How to play megamillions in russia

How to become a member of the megamillions lottery game, living in Russia?

Mega Millions combo items: winning formula

It's equally exciting to play the Mega Millions lottery with combo bets. By purchasing a combo bet, you combine a personal bet with shares in a lottery syndicate. Combo bets will greatly improve your chances of winning, while not missing the opportunity to win a prize alone, with your lucky numbers. Combo betting is like dancing at two weddings, and eat the fish, and ride a horse: you get the chance to win a big win without having to share with anyone, and at the same time increase the chances of winning with a group game! Stay alert and keep following our updates, as we continue to refine this winning formula.

The incredible facts about the Mega Millions lottery

Did you know, that the very first draw of the Mega Millions lottery 17 May 2002 r. produced a lottery millionaire, winner of the $ 27 million jackpot from Windy City, Chicago?
To date, the Mega Millions lottery has issued 11 jackpots over $300 million, including the largest jackpot in history $656 million.
For 68 of draws after the launch of the Mega Millions lottery 1 billion tickets!
In circulation 2013 r. with a $ 648 million jackpot, there were two jackpot winners, 2 but at the same time 59 tickets guessed five main numbers. This 59 players were lucky and unlucky at the same time - on the one hand, they won big prizes, on the other hand, only one number separated them from the jackpot!

IN 2012 g., Mega Millions jackpot hit record high in just three days, solely due to the huge number of tickets sold! FROM $476 million he reached $500 million, then rose to $540 million, $640 million, and was finally ripped off at the mark $656 million!

Five fascinating facts from MegaMillions history

This lottery game has 5 fascinating features.

  1. For 20 years of draws players bought 29 billion 410 million lottery tickets MegaMillions.
  2. The maximum lottery prize was 326 000 000. It was owned by a New Yorker in 2014 year.
  3. Most wins were drawn in 2015 year. According to statistics, provided by the organizers, in this productive lottery year, 8 main prizes. Interesting, that three out of eight prizes were more 200 000 000 dollars.
  4. IN 2005 year California joined the American lottery. The founders decided to have a grand celebration of this event. The lottery draw was held in Hollywood. It is worth noting, that the most famous presenters in America were invited to hold the festive drawing: Carrie Underwood and Glen Burns.
  5. Throughout the history of the lottery game, wins are counted. IN 2000, 2011 and 2012 years, players became jackpot holders, who bought tickets online.

Fascinating fact - all participants with online tickets received the same prizes - 250 one thousand dollars.

One of the lucky ones mentioned was skeptical about lottery games.. Once he decided to try his luck and bought a ticket right before the drawing. What was his surprise, when, checking the results, he was the winner.

How to win MegaMillions?

High income is the dream of every sane person. Financial freedom hasn't turned anyone away yet, on the contrary, many are ready to work day and night, to feel at least in old age, what it is.

MegaMillions lottery game founders assure players, that with regular participation, a large prize will surely find them.

The most practical thing is not to believe the organizers' words., and personally track statistics, analyze the odds and draw conclusions about the possibility of winning.

Some players urge the use of scientific methods in the formation of the strategy of the game. Others are sure, that to win you only need faith in luck and self-confidence. Both options take place, but today we will talk more specifically about the features of the MegaMillions game, its rules and prizes.

Prizes and the likelihood of winning them

And the prizes in Mega Millions can be huge - much more, than in any European lottery. Record jackpot hit in March 2012 of the year, when he drew up 656 million dollars. Then the jackpot went to three lucky ones, each of whom preferred to receive money immediately in cash (by 158 million), rather than gradually through annual payments.

By the way, absolutely not surprising, that the full combination of numbers coincided immediately for three players after, how throughout many runs no one could guess all the numbers. This often happens even in large draw lotteries.. It means, that there was a series of rare combinations of numbers, no one made bets, and then a more or less uniform distribution of numbers fell out, which several players have crossed out at once.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account, that a big jackpot always attracts the attention of many people, each trying to get more tickets, to increase your chances of winning. Of course, with such a huge number of selectable combinations, sooner or later someone will hit the jackpot

And since the likelihood of someone winning the main prize from one draw to another only increases, not at all wise, that more than one person is lucky.

Well, now - some dry numbers, which will be useful to you, if you decide to take part in Mega Millions. So here, the probability of hitting the jackpot in this lottery is 1 to 175'711'536. Sure, this value does not inspire optimism, but don't forget, that in addition to the main prize, there are many side.

Odds of Winning a Cash Prize One Category Below, which equals 1 million dollars (guessing 5 main numbers without matching extra ball), already make up 1 to 3,9 million. In general, the probability of winning any prize is approximately 1 to 15. One can not but rejoice at the fact, what's the minimum prize ($2) awarded even for 1 guessed mega ball. For you to understand better, what is it about, we will tell you about the rules of this lottery.

Game rules and buying lottery tickets

Beginning with 2013 of the year, there have been some changes in the rules of the game, thanks to which the lottery now looks like a double system. The system itself consists in choosing a combination of numbers for playing from two ranges. This system is inherent in most modern foreign lotteries and is the most convenient. The participant is asked to choose five numbers from 75 possible combinations of white balls. Then you should choose one of fifteen possible numbers. This figure will become the designation of "Mega ball". One bet will cost the player only one dollar, which is negligible in comparison with multi-million dollar prizes, which he can win.

You should pay attention to the special system of online games, which the organizers of MegaMillions offer to residents of various countries on the official website. Online games mode involves purchasing a lottery ticket through an official verified representative

The ticket purchase scheme looks like this: on the site the participant chooses "Buy" a ticket, pays for his purchase and receives an electronic version of the ticket, which gives him the right to take part in the game and receive the long-awaited prize in case of victory. The original ticket is at the official representative. In the event of a multi-million dollar win, a representative will accompany the player to the lottery headquarters to claim the cash prize.


The sizes of prizes of foreign lottery games cannot be compared with domestic games. Thousands of Americans have already won their big money victories and are not stopping playing MegaMillions. They know for sure, what is real to win this lottery. Now the Russians have a chance to take part in the multi-million dollar game.. Many of our compatriots, armed with faith in victory, tried their luck in the fight for dollar bags and were not disappointed in their choice.


The activities of the organizers of the MegaMillions lottery are regulated by international law. The question of the safety of the personal funds of the participants and the fairness of the game disappears with such serious supervision by the law. It should be noted, that since the founding of the lottery, there were no complaints from the players and no, and MegaMillions exist about 15 years old. Therefore, doubting their safety for your own wallet is simply illogical..

Real chance

On the Internet you can find a lot of stories of victories in MegaMillions from ordinary people, most often not distinguished by financial well-being. This lottery game turned hundreds of lives upside down and made many happy people dollar millionaires..

A chance for foreigners


Believing in fate or not believing is everyone's personal business. Lottery games once again highlight the obviousness of this choice. To improve the quality of life, you should grab every chance, which is provided by life. At the moment, just such a chance is the MegaMillions lottery. Proven by hundreds of thousands of participants, the game opens up new possibilities and allows you to dream a lot. Use your chance for happiness! Play MegaMillions!

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