Lucky Lottery Winners

10 the luckiest people in the world

Winning the lottery twice on the same day.

Virginia Fake (Virginia Fike) always played the lottery with the same numbers: the day of the wedding anniversary and the age of the parents, divided by year, when they married.

IN 2012 year, the mess at the checkout led to, that she wrote numbers on two tickets instead of one. Later on TV she saw, that two tickets guessed five of 6 numbers in the lottery, and each of them reached the cost $1 million. The woman looked at her mother and said: “It would be funny, if …”, and then couldn't stop laughing, until I reached the bank.

Bad (and good) news travels fast

For his ability to survive, he gained worldwide fame. "You can look at it from two sides", says Selak. “I am either the unluckiest person in the world, or - the luckiest. I prefer to believe in the latter ".

What's the end of this story? Of course, happy! In June 2003, aged 74 years old, Selak for the first time in 40 years I bought a lottery ticket ... and won more than $1 million. "Now I will just enjoy life.", he says. "Such a feeling, as if i was born again. I know, that God has watched over me all these years ". He told reporters, what is going to buy a house, car and speedboat, and marry your girlfriend. (Selak has already been married four times, and noticed about this: "My marriages were also disasters.")

IN 2004 r. he was offered to star in a commercial for Doritos chips for Australian television. He first accepted this offer, but then changed his mind and refused to fly to Sydney to shoot. The reason: he said, that he doesn't want to try his luck.

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How the family lives now, broke the jackpot

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Tennessee-based couple John and Lisa Robinson won the popular US Powerball lottery in January this year. $528 million. The lump sum payment for the win was about $328 million. Reported, that the husband bought four lottery tickets at the request of his wife in a store near their home, one of them turned out to be the prize. Then the happy Robinsons told, that they are going to stay and live in their old house in the town of Manford, and Lisa has no plans to quit her job.

John Robinson with his wife Lisa (second from left to right) and daughter Tiffany (left) receive a check at the Tennessee lottery headquarters, 15 january 2016 of the year

However, six months later, journalists found out, that the lifestyle of the winners has changed.

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The history of the Robinson family


John and Lisa Robinson, ordinary American family, lived in a typical panel house, which are full all over America. The couple's old house was not bad: its market value $ 150 000, but he did not cause much enthusiasm among the winners - just now the neighbors were decent.

The Robinsons had four cars, but all of them are used and sometimes even rusty: two practical Honda Civic, to go to work, and two old pickup trucks: John was very fond of fishing and did not want to spoil good cars on bad roads.

The Robinsons weren't retired: Lisa worked in the doctor's waiting room, and John, former aircraft mechanic, worked in the sorting department at a parts plant - a Powerball winner had to defend 12-hour shifts, which greatly affected his health.

Of course, The Robinsons wanted to retire early, but circumstances did not allow: eg, shortly before winning the lottery, couple made major repairs in the house, after which the water heater deteriorated, there was a big leak, and the house had to be restored again.

The neighbors tell, that the Robinsons are generous people. At Christmas, the couple buy toys and clothes for the poor. Loved ones say, that Lisa and John are simple, humble and practical people, real hard workers, they do not like too much attention, but, if needed, will always come to the rescue and help out.


On the eve of the sensational Powerball draw, which passed 13 january, Lisa called her husband and asked him buy a lottery ticket. John answered, that he is coming home from work and feeling bad, but Lisa was persistent, so the man had to stop by the supermarket, where did he buy 4 lottery ticket ...

The Robinsons did not apply for a prize to the organizers of Powerball for several months - they wanted to think over their future fate without unnecessary noise and panic. Im, like any other people, who could be in their place, it was psychologically difficult to accept the fact, that they are rich now.

At the awards ceremony, Lisa and John told reporters, that they are not going to change life dramatically. The couple were sure, that they will continue to live in the old house and even go to work, but six months later the Robinsons decided to change their mind ...

Lisa and John retired and bought themselves a luxurious mansion for almost 10 million dollars. Huge house with a pier, private cinema and gym located in a remote area. A mansion on the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded by dense forest. All the land around the new Robinsons home now belongs to them too.

Lisa and John agreed to a photo shoot of their new home. You can also admire pictures of the home of the Powerball winners.

Are you psychologically ready for big money?? If your answer is yes, then you can try your luck on the Lotto Agent website. Choose Powerball or any other state lottery to your liking - and off you go!

"They live modestly". Natalia Vlasova won 506 million in "Russian Lotto"

5 November 2017 resident of the Voronezh region 63-year-old Natalia Vlasova won 506 million rubles in the state lottery. At the same time, the woman did not immediately find out about her win - "Russian Post" was looking for her throughout the country. It revealed, that a resident of the village of Panino became the winner - the ticket was gathering dust in her sideboard.

Natalya Vlasova worked all her life in Gosstrakh, but the pension turned out to be small, order 8000 rubles. Husband, also a pensioner, received a little more. Daughter served as a court clerk, raised a child. To support the family, Natalia baked pies and sold them at the bus station.

Natalia bought tickets for every holiday over the years - on New Year's Eve and on her birthday. When they found out, what did you win, we couldn't believe it. At the same time, there was literally nothing to fly and draw up a prize - the woman even borrowed boots and a jacket. Even before receiving the money, the woman shared her plans with reporters..

According to "Pravmir", a few years after the win, the Vlasov family lives modestly and quietly. Woman does not give interviews, fellow villagers know nothing about their life, besides the fact, that they drive an SUV and build several houses in the village.

Natalia Vlasova. Photo: Andrey Arkhipov /

Natalia also helped several fellow villagers. Learned, that the husband of her ex-neighbor has oncology - gave money for surgery and treatment. I heard, that the son of a postal worker has lung cancer, also offered financial assistance. But the man at that time was treated for free, so his family refused. Unfortunately, he passed away. The Vlasovs paid for his funeral. An acquaintance of Natalia, on condition of anonymity, said, that she supported the parish of the Church of the Kazan Mother of God in Panino.

And now a little about the domestic lucky ones, failed the test of money

57-a summer resident of Ukraine Gennady Teterya became quite famous due to the fact, that in two years he hit three jackpots. First won 1,6 million hryvnia in the "National Lottery", then I went to Poland and hit the jackpot there in 3 million PLN (near $750 thousand). Upon his return from Poland, Teteria managed to hit his third jackpot in 3,4 million hryvnia. His luck passed on to his son, which in "Lotto-Zabava" won the car "Tavria". Now the lucky one, Gennady Teterya, is being tried for debts in $2 500 000. IN 2003 year he began to borrow money from his friends - mostly he needed significant amounts to buy new lottery tickets.

People willingly lent him, because besides that, what everyone knew about the money they won, Gennady was far from being a poor man before. When did people start demanding loans back?, he doused himself with acetone and arson. Lenders got it, that there really is nothing to return, and therefore they began to take everything from his apartment, which was of any value.

It is now known, that even before the first win, Gennady was living in debt, and from the first jackpot he paid off debts. Where did the money go from other winnings, never installed. Law enforcers suggest, that part of the capital could have settled with the son of an ex-millionaire, especially since he disappeared in an unknown direction, as soon as the ghost of prison loomed over my father.

These stories clearly show, that not everyone can pass the test of money. And the greatest success in life with an inept approach can turn into its greatest tragedy..

Spouses Mukhametzyanov

This couple, perhaps, was the most talked about and popular Russian millionaires. Still would. In a far from the most prosperous drinking Ufa family in 2001 year comes huge wealth - a win $1 million. To be precise, 29 million 814 thousand. rub. made up a win in the "Bingo Show", which went to the Ufa unemployed Nadezhda Makarovna Mukhametzyanova. Former dryer of the Ufa machine-building association, has been unemployed for the past few years. Lived with her husband and two children. The couple were drinkers.

After receiving the win, drunks and newly-made relatives pulled into their apartment. The Mukhametzyanovs received everyone, vodka flowed like a river. The teenage sons Alyosha and Rustem almost abandoned school and also began to waste money, leading crowds of friends through kiosks and gaming halls. Their biggest hobby was the computer..

Soon, the couple still thought about investing and bought two apartments in an elite district of Ufa. However, one of them soon burned down. Also the spouses bought 2 cars, who also soon broke. The spouses rarely left the house., vodka and snacks were ordered in bulk with home delivery. As the neighbors of the spouses tell, Hope sometimes threw in hearts, that it would be better if she did not win this million, life would be easier ...

After her win, Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova lived only 5 years old, dying in 2006 year in complete poverty. Our "favorite" British scientists have established, that money brings happiness in that case, if you spend it on someone else

It doesn't matter, will it be someone from your family, relatives or just strangers!

The fire victims saw the lottery numbers in a dream and won 2,7 million rubles

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They say, life is like a zebra: then the black bar, then white… Last year for the Yakovlev family from Kingisepp (Leningrad region) turned out to be blacker: first, Sergey's husband was fired, then the house burned down. The car did not survive either, where the unemployed head of the family earned money as a taxi driver. And he and his wife Anastasia have two little daughters…

Well at least an apartment was found quickly, where you could stop for a while. Anastasia got a job as a dispatcher at the Ministry of Emergencies, and Sergey began to restore the house from scratch. But in a year it turned out only to raise the foundation…

…A few days before the win, Sergei had a dream, ad-like. They explained there, how to fill out a ticket correctly in the lottery "5 out of 36".

– It's easy to become a millionaire! – the voiceover was fervently broadcasting. And on the side was a line with numbers, to be crossed out.

Mother, was not – decided to play! In a day, when the results appeared on the lottery website, Sergey was at a construction site at home, Anastasia returned from the night shift…

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Don't forget to buy a ticket

Paul Goldie – British worker – plumber, celebrating christmas eve, decided to match the selected numbers on my ticket, which is completely by accident, I almost forgot, bought that morning. It turned out, that Paul's family budget was replenished by 7,2 million pounds. Paul's family can't forget this day – how happy they were, what a joy. They immediately spent some of the winnings on luxury cars (2 car audi). They also plan to purchase a large house with a beautiful veranda and a luxurious green garden.. Gender family members are currently not planning to quit their job, but at the moment they dream of vacation and travel.

Rooms, which led to a fabulous end: 34/33/25/22/15/13

How to win the lottery?

The question is, how to win the lottery, occurs in all players. There is no definite way to win. Each winner has their own secret of success, but not everyone is ready to share it. Most argue, that it's just luck and luck, others follow certain rules:

  • Play with an expanded bet, ie. choose more numbers, than possible at the normal rate. Sure, the expanded rate provides for more investments, but the chance to win rises.
  • Participate regularly in lotteries and use the same combination all the time. Are waiting, when the chosen combination brings the long-awaited prize.
  • Playing with friends, so-called lottery syndicate. In this case, a group of people buys as many tickets of one lottery as possible, and in case of winning, divide everything in half.
  • Use a variety of mathematical formulas.

There are those, who believes in happy days, numbers, clothes, talismans. Buy birthday tickets, choose significant numbers on the ticket, use various conspiracies to win.

The statistics of large lottery wins in Russia suggests that, that every year the number of their participants is growing, winnings grow too. The probability of hitting the jackpot is negligible and depends on the specific lottery. for instance, the opportunity to win the Gosloto lottery 5 of 36 "is approximately 1 to 367 thousands, in the Gosloto lottery 6 of 45 "- 1 to 8 million, in “Russian lotto” – 1 to 7 million.

If this article prompted someone to buy a ticket, remember, that the winning percentage is very small, play for fun, maybe you're lucky.

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