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Lottery history. The first lots in ancient times

The first mention of lots in the form of lottery dates back to 100 BC in Ancient Rome and China. Already, in those times, warriors drew lots for, to fight the invincible Zeus. The excitement was so strong, that everyone wanted victory and glory. Also, a little later than the above time period, the game was born, very similar to a modern game “Keno”. All funds from the game in those days were collected only for the improvement of the country and not for other purposes.. An interesting fact is, that everyone knows “The great Wall of China” was built specifically on funds from gambling, in particular, from playing the lottery. Many sources are silent about this., but it's a fact!

Where to play the online lottery? Question, interesting for many players

There is one single and correct answer to the question of where to play the online lottery: only in bookmakers. These are the places, where you can have fun, get a dose of adrenaline while playing and play any type of online lottery. There are a lot of bookmakers on the Internet and many of them are proven and reliable in terms of winning payments.. There is nothing difficult here, registered, topped up the account and play for fun. Choose that office, which you like, play in those places, Where “fortune will definitely smile at you”. Happy game and big wins to you, dear players. Know, that the online lottery is much more interesting, than in life and the chances of winning in it are much greater.

Recommendation: use the rating of bookmakers provided on our betting portal, it contains reliable and safe bookmakers of the Internet. On top of that, if you're a beginner, upon registration you have a chance to receive a welcome bonus, and this is real money, which shouldn't be ignored, because they can play an important role on the path to good winnings.

How instant lotteries work

The main parameters of instant lotteries are the number of tickets, ticket price and prizes. Different ticket price categories can be set. Usually the more expensive the ticket, the larger the prizes, which a participant can get. Instant lotteries can be regular or timed to coincide with some events, eg, sporting events. Regular lotteries can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Let's analyze different types of instant lottery tickets.

The protective layer needs to be erased, then we will see this picture:

As with many American lotteries, one ticket contains two or three games. In the given lottery, to win you need, so that the Winning Number matches one of Your Numbers . In the given ticket, the winnings are 2 000. The Bonus Play field can contain either a certain amount or a doubling of the win.

Here's another example of a fairly common ticket type.

There are two ways to win this lottery – if two numbers coincide and then the amount of money opposite , what if, as in the example ticket, paired with 5X , then the sum is multiplied by 5, that is, the total ticket price is 5*50 + 5*50 = 500 dollars.

If you take the instant lottery "Stoloto", they will win more primitive. for instance, if there are three characters out of three – the same, then there will be a gain. Here is an example from the official site "stoloto".

There is an even easier option. for instance, in this lottery under the security word just a symbol, which means either the amount, or his absence.

Is considered, that the instant lottery is a hobby for the most impatient. And this opinion is not groundless. After all, you can find out the result of participation in an instant.

You can buy a ticket and test your luck at post offices and lottery kiosks “The chair”. Despite the ease of participation and, seemingly, joke of the process, the winnings can be very serious. The recent history of a resident of Voronezh is proof of this. Sergei Shevchenko, coach of the children's volleyball team, I bought a ticket, became a millionaire overnight. Sergey replenished his financial condition in just 100 rubles. That is how much the lucky ticket cost. And in the end 5 000 000 rubles of winnings!

Photo courtesy “The chair”

The man is already more familiar with lotteries. 30 years old. He loves instant lotteries the most., and his professional activity is directly related to sports. In May of this year, Sergey's volleyball team did not perform very well at local competitions., and the man decided to cheer himself up, by purchasing an instant lottery ticket. Sergey did not expect, that in a moment he will become the owner of a millionth prize. Now a coach from Voronezh can afford something, what previously only dreamed of.

Due to the speed and low prices, participation in instant lotteries is extremely popular among Russians. This hobby is supported by people of all ages and professions.. Plus, the process is incredibly simple.: need to buy a ticket, erase the protective layer and immediately find out your result. Reason for popularity “instantly” (this is what they are called most often) can be understood, having studied the statistics of victories. As organizers assure, every third ticket is winning. The real stories of the winners can be read in the media. News feeds are full of stories, Turning lives upside down with a simple lottery ticket.

Currently on sale presented 16 series of tickets with different rules of the game. Ticket prices range from 20 to 100 rubles. The prize fund is from 50%. The maximum size of the super prize of instant lotteries is 30 000 000 rubles.

Photo courtesy “The chair”

The idea of ​​creating instant lotteries belongs to American programmers. They developed an algorithm for dropping out winnings, in which it was impossible to predict the outcome of the lottery in advance. The first instant lotteries were released in the 1970s, and soon a new type of lottery conquered the whole world.

In Russia “instant” appeared during the USSR. Outwardly, they were somewhat different from American lottery tickets - their information fields were not covered by anything, and therefore the first Soviet instant lotteries were sold in envelopes.

Photo courtesy “The chair”

Part of the prize fund from the Soviet lotteries went to the development of sports. Interesting, what advertising, inviting to participate in the lottery, did not have. The slogan became the motto, reflecting the social mission of lotteries: “You win, the sport wins!”

Today's Russian state lotteries also contribute to support domestic sports. Good tradition, founded in the last century, continues to this day.

Where to buy instant lottery tickets?

Tabletop instant lotteries can be bought online from their website. And already offline – yes, almost everywhere. Sold by mail, in kiosks, shops. But we do not recommend buying them.. We consider the organizers of "stoloto" to be dishonest businessmen. And if they cheat with the draw lotteries , then make instant lotteries absolutely win-win they just spit.

In Russia before 2014 there were a great many instant lotteries. There were all-Russian, regional and local lotteries. Even Sberbank held such lotteries. As we mentioned above, organizing instant lotteries is much easier than organizing a drawing. Actually, you just need to advertise the lottery, print tickets and sell them. Well, sure, despite the requirement of the law, the organizer can print tickets like this, that the main prize will not be in them at all, well, or leave a winning ticket for yourself.

Currently, all non-state lotteries are banned in Russia (that is, actually everything, except "stoloto"). However, holding instant lotteries, e.g. shopping is still possible. The thing is, what, despite, that the concept of incentive lotteries has disappeared and the Lottery Law, the government considers, what if tickets don't sell, namely, they are distributed to buyers or even at polling stations during elections, then this is not a lottery, but a stimulating event (Letter of the Ministry of Economic Development D09i-451). So that, free instant lotteries take place.

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