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Promotion "second chance - alga, kazakhstan!»

Terms and conditions of participation in the "SECOND CHANCE – ALGA, FROM KAZAKHSTAN!»

PERIOD OF CARRYING OUT begining: 11 May 2020 Years Ending: 31 December 2020 of the year
  1. Own retail
  2. Outlets of the agent network
  3. B2B outlets
DATE OF THE WINNERS Monthly, on the first Thursday of every month at 19:00
THE PROCESS OF DETERMINING THE WINNERS The draw is held among all registered numbers of non-winning tickets using a random number generator on Instagram live @sattyzhuldyz
METHOD OF RECEIVING WINNINGS The prize is paid to the winner by crediting funds to his bank card.
PERIOD FOR CLAIMING WINS During 1 (one) months from the date of determining the winner
PRIZE FUND 1 a place - 1 winner - 50 000 KZT
2 a place - 1 winner - 30 000 KZT
3 a place - 1 winner - 20 000 KZT
TAXATION Individual income tax (IPN) the winner pays.
  • Ticket numbers, who took part in the draw last month are not allowed to participate in the next month.
  • Responsibility for the correct entry of the ticket number on the website, as well as the safety of the original registered ticket bears the participant of the action.
  • The organizer of the promotion reserves the right to end the promotion period ahead of schedule.
  1. A lottery participant must purchase any number of ML ALGA tickets, FROM KAZAKHSTAN! during the promotion period.
  2. The lottery participant registers non-winning tickets on the promo page of the website
  3. Number of registered non-winning tickets for ML ALGA, FROM KAZAKHSTAN! to one mobile phone number - unlimited.
  4. Non-winning ML ALGA ticket number, FROM KAZAKHSTAN! can be registered on the promo page of the site only once.
  5. Based on the results of the drawing, 3 winner: 1 a place; 2 a place; 3 a place.
  6. The winners are determined by choosing 1 (one) ticket numbers from the general list of registered tickets, participating in this drawing.
  7. Ticket numbers, who took part in the draw last month are not allowed to participate in the next month.
  8. Each winner receives a monetary reward in accordance with the place taken:
  • 1 a place - 1 winner - 50 000 KZT
  • 2 a place - 1 winner - 30 000 KZT
  • 3 a place - 1 winner - 20 000 KZT
  1. To receive the prize, the Winner must present:
  • original ticket, whose number was registered on the site;
  • identification;
  • fill out all the necessary documents to receive a prize.

Without presentation of the original registered ticket by the Participant, whose number is determined as the winner – no winnings will be paid.
In case of presentation of a ticket with visible defects and damages, the organizer of the action reserves the right to check the presented ticket for authenticity. Ticket validation period until 30 calendar days, according to the Terms and Conditions of ML "ALGA, FROM KAZAKHSTAN!»

For some, a dream to acquire 423 European castle or 2143 Ferrari may become a reality today!

Photo: TheLotter

The Mega Millions jackpot today is $393 million, and the Powerball lottery jackpot – $288 million. There are over half a billion dollars at stake in American lotteries. TheLotter spokesman says: "We are seeing a sharp increase in sales".

For over two months now, the jackpots of the largest American lotteries have continued to grow. Collectively, the two lotteries offer over half a billion dollars, amazing prizes, which can be won, by taking part in this week's draws. Residents of Kazakhstan can officially take part in the US lottery draw.

By the way, no jackpot winners mean no winners at all. So, This month, another user of TheLotter became the winner - the lucky Icelandic player played the Mega Millions lottery and won $1 million. Representatives of the press service of TheLotter service have already recorded a phone call with the winner and soon all the details of the amazing win will appear on the site.

Biggest Prizes Winning in USA Lotteries. So, according to the results of the Mega Millions draw in October 2018, huge prize in $1,537 billion went to a resident of South Carolina. This Mega Millions Jackpot Nearly Reaches a World Record.

One can assume, that such huge prizes can only be won by American citizens, but it is not so. According to the official Powerball website, anyone can buy a Powerball ticket… take part in the drawing and… get prizes ". The site clearly states: “You don't need to be a US citizen or resident, to take part in the drawing ".

A citizen of Kazakhstan can come to the USA, buy a ticket and wait for the results of the draw. Or take part in the draw online through the proven lottery service

Photo: TheLotter

US Local Office Representative Purchases Tickets for Customers for Upcoming Draw

TheLotter has helped its clients win almost $100 million s 2002 of the year. At the end 2015 of the year Iraqi won the Oregon Megabucks jackpot in $6,4 million, in July 2017 a pensioner from Panama became the sole owner of the Florida Lotto jackpot in $30 million. TheLotter helped create lottery millionaires in Iceland, Canada, Salvador, Of Russia, Ukraine and Australia.

TheLotter spokesman Austin Weaver noticed, that this week there is a huge increase in sales of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

– Jackpots are growing fast, attracting a huge number of buyers. Our employees work around the clock, processing orders for official lottery tickets for customers. One of our clients could be the next big American lottery winner, – he noted.


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Millionaire without money

IN 2015 year in Kazakhstan there was another major scandal, non-payment of lottery winnings. Pensioner Imash Mamatraimov from Almaty instantly became a millionaire, by winning the instant lottery. But I got nothing but emotions. Then Imash Mamatraimov arranged a performance at the office of the National Lottery.

You have Mamatraimov / Freeze video “7 channel”

“I have a million!” He cried joyfully, taking a piece of paper out of the box with the inscription “Scam”.

Instead of winning, the participant of the pageant received a placard with the inscription “And here's a shish for you”. Imash Mamatraimov did not manage to achieve payments. The lottery organizers said, that the pensioner's ticket was damaged, and the examination showed, that he wasn't winning at all.

April fools joke from “The goat”

In March 2017 year Nadezhda Chulkova has not gone, but called the office of the representative “The goat” and asked the question again: where's the money? By that time, a new law had already entered into force and no draws had been held.

“In March, I called the regional representative again, he told me, that they will give me the winnings, when will lottery sales resume. Then he said, what kind of like 1 April will resume. AND 1 April and he got lost, - says Nadezhda. - When I checked out the ticket, the regional representative said, that they generally take a very long time and usually pay in installments. This is so accepted by them. The lottery was taken in full, but don't want to give. I'm not the only one”.

Version “The goat”

Informburo managed to contact the chief accountant of the LLP “Милан.kz” Mayru Ibraikhanov. She said, what “The goat” really didn’t pay winnings to some Kazakhstanis. In addition to Nadezhda Chulkova, nine more people are waiting for their money. The reason, according to which the winners were left without prizes, - license revocation from “The goat” and other lottery operators.

Spokeswoman “The goat” is talking, that her leadership was offended by attacks and accusations of dishonesty. She also asks to emphasize, what “Channel One Eurasia” nothing to do with this story, since the program was simply broadcast on its air, which was immediately closed with the entry into force of the new law.

“We were exposed as some kind of scammers. We have been on the market for a long time, and, basically, there is trust in us. This situation did not arise by our will, so it's a shame, that they called us that. It offended us a little, our lawyer is preparing an answer”, - says Mayra Ibraikhanova.

Regarding the website, LLP accountant “Милан.kz” stated, that this resource has nothing to do with LLP. And the coincidence of the addresses of regional offices is explained by the fact, what “Bingo” could be a partner “The goat” in the payment of prizes, and they could have the same payout centers.

Now you can win every 15 minutes.

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31 january 2020 18:11

Modern lotteries keep up with the main modern trends, while maintaining the classic format. Certainly, habitual “paper” lotteries survived, meeting the needs of conservatives. However, the online mode provides great opportunities for the development of this area.. Details – in the material
Today, when every minute counts, wait days for the result of the bet, or even a week – unaffordable luxury. With the active development of IT technologies, it became possible to participate in lotteries online and find out the results during 15 minutes, while winning large sums.

Such a project was launched by the national lottery operator just a month ago “Lucky Star” for their clients. Three games with different mechanics and rules were presented a month ago in the LotoQ project.
According to representatives “Lucky Star”, LotoQ – these are draw lotteries in online format at intervals 15 minutes. The prize fund of such lotteries may exceed 70 percent. The high level of the prize fund is ensured due to the absence of ticket production costs.
Three new games have been launched recently: LotoQ 6/49, LotoQ KENO and LotoQ 777. Their main feature lies in the fact, that online draws are held every 15 minutes.
We have already introduced readers to the KENO lottery. The principle of determining the winners is quite simple: of 80 numbers, participants need to guess ten numbers from 20 to receive the main prize in the amount of 3 370 000 tenge.
The lottery has also been in use for a long time 6/49. The participant just needs to choose six numbers from 49 submitted by. Prize payments are made according to the number of guesses.
Draw format “777” even easier. Those wishing to take part in it should guess three numbers in exact order.. You can also guess one / two numbers. This will only affect the size of the prize.
Draw every 15 minutes will allow you to more actively apply your tactical and strategic developments. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to instantly adjust the combinations and subsequently win.
About that, how to try your luck and win, can be found on the official website of the lottery operator.
Recall, according to the law “About lotteries and lottery activities” from 2016 the lottery operator undertakes 10 to transfer percent of gross gaming income to the development of domestic sports. However, the national lottery operator “Lucky Star” took on increased commitments and took the initiative to list 15 percent, as this resonates with the practice of lottery companies as a percentage of the global WLA and European ELA lottery associations, a regular member of which 2018 of the year is a Kazakhstan operator.

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How to place a bet

The screenshots below illustrate the purchase process, since it is implemented now. Quite possible, that at the time of the official start of online sales, something will change.

so, first of all we choose the numbers for the bet. This can be done manually, noting the numbers you want, and automatically, by clicking on the "autocomplete" button. I used the second option and the system gave me the numbers - 11, 22, 24, 31, 33, 35.

Purchase process - choosing numbers to bet

You can place a bet on several tickets at once (the button below - "add ticket"), so far, all the options are limited. Expanded rates (until?) not, other parameters (even odd, hot-cold, etc.) also not available. Perhaps they will be added over time.

Also worth noting, that online betting is currently only available for LOTO 6/49, as for the rest of the lotteries - KENO and 777, then this feature is announced (soon) but no dates are set.

After, how the rate is matched, the next step is the "buy" button, after clicking which the user proceeds to confirm the phone number.

Purchase process, screen № 2 - Phone number confirmation

At the moment, only Kazakhstan mobile numbers can be verified. Unfortunately, Russian numbers are not yet included in the list of possible. how, however, and everyone else - Ukraine, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, etc..

That is why the Russians (if they do not have a mobile number of a Kazakhstan operator) cannot place an online bet in Satty Zhuldyz lotteries yet. Whether it will be possible to use Russian numbers in the future is unknown, but we can assume, what is it planned.

By the way, you can place a bet on a virtual Kazakhstani number. true, the problem is, that it is too expensive to issue a personal number, and using free services to receive SMS messages is unsafe, as there may be problems with the withdrawal of winnings.

Nevertheless, to complete the purchase, we nevertheless decided to place one bet and used one of these services. After, how phone number is verified, the user proceeds to select a payment method

Purchase process, screen № 3 - choice of payment method

Payment methods currently available - personal cash desk (Personal Area?), bank card, terminals and "from the Beeline account" (the latter is not active yet). Contact information is also noted here: phone and email.

What is characteristic, credit cards accepted, issued in Kazakhstan, CIS countries and most of Europe. Visa will do, Mastercard и (even!) world map.

After, how is the method chosen (in our case, this is a bank card) the moment of payment happens. A SB debit card was used for the purchase, written off 200 tenge were 37,43 ruble. The price is much more interesting, than the current rates in Stoloto (50 rubles in Sportloto Matchball, 100 rubles to Gosloto "6 out of 45", 200 rubles to Gosloto "4 out of 20"

After you pay the bet (there were no problems with the Russian bank card) last, final screen - ticket number and selected combination

Purchase process, screen number 4 - You paid for the tickets!

It remains to wait for the circulation, in which this combination will play. And it will take place next Wednesday, live on 31 Channel in 19:55 (Time Almaty), bids are accepted until 19:40

Lists of participants and winners in the "SECOND CHANCE – ALGA, FROM KAZAKHSTAN!»

Period List of participants (.pdf) Drawing Winners
1 11.05 2020 – 30.06.2020 download 02.07.2020 19:00 Instagram @sattyzhuldyz 50 000₸: +7 7711***083, №8886545554, Otegen Jeanne – Aktobe30 000₸: +7 7075***716, №1073088192, Gornostaev Valentina – Kokshetau20 000₸: +7 7773***409, №5994475879, Ertaeva Kulyatai – PavlodarT-shirt: +7 7014***380, №6826275005, Bisembaev Erkin – AktauParker pen: +7 7473***495, №4569005042, Aidarbekov Asylkhan – TarazThermos: +7 7772***599, №1165959101, Bolonov Oleg – AlmatyA bag: +7 7051***047, №3228047760, Chumachenko Valery – Kostanay
2 1.07 2020 – 31.07.2020 download 06.08.2020 19:00 Instagram @sattyzhuldyz

50 000₸: +7 747****474, №4019948303, Yesykbaev Talgat- Almaty30 000₸: +7 707****936, №9957457346, Feifer Dmitry – Almaty20 000₸: +7 747****298, №9223686461, Alimbekova Ermekul – Taraz

Disappearing sites

Find footprints “The goat” not easy: regional offices do not work, phones are silent. The page was opened a week ago with an announcement that, that site, possibly, put up for sale. After a while, the resource disappeared altogether., instead of him on request “National lottery” a certain began to appear. A couple of days later he disappeared and.

According to the chairman of the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights “Guarantee” Zhaslana Aitmagambetova, the site contains the same numbers and addresses of representative offices, as on He managed to record the addresses and numbers of the representative office on video.

By the organizer “The goat” acted by LLP “Милан.kz”. On the National Lottery website, as seen from the video, a certain LLP is indicated “BN Neon tech”. However, the address of the regional office in Karaganda coincides with the address of the LLP “Милан.kz”. Nadezhda is working with the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights to sort out this confusion. They wrote statements to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Karaganda region and the prosecutor's office.

Society video screenshot “Guarantee” from the site

“We are trying to establish, whether the LLP has relation “Милан.kz” to the National Lottery. A reasonable question arises: why is the address of the regional representative indicated on the website of the National Lottery, which the consumer accessed - Loboda Street, 46. And why is that phone listed, which she called, - commented the chairman of the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights “Guarantee” Zhaslan Aitmagambetov. - And why doesn't he answer to date”.

Who to ask money from

According to the expert of the Association of representatives of the lottery and betting business Evgeny Krasnopolsky, statistics on those, who have not received lottery winnings today, in RK no. Commenting on the case of Nadezhda Chulkova, he noted, that a woman should have gone to law enforcement early, not a year later.

The Association of representatives of the lottery and betting business speaks about, that although there is no official lottery in Kazakhstan now, underground gaming business is actively developing.

“The conclusion is very sad, legal lottery in the Republic of Kazakhstan does not exist de facto, but a lot of illegal business, who does not pay taxes and is not responsible: the example with the Karaganda woman is very indicative - now such cases are not uncommon, - commented Evgeny Krasnopolsky. - We estimate losses for the budget in 2-2,5 billion tenge per year from lost tax and other payments”.

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