!

There are a lot of such cases - you can never list them all. Try you too!

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How to really win the lottery?

There are about so many strategies and ways to win the lottery, how many lottery participants themselves. Each of the participants is confident, that he has the right strategy, it's just not yet his time. Mathematically, all right, all strategies in lotteries have a significant chance of winning.

Nevertheless, there are several methods, who are capable of these chances even slightly, but increase.

TOP 3 ways to win the lottery

  1. Lucky combination. This is the easy way, which will require the minimum amount of effort from you. Just pick a lucky combination and bet on it in every draw. Sooner or later, this combination should play according to the theory of probability. There are cases in history, when they bet on such combinations for years and ultimately won.
  2. Purchase of tickets for distribution runs. Lottery organizers are required to conduct a distribution draw at least once a year, when large sums are played, which have not been previously played. In this case, the winnings will be divided between the participants of the current draw., the cost of the ticket does not change.
  3. Thinking differently. Most players pick numbers, which are associated with memorable dates, this reduces the number of options ranging from 1 to 30-31, and the rest of the numbers are most often not used. If there are several winners, then the prizes will be split between them. That is, the gain for each will be less. The same goes for "lucky numbers" - 3, 7, 14. Superstitious people refuse to choose numbers 6, 13, 66, according to statistics, even numbers are more often chosen, than odd. Besides, most often they choose the numbers at the beginning of the line and those, which are not adjacent. If you take into account all these standard features of thinking and do the opposite, then the chances of winning a decent prize are greatly increased.

Russian lotto

it, probably, the most popular lottery for today. The rules in it are quite simple and similar to the board game in "Russian Lotto", which is familiar to everyone from childhood. Each participant chooses a ticket with a combination of 30 figures from 1 to 90. Next, the presenter gradually takes out of the bag kegs with numbers, to be deleted. That ticket wins, who crosses out first 5, 15 and 30 card number.

How to increase your chances of winning Russian Lotto:

By purchasing multiple tickets, pay attention to that, so that the numbers in them do not repeat,
Buying tickets online, you have the opportunity to independently choose combinations of numbers on the ticket,
Feel the circulation, where the "Kubyshka" is played.

The slogan 5 of 36

The rules are generally similar to the previous lottery, you just need to guess 5 figures from 36. Two super prizes are played out in the game at once weekly. The chances of winning are also increased by the expanded bet, in addition, players can choose the number of draws themselves, in which the selected ticket will play (to 20) .

Background and preparation

The first Irish National Lottery draw took place on Saturday, 16 April 1988 of the year. The lottery used a number formula 6 of 36, the chance of guessing the main prize in this case is 1 to 1 947 792. Winnings were awarded for 4, 5 or 6 rooms. If no one guessed the six, then the jackpot increased, until, until someone gets lucky. Starting (guaranteed) the super prize was 250 000 pounds.

IN 1992 year Polish-Irish businessman Stefan Klintsevich, managed to implement the perfect lottery winning plan, the idea of ​​which came to his mind in 1990, in a dublin pub, when the lottery jackpot approached another record value.

Stefan Klincevic

The plan was elegantly simple and incredibly complex., I just had to wait for the moment, when the super prize reaches its maximum values, and ... redeem all combinations. I.e, to do 1 947 792 rates. Given that, that the cost of the bet was 0,5 pound this game made sense only, when the jackpot exceeded a million. Everything remained, what to prepare in advance

Syndicate, which included 28 a person, long before the planned circulation, collected the necessary money and transferred it to the bank for safekeeping. An office was also set up in a central location, to coordinate the purchase of tickets. For half a year of preparation, Klintsevich completed 243 474 lottery receipts, marking the desired combinations.

In May 1992 the lottery jackpot is close to the desired value. While waiting for the next draw, Stefan did not sleep for three days, the tension was building. Finally the circulation has passed, the jackpot was not hit, the amount of the super prize increased to 1,7 million pounds and Klintsevich decided - it's time to take!

Completed receipts were on hand, all that was left to issue them with retail agents and the syndicate began to recruit teams of ticket buyers. Hotel rooms have been booked across the country, the necessary money was delivered to nearby banks and the process began. Couriers placed bids within a week, before lottery officials discovered something was wrong. The shops, previously selling lotteries on 1 000 pounds a day, suddenly started registering receipts daily for 15 000 pounds. “We chose points, in which they did not interfere with other people, buying tickets "- said Klintsevich.

National Lottery officials tried to thwart this plan, limiting the number of tickets, on one lottery terminal, turning off those, that sold too many tickets. On Friday afternoon, newsstands circulated a short statement from the National Lottery - changing the terms of contract in accordance with section 32: Credit limit = 200% from the agent's average sale over 10 weeks

Despite this, the syndicate managed to buy out more 80% combinations, spending about 820 thousand pounds sterling. The choice of combinations was determined by the system, developed by Stephen: the most likely options were put first, and the least probable stayed last. Nevertheless, the syndicate was lucky. 80 of 100 albeit a high percentage of coverage, but he does not guarantee the main prize. It would be a shame, if the winning combination ended up in the remaining 20%

Once the receipts have been issued, they were returned to headquarters and placed in secure storage. “When you have all the tickets, you just sit and enjoy the show "- said Klintsevich. Nevertheless, even if all existing combinations are bought out at all, there is another risk factor for any syndicate - other players, who managed to guess the winning combination in this particular draw.

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