New Year lottery "Russian Lotto"

How to win the Russian Lotto jackpot, regulations

How will the draw go

New Year lottery "Russian Lotto" - special, her rules
different from the usual draw, which took place weekly throughout the year.
The organizers will compete for the prize fund in three rounds, everything in the game will be 88 moves,
which will guarantee to identify the winner, who will hit the jackpot - 1
billion rubles.

Each ticket has two playing fields from the set numbers, in
one row there are five. The rally begins with, what the host gets out of the bag
barrels, all of them 90. In the first round, the game is on, until one of the tickets
all five digits will be crossed out in any one horizontal line. how
only the winner appears, the tour ends.

Second round - main. It is in it that the New Year will be played
billion. The winner will be the one, who will have everything crossed out first
15 digits in one of the ticket fields. Probability theory, such lucky ones
maybe several, however, in practice, such coincidences can be
maximum for two or three people.

In the third round, the host will get the remaining kegs - total
there will be 88. The winners must match everything 30 numbers on the ticket, they will
claim one hundred prizes for 1 million rubles, as well as other cash
prizes. The organizers promised, that every second ticket will win. General
prize fund - about 3 billion rubles.

How to increase your chances of winning

To hit the jackpot is incredible luck, because the mathematical
chances of winning are very small. for instance, in "Russian Lotto" two
the principle of drawing the jackpot, one of which is relatively real -
one chance at 295 million, about the same in complex American lotteries
PowerBall и Mega Millios.

The second principle of the lottery draws completely
impossible numbers: one chance out 22,9 quadrillion. However, the situation in this
case saves the forced drawing of the jackpot, which only happens in
special editions. At the same time, lottery participants can try several
options to improve your chances.

The easiest one is to buy more tickets, because the chances of
big winnings are multiplied by the number of bets. However, this method is very
costly. Alternatively, you can use the "Multi-bet" function. It
allows you to automatically get an additional amount theoretically
winning combinations.

On the site you can use the "Favorite numbers" function, which
allows you to select seven "lucky" numbers, after which the system will select
suitable tickets. Besides, when buying online, the "All numbers" set is available. IN
it includes five tickets, in which all numbers from 1 to 90. Is considered,
that from a mathematical point of view, such a set increases the chances of winning.

Where to buy and how to find out the results

The drawing of the New Year lottery "Russian Lotto" will be
broadcast live on NTV channel 1 january, start showing in 15.30
by Moscow time. The show "New Year's Billion" can be viewed throughout
territory of Russia, however, the exact time of the start of the broadcast should be clarified
TV program, broadcast will not be live everywhere.

Typical middle-aged financial mistakes

The recording of the program will appear on the official portal
"Stoloto" in the "Circulation Archive" section. There
you can also see the final results 1316 circulation. Traditionally they
published with some delay, this is perfectly normal. Likely,
they will be available for users in the morning 2 january.

If necessary, you can contact Stoloto specialists
directly, to check the winning ticket numbers. for instance, call the center
aggregator support by number 8900 55 500 55 or contact via the form
feedback on the site, as well as the official community on VKontakte.

What rules you need to know

To participate in the lottery, it is enough to purchase a ticket or
receive it as a gift from friends or relatives. However, the rules say, what to participate
only older people can participate in the lottery 18 years old. Since last year, sellers in trade
points even got the right to demand a passport from the ticket buyer.

To claim a win, you need to apply on the page
winning ticket. Winnings over 10 million rubles are paid
only in Moscow at the Stoloto lottery center with a personal visit. At the time of buying
paper ticket you must keep the receipt. An examination is carried out first
ticket, money is transferred within 180 days.

Winnings are taxable 13%. If the participant won less
15 thousand rubles, he will need to pay the tax himself, by contacting
tax authority. If the winning is greater than or equal to the amount 15 thousand rubles, tax
automatically withheld upon payment, responsibility for this procedure is vested in
on organizers.

The rights of lottery winners are protected by the Law on Lotteries, in
which contains mandatory provisions for operators. for instance, winner
of the drawing must receive his entire prize within six months. Besides
of this, the size of the lottery prize fund must be at least 50% by
in relation to the proceeds from its conduct.

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