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Frequently asked questions about the Spanish lottery "el gordo de navidad" Christmas draw

What Spanish Lotto to play

There are several large and popular lotteries in Spain. It is them that we will analyze further..

№1. El Gordo de la Primitiva

This is the main national Spanish lottery, which jackpot is 5 million euros, and the circulation runs every Monday at 00.00 by Moscow time. The ticket contains a combination of 6 numbers: 5 of 54, and 1 of 9 (bonus). To receive a cash prize, you need to guess at least 2 main numbers or 1 bonus.

The winning combinations in El Gordo de la Primitiva look like this:

  • 5 numbers and bonus;
  • 5 numbers;
  • 4 numbers and bonus;
  • 4 numbers;
  • 3 numbers and bonus;
  • 3 numbers;
  • 2 numbers and bonus;
  • 2 numbers;
  • Bonus.

№2. BonoLoto

In this lottery, the player needs to choose 6 of 49 numbers and one bonus number. Besides, Reintegro is drawn at the end of the main draw. This figure is from 0 to 9, which is already printed on every ticket, therefore the player only needs to keep track of that, the ball with which number will be taken from the lottery drum, and if you win, pick up your prize (ticket price).

Draws are held every day, Monday through Saturday, and the jackpot amount starts from 400.000 euros.

To win, you need to guess at least 3 numbers and get into one of the prize categories, which in BonoLoto 5:

  • 6 numbers;
  • 5 numbers and bonus;
  • 5 numbers;
  • 4 numbers;
  • 3 numbers.

№3. Christmas lottery

This is one of the oldest Spanish lotteries, whose history began in 19 century. Lotería de Navidad is held every year before Christmas, 22 December. Tickets are quite expensive (200 euros) and come with pre-printed combinations of 5 numbers from 0 to 9. The one, who can't afford a whole ticket, buys a tenth of it, which is worth everything 20 euros.

When buying such a "tithe", monetary gain also decreases in 10 time. Christmas Lottery очень популярна, therefore, a ticket with the same combination of numbers can be printed several times in a row. Such series of tickets are issued from 160 to 180.

Two lottery drums participate in the draw. Get out of the first 5 balls, which determine the winning combination of numbers. The second lottery drum allows you to determine, what prize will go to the winners. In total there is a Lotería de Navidad 16 prize categories:

name of category Cash Prize Amount (in euros) What combination of numbers is considered winning How many prizes in this category are there in one series
Fat 4.000.000 5 numbers El Gordo 1
Second 1.250.000 5 чисел Second 1
Third 500.000 5 чисел Third 1
Rooms 200.000 5 Cuartos numbers 2
Fifths 60.000 5 Quintos numbers 8
Sixth category 20.000 The prize combination of numbers differs from El Gordo by 1 number 2
Seventh category 12.500 The winning combination of numbers differs from Segundo by 1 number 2
Eighth category 9.600 The winning combination of numbers differs from Tercero by 1 number 2
Ninth category 1.000 The first 3 the numbers of the winning combination correspond to El Gordo 99
Tenth category 1.000 The first 3 the numbers of the winning combination correspond to Segundo 99
Eleventh category 1.000 The first 3 the numbers of the winning combination correspond to Tercero 99
Twelfth category 1.000 The first 3 the numbers of the winning combination correspond to Quintos 198
The thirteenth category 1.000 Recent 2 the number of the winning combination corresponds to El Gordo 999
Fourteenth category 1.000 Recent 2 the number of the winning combination corresponds to Segundo 999
Fifteenth category 1.000 Recent 2 the number of the winning combination corresponds to Tercero 999
The sixteenth category 200 The last number of the winning combination corresponds to El Gordo 9999

What are the odds of winning the Spanish Christmas Lottery “ElGordo for Christmas”?

The odds of winning the main prize in “ElGordo de Navidad” are 1 in 100.000. And the odds of winning a prize are 1: 7.

It means, that the famous Spanish lotto has one of the best chances to win, among all major lotteries from around the world. AND, when it comes to winning the main prize, as well as other smaller prizes.

Even the other prizes in the Spanish Christmas lottery are pretty easy to win, eg:
The odds of winning the 2nd prize are 1 in 100.000
The odds of winning the 3rd prize are 1 in 100.000
The odds of winning a 4th prize are 1 in 50.000
The odds of winning the 5th prize are 1 in 12.500, these chances of winning are almost the same, as the odds of winning 6th or 7th prize in Euromillions, however, the difference in payment is significant. around 1000 times more. Payment for winning fifth prize in “elGordo de Navidad” is an 60.000 euros, compared to the payment for winning the sixth or seventh prize in Euromillions is only about 60 euros.

(All of the above information applies only to the entire ticket, however, in the case of one part of the ticket or more parts of the whole coupon, all the above numbers should be corrected, whichever, how many pieces there are winning coupons.)

How to play “ElGordo de Navidad”, Spanish Christmas Lottery? What are the rules for, to play “El Gordo de Navidad”?

ElGordo de Navidad, Spanish Christmas lotteries are played in a completely different way, than regular lotteries. Where do lottery players choose 5 or 6 numbers from the pool of numbers.

Let's start with an explanation:

Like a lottery coupon “El Gordo de Navidad” different from the traditional?

The whole lottery coupon is called: “Ticket”

“Ticket” divided into parts, called 10 “We say” or “Fraccion”, They can be purchased separately as part of a whole coupon.

Every year there is 100000 coupons, 5-digit numbers are printed on them, starting from 00000 to 99999 in each set. Each coupon set is printed multiple times in many different series. (called: “Series”)

The image below will help you understand:

How coupons are built for “ElGordo de Navidad”, Spanish Christmas Lottery?

There is a limited number of ElGordo lottery coupons on offer. When all coupons are sold, no more coupons, available for sale. The number of printing sets changes every year. Because of this, total number of coupons “ElGordo for Christmas” the offer differs every year.

for instance, in 2016 there is 100.000 coupons, printed in sets 165.

100.000 Banknotes * 165 sets => 16,5 million of “Banknotes”.
Since everyone “Ticket”Divided by 10 parts (Fraction), It means, what 165 million coupons available for sale in 2016.

but in 2015 several sets have been printed, namely 180 sets “Series”
in 2013 were 100,000 “Banknotes”Printed in sets 160,
in 2012 were 100,000 “Banknotes”Printed in sets 180,
in 2006 were 85,000 “Banknotes”Printed in sets 180,
in 2005, were 85,000 “Banknotes”Printed in sets 170,
in 2004 were 66,000 “Banknotes”Printed in 195 sets.

Christmas lottery 2012 – "Every Christmas, the lottery makes dreams come true"

16 November National Lottery Association of Spain (LAE) held an official presentation of the Christmas lottery 2012 and presented a promotional video entitled "Dream Catchers", for the creation of which about a million euros were allocated from the lottery budget, and for his advertising campaign in the media - about 12,5 million in 2012 year, the National Christmas Lottery "El Gordo" is held under the auspices of "Every Christmas – the lottery makes dreams come true "

Signs and superstitions of the lottery winnings of the Christmas lottery

Many superstitions are associated with the National Christmas Lottery. For instance, there is a sign in Madrid,to win for sure, you should buy a ticket at the Herradura i tresa lottery shop, which is located in house no. 13 along Alcala Avenue, and it must be done exactly 13 December in 13 hours, and the ticket must also end with a number 13. Besides, you need to leave the shop with your left foot and at the same time limp, grabbing the tip of your own nose, and show your tongue to the first oncoming passer-by… For indigenous townspeople, aware of this superstition, this behavior is not surprising, but for tourists, of course, a wonder.
Many Spaniards book the same Christmas lottery ticket numbers year after year. By the way number, which dropped out twice in the history of the lottery, won twice by one family from Seville, who bought it for many years.

There is another wonderful place shrouded in legends, tiny town Sort, lost between the mountain peaks of the Pyrenees very close to the border of the dwarf state of the Principality of Andorra. The first thing to say is, that the Variety in translation from Catalan means "Luck", and this is confirmed by the numerous winning tickets for the Christmas lottery bought at the local lottery shop "Brujah de Sort", which means "Golden Witch", who, according to local legend, lives in a house high in the mountains and brings people good luck.
About 1,500 people pass through the local lottery shop every day, who came to try their luck at "Luck". Buses with tourists from Barcelona come here, as well as many cars of local residents, from all over Catalonia and even from neighboring states – Andorra and France: newspaper clippings and photos are posted on the walls of the lottery shop, telling about the biggest winnings in the lottery on lucky tickets, purchased in Sort. All fortune hunters are photographed with a witch, standing in the shop, and after buying a ticket, according to an old omen, they must bow to her, and rubbing a lottery ticket on her broom for good luck.

Rules and winnings
Christmas lottery

The rules for drawing the Spanish National Lottery "El Gordo De Navidad" are completely different from the usual classic lotteries., in which the player selects numbers when filling out a lottery ticket. Everything is completely different here, lottery tickets are printed in advance and each of them is assigned a personal five-digit number from 0 to 100.000. Besides, each ticket is issued in 180 series and divided into 10 parts "décimo", which translates as "ten", that is, a tenth of the ticket. The total is, that each of 180 tickets with the original number can qualify for the main prize "El Gordo" 4.000.000 euros, and in total the first prize will be spent 720.000.000 euros. Besides, if for example you bought a full ticket all 10 "tenth", then, accordingly, your winnings will be 4 million. and, accordingly, if one "ten" 1/10 part of the ticket 400.000 euros, thus sharing the main prize of the winning ticket with the rest of the co-owners of the "tithes". It turns out that your winnings are proportionally related to the number of purchased "tenths". Eventually, you can redeem full tickets with one number or "tenths" from different series of numbers.

Lottery prize fund 2012

Total Prize Budget in the Christmas Lottery 2012 is over 2,5 billion. euros, some of which 720 million. will be spent on the first El Gordo Prize, by 4 million. for each of 180 winning tickets. Second tier award 1.250.000 total euro will be 225.000.000 euros. Third Prize Amount 500.000 euros will be in the total prize budget 90.000.000 euros. The fourth level prize will be 200.000 Euro and 5th 60.000. The remaining prizes of the lower category in Spanish "pedrea" respectively: if the ticket number differs from the number of the main prize by one, differs by one from the number of the 2nd prize, the same from the 3rd prize number, if the last two numbers of the ticket coincide with the last two numbers of the 1st prize, identical with the numbers of the 2nd and 3rd prizes, if the first three digits match the ticket numbers 1, 2 or 3 prizes.

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