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How to buy Russian lotto online? step-by-step instruction

How to buy a lottery ticket. detailed instructions

You can buy a Stoloto ticket right from your home. An internet connection and an electronic device are enough for this. (PC, tablet or smartphone).

To buy a lottery ticket online, it will take very little time. The purchase takes place in several stages.

Step 1. Create a personal account

To get started, you need to register in your personal account on the official website of the company.

On the left side of the page there is a button "Registration". By clicking on it, you are taken to the registration form.

In the form field, you just need to enter your mobile phone number and email address

It is important to include your contact details, to receive all the latest information about the draws, as well as your winning tickets. You will need E-mail in case of password recovery of your personal account, if you forget it or your personal page gets hacked.

To register an account, you need to create a password, with at least six characters (this includes letters, numbers and other icons).

When, if a friend invited you, friend or relative, do not forget to tick the appropriate box and indicate the phone number of the inviter.

After filling in all the points, study the terms of the agreement and accept them.

More details: What is Stoloto's personal account and how to create an account

Step 3. Choose a lottery and buy a ticket

  1. Click on the top left button of the site. All lotteries are listed on the main page, participating in the prize drawing. There is also information, how much is the ticket "Stoloto.
  2. Choose your favorite lottery and click on its name. In front of you are the valid tickets of the draw. In the draw lottery, you can choose self-presented coupons or select them by the presence of the numbers you like. In cases with a fast lottery, you are provided with a playing field, on which you "cross out" a certain number of numbers.
  3. On the right side of the page, the Shopping Cart contains all the tickets you have selected. You can pay for them in a convenient way: using a plastic card, e-wallet or mobile phone. The Stoloto company offers bonuses for each purchased lottery coupon, which can be used to purchase subsequent tickets.


  • How to fill out a Stoloto lottery ticket
  • How to check a Stoloto ticket for a win
  • What a real Stoloto lottery ticket looks like

As you can see, it is quite easy to buy a lottery ticket online on the Stoloto website. However, if you still have some difficulties, online consultant is in touch with you around the clock, which will help in solving problems.

  • with registration in your personal account;
  • without registering.

Consider first, how to buy a ticket with registration of a personal account on the website. Since this method has a lot of advantages.

How to register on the site

3. After registration, a code will be sent to the entered phone number to confirm it. It must be entered in the registration window that opens and click the "Confirm" button.

4. After confirmation, access to the "Personal Account" will be opened. All tickets purchased online are displayed here, accumulated bonuses, shares, achievements and selected numbers, as well as personal account balance (wallet).

It is possible to log in through popular social networks. However, the phone number will still need to be specified and confirmed. After registration ends, you can buy a ticket and try your luck.

How to buy a ticket to Stoloto step by step

For clarity, the author of the review bought a ticket and described each step of the purchase. Below you can find instructions for buying tickets to Stoloto.

For this:

1. On the main page of the Stoloto website, choose the lottery you like (eg, "Rapido") and go inside.

A field with an online lottery ticket appears.

Before buying, you need to read the rules, by clicking on the "Rules" button.

2. Fill in the ticket according to the rules or choose automatic filling below. Better to take notes yourself, focusing on your luck, choose favorite and lucky numbers.

3. After issuing a ticket, you can pay for it. To do this, on the right, click the button "All payment methods".

4. In the window that opens, select the appropriate payment method for the purchase of a ticket and pay for it.

5. After payment, the system checks the payment.

An SMS will be sent to the phone with a request to confirm the payment. There is a commission charged for payment. Be sure to read the terms of payment in accordance with the chosen method. When paying by phone, eg, commission was 14,94 rub. at ticket price 100 rub.

And in the "Bonuses" section you can see the number of points awarded for the purchase.

Purchase without registration

You can buy the same ticket without registering on the Stoloto website. To do this, you need to go directly to the lottery selection, bypassing registration in your personal account. Then press the button "All payment methods" and "Buy without registration".

Then enter the phone number, confirm it and click "Continue". In the window that appears, select a convenient payment method.

Where to buy lottery tickets

There are three main ways to buy Stoloto lottery coupons - online (via internet resources), through mobile communication (by sms), as well as in a variety of stationary (terrestrial) points of implementation. Let's take a closer look at all these methods.:

  • Buying tickets online. This can be done on the company's website, on the mobile site, which is intended to be visited from smartphones and tablets, via Android or iOS app. By registering on the site, you will be able to pay for the ticket purchase in one click, which is especially convenient then, when the closing time of sales approaches.
  • Buying a coupon via SMS. You just need to send a message with the name of the lottery to a special number (the detailed procedure is indicated on the page of each game on the operator's website).
  • Purchase in inpatient departments. These can be lottery machines and kiosks., branches of Russian Post, Rostelecom, Stoloto offices, branches of the bookmaker Baltbet, Balt Lotto points. A list of all land-based Stoloto coupon sales points is on the operator's website. For a more convenient search, go to the page of the lottery you are interested in and go to the section "Where to buy?».

How to get your winnings?

If you play the instant lottery, then the winnings are credited to your account in your Stoloto personal account or they will be given to you in cash at the point of sale, if you bought a paper ticket

note, that different retail outlets for coupons have different limits on cash prizes. For instance, at the official ground station of Stoloto, you can instantly get up to 20 000 rub., and all, what's above and before 599 999 rub

paid to the client by prior arrangement and after agreeing on the schedule. The same applies to winnings in drawn lotteries..

Winnings of up to half a million rubles can be transferred to a personal wallet in the Stoloto system, from where this money can be withdrawn in a convenient way for you, eg, to a bank card. All prizes are greater 600 000 paid by the operator in a non-cash way when the client visits the company's office. Also, the player has the opportunity to receive a prize by crediting money to a personal bank account. To do this, you need to send a set of documents to the company's office by regular or express mail.

Large wins in the amount of 10 000 000 rubles are paid only after a full check and examination of the coupon. To start this procedure, you need to submit an application on the website of the Stoloto operator.

How to play on mobile phones

Mobile version of the site

Playing the Stoloto lottery has never been easier. The user has two options - to play in the mobile version of the site or in the application

The mobile version is very convenient, made in a laconic design, where there is nothing superfluous, what can distract attention or interfere with viewing on the small screen of the gadget. At the same time, the mobile version of the resource has a very convenient menu

Left on the page icon, clicking on which you can open a list of all possible sections of the resource - from your personal account to contacts and news. This version is considered by many to be even more convenient., than the main.

There is a support service icon on the right of the page - possible options are to write a letter, contact online consultants, call the call center, use the channel in the Telegram messengers, Votsap.

At the bottom of the page - the rules of all lotteries and links to their pages, button to buy a ticket and a link to the main version of the site. It's simple, intuitive, succinctly.

Mobile applications for Android / IOS

Stoloto has applications for the Android operating system, and for Apple gadgets. You can download the programs on the official website of the lottery operator, it's free, files are lightweight and can be installed within minutes. The application interface is almost the same, like a mobile site. Left menu, drop-down by pressing the "three stripes", right chat and filter, in the center - banners of the most popular lotteries. The applications have broadcasts of draws, winnings are reported by push notifications, especially suspicious clients of Stoloto can quickly check their ticket in a special section. It is seen, that the developers have made an effort to, to make programs as easy to use and useful for users as possible. The interface is intuitive, it is convenient to pay for tickets, winnings can be immediately withdrawn to your personal deposit, and from there to a bank card, mobile account or e-wallet.

How to find out the result of the drawing and check the ticket?

You can find out the result of each draw of each Stoloto lottery in several ways:

  • Watching the online broadcast on the company's website.
  • By going to the archive of draws on the operator's website.
  • On the Internet platform YouTube.
  • In your personal account on the Stoloto website (including. in mobile version and in gadget apps).
  • By SMS - if you indicated your phone number when buying a ticket. When, if the result of the drawing is positive for you, you will learn about it from the message.
  • Stoloto lottery coupons are sold at ground offices.
  • Telephone hotline 8 900 555-00-55.
  • The results of the draws of some Stoloto lotteries are published in Antenna-Telesem.

There is a separate group of people, who do not want to find out the results of the lottery and check them against the numbers, indicated on their tickets. They just want to know, whether their coupon won, if won, what amount. Especially for such customers, the Stoloto operator has developed the "Check ticket" function. This can be done on the company's website - there is a section on the main page of the website (at the very bottom in the first column of links). And also on the page of each lottery and in the user's personal account. It is enough to enter the coupon number, and after a few seconds the system will give you the result.

How are the drawings going and what can be won?

Drawings of different lotteries take place at different times and on different days. Some draws have to wait several days, others are carried out at intervals 15 minutes or several times a day. But the scenario is always the same. First, the size of the prize fund is determined, depending on whether, how many tickets were purchased for a specific edition. Then balls / barrels with numbers are loaded into the lottery drum in accordance with the protocol and rules of a particular game. After that the balls start to fall out, the host announces the numbers.

The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is carried out under the supervision of a special commission, which at the end signs the protocol, confirming the legality of the drawing procedure. Spectators are often present in the hall, who also monitor the progress of the lottery.

All this action is televised (on the NTV channel) and / or online - on the website of the Stoloto company. If you miss a live broadcast, you can always find a record of the draw in the archive or on the YouTube website.

What can you win in the Stoloto lottery? The first category is cash prizes from 20 rubles to 1 000 000 000, what happened during the January Russian Lotto draw. The second category - material prizes - cars, cottages, at home, cottages, vouchers, etc., it all depends on the terms and conditions of a particular lottery.

How to change phone and mail in your personal account?

Change mobile phone number, which was specified during registration, can't. This can lead to errors when crediting money, after all, the mobile phone number is the main user identifier on It is to this number that the Wallet is attached. When registering, you were informed that, that after its completion, it is impossible to change the phone number in your personal account. If you now have a different number, we recommend that you register a new personal account for it and participate in lotteries from the new account. If you had to create a new email address specifically for registration, set up mail forwarding to that mailbox, which you use more often.

To change your email address, enter a new email in the "Personal information" section of your profile. After that, you will receive a letter with a confirmation link to the specified email address.. Follow this link, to get a secret code on your phone. Enter it on this page - and the new email address will take effect.

How to find out the number of my Stoloto Wallet in your personal account?

The "Wallet" section is located in your personal account. The Wallet number can be found in the upper left corner of the "Wallet" section, under the sum of your balance.

How to change the name, login and password?

You can change your name and password in your personal account (section "My profile"). Login * on our website cannot be changed. To change your password, use the recovery service . In the letter sent to you after the words "for the user" there will be a link to change the password.* Those users have a login, who registered on the site before May 2015 of the year. Participants, who signed up later, when authorizing, instead of login, indicate your email.

How to clear the section "My tickets" in your personal account of already played tickets?

Tickets cannot be deleted on their own - they are automatically moved to the archive upon expiration 180 days from the date of the drawing / drawing.

How to cancel a lottery subscription?

To change the subscription status, click on its name "(Subscription 1, Subscription 2 etc.)"And click" Resume / Pause ", "Delete".

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