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The team of experts on the betting site has a long experience in betting and writing various tips and tricks.. Here is our current team of experts who write news and betting tips from side to side.

Anssi †“Gambler since 1980.

Anssi 48 years. A gentleman with a big H:had made his first bets as early as the early 1980s, and even then most of the bets were winnings (Off course!). Anssi's bets hit best, when it comes to football or basketball.

Teemu †“Considering and selecting

Teemu 29v. This younger representative of every seat planer doesn't play much, but when you play it always hits big. Strengths of the NHL, Series A and junnusalibandy. When Juventus plays then the chips get there, syteen tai saveen.

Petsku †“Dominate from one species to another

Petsku 44v. play in your opinion only ”certain” items. Strengths League, Premier League and even a league like a league. However, tips arise from just about every type of motto ”I am not a gynecologist, but I can take a look”. Red threesome “HIFK, Liverpool and Detroit Red Wings close their own blood type.

Konsta - With emotion and skill

Konsta 21v. To the youngest on the betting site when he says in Jortika’s words “Not this so serious, this is hockey ”, so your heart rate goes up and that’s for sure. When others do what part, I do what I want, except I write about football. NHL, Too, KHL as well as smaller series ignite. Tappara and Anaheim Ducks strong in the heart. Many ask, whether it is due to the orange unifying factor? EntiedГ¤, but “It's good with a deer”, said Jutila from his orange jacket at Hockey Night.

JaniВ - PodCast guru of the site!

Jani 39v. A local football romance - in the Mediterranean sun is near 15 years of toasted former betting director whose blood draws to small stadiums in search of football culture. YNWA ja Г „ijГ¤nsuo.. Motto: There is always one bet for each match..

Football tips and hockey tips come first

Football betting tips for the best leagues

King's Sport Football is also a king's sport in betting. Betting pages produce a variety of betting tips for football throughout the season and year and football tips can be found in the hottest and most popular series:

Champions League / Premier League / A league / The League / Bundesliga / Veikkausliiga / Allsvenskan / European League

Football tips and bets tips for the toughest value matches

Of course, game tips for long bets and other betting types will be published for the biggest events such as:

Soccer World Cup / European Football Championship / Olympics / Owls qualifiers / The most interesting friendly matches

The best betting tips for the toughest matches in hockey

Hockey betting is really popular in Finland and you can find betting tips and long haul tips for the most watched hockey series here. You can find the best betting tips for these series and race events with us:

  • NHL / В KHL / CHL / Too
  • Hockey World Championships / В Hockey U20 World Championships / HT EHT tournaments
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