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Many people call lotteries a divorce and a scam. But in reality, everything is not so simple. In short, lotteries are not much different from casinos. Only in Russia are they legalized and technically controlled by the state.

Nevertheless, lottery, where everything is set up, meet quite often. Mostly on the internet. Nobody ever won in them.

In real life, lottery owners cheat with individual draws. The scandal with the billion-dollar winnings of Nadezhda Bartosz became especially loud, which broke out on the 1st day 2020 of the year.

SMARTGUIDE found out, what is lottery: truth or divorce. And also made a list of rules, by following which you will never fall into the hook of scammers.

Russian lotteries - a scam or legalized deception

From the point of view of legislation, there is nothing illegal in them.. They are no different from that, what casinos banned almost across the country offer. Lotteries are the same game of chance. Only the probability of winning is much lower, than slot machines or roulette.

for instance, to hit the jackpot in the "Russian Lotto", need to buy a ticket, where the numbers located in the upper or lower field will coincide with the first kegs pulled from the bag.

SMARTGUIDE comment: the fields are very clever. Their size is 9 x 3. In each of 9 columns 1 or 2 numbers. In the 1st column, they are selected from the range 1-10. In the 2nd - from 11-20. In the 3rd - from 21-30. Etc. That is, if the presenter pulls out of the bag, eg, 2, 3 and 5, no ticket will hit the jackpot. The likelihood of such an outcome of events is very high.

The chance to win in the lottery "Russian Lotto" small prizes are much higher. Usually within 3 rounds pull out 86-88 barrels from the bag. To win, need to fill in before everyone else:

  • One line from 5 numbers. 1-round.
  • One field from 15 numbers. 2-round.
  • Both fields. 3-round.

There are winners in every draw. Unplayed money adds to the jackpot.

"Stoloto" sells over 500 million tickets per year. Most of them are in the "Russian Lotto". for instance, in the drawing ₽ 1 billion participated 53 over a million tickets.

Even if there is no deceit and forgery in the pranks, math works against lottery participants. Of 50 million tickets win 10-15 million. But the prize pool is not rubber. Therefore, most tickets have very little money.. The probability of winning a large sum tends to zero.

SMARTGUIDE team is convinced: lottery is a game of chance. You will not be able to receive income all the time. Even legal pranks will greatly disappoint those, who dream of becoming a millionaire, spending a couple of hundred rubles to buy tickets. But legal lotteries are the tip of the iceberg. A huge number of swindlers revolve around this business., who cheat thousands of people for money.

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