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Who you are, guys, grand-lot or lotolev? / review and feedback

William Hill

For an example of a classic bookmaker's office with classic bets with odds, let's take a successfully operating foreign online casino with a good history and name – William Hill. This casino has a division, in charge of sports betting, ie. own bookmaker. More precisely, long before the Internet era, William Hill founded the bookmaker of the same name, which has survived to this day and over time has expanded its business, including by creating an online casino. Since lotteries refer to sports betting in the gambling world, then the lottery bets are assigned to the bookmaker's office. On the Russian-language version of the William Hill bookmaker site, you will find lotteries in the Sports section.

Draw your attention, that for a number of reasons access to the resource may be blocked on the territory of your country, to get around this limitation you can use, eg, free Hola program!, or free anonymizers. However, the resource itself may indicate ways to circumvent the restrictions.

Directly "William Hill" offers to make lottery bets of 6 types, based on Irish Lotto results, New York Lotto, as well as some abstract lotteries "6 out of 49" and "7 out of 49". Let's consider an example, how to bet on the real lottery "New York" in the format "6 out of 59".

Minimum bet – just a few pence (1 pound sterling equals one hundred pence). You must complete at least one line to bet (and all such lines – 8), specifying at least one number (or ball), which will appear in the upcoming lottery. If you only give one number per line, then the bet will be played out as 8:1. If you give two numbers, then the coefficient will be narrower 86:1. Three numbers - 1251:1, and four numbers - 17001:1. And if you decide to place a bet on guessing five numbers in the lottery, then the payout ratio will be the cherished 150001:1. This is spelled out in the lottery betting rules of the William Hill bookmaker. And the same rules say, that the maximum payout on a New York lottery bet is one million British pounds. Having made a bet on five numbers in the amount of 6,67 pounds you just get the coveted million in case of guessing all five numbers. And if you bet ten pounds and match all five numbers, then your winnings will still be cut to a million pounds sterling.

By choosing the number of balls, which you want to guess, in the first line and indicating your bet, you confirm it. Then you can go to the second line and again select from one to five balls, then indicate your rate and re-confirm. And so you can fill everything 8 lines. Agree, much like filling out a lottery ticket

But once again I draw your attention: unlike playing the lottery in lottery betting you will only win if, if all the numbers you specified are drawn! If you don't guess at least one number, then alas, your money will go to the bookmaker's office. In the real "New York lottery", you can win a small amount, if you guess at least three dollars

After placing all bets, you go to the finalization of the bet placement and wait for the day of the draw, which are produced in "New York Lotto" every Wednesday and Saturday.

Exposing the project “Grand-lot”

The domain and information on the site speaks of the Grand-lot, but why is the PLAY UK INTERNET N.V company indicated in the project rules? What does it have to do with the service? Additionally, it is worth noting that the section "About us" for some reason describes the site

Welcome to (LottoLev – Russian version) – online service for the sale of tickets for participation in the world's lotteries with the largest lottery Jackpots. This safe and reliable service is available to lottery players from all over the world.

If you go to the LottoLev website, we will see an identical design. The same description and everything else 1in1, as in GrantLoto. The scammers apparently were in a hurry and did not notice, that they forgot to change the names in some sections with the description of the lottery and the like.

In the rules, as always, the administration indicates that all responsibility lies solely with the users. Nobody and nothing is going to return. The essence of deception is, what you need to pay to withdraw money. You will win and thus multiply your account balance. After that, you will immediately receive various offers to pay commission and the like. The main goal of the scammers will be, for you to contribute. Thus, they will earn on the "sale of lottery tickets" and additionally receive money from you for some payment for services.

The administration can block your account at any time without reason:

The company reserves the right to suspend, disable or delete your User Account at any time at your discretion. All solutions, concerning opening, maintaining and closing User Accounts are accepted solely at the discretion of the Company, and any solutions, taken in relation to any aspect of your participation in the Services or any aspect of your User Account, is final.

We have already reviewed LottoLev. Fraudsters constantly create new sites using the same design and only change the name.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to return the money, since the scammers adhere to complete anonymity. Various payment systems are used to receive payments, mediating.


As an example, where the ceiling of payments for lottery rates is low compared to the above-mentioned offices, I will bring the bookmaker Marathon, which has Russian roots and operates via the Internet as in a number of CIS countries, and Great Britain. There are also land-based betting points in the UK. Marathon has two sites: one in the .com domain –, the second is located in the UK domain – And there, and there is an opportunity to place bets on lotteries, but the second site does not have a Russian version. The list of lotteries is extensive, A few dozens, which include Belgium lotteries, Great Britain, Germany, Of Russia, Ukraine, etc.. It's very easy to get to the "Lotteries" section, on the site in the left alphabetical column of the menu there is the corresponding section.

Jackpot and Lotolev

As mentioned above, Jackpot and Lotolev – two organizations I know, which accepts bets on the lottery and at the same time guarantees the payment of any winnings, including the jackpot. Bets are accepted on foreign lotteries (to which this site is dedicated). The structure for accepting bets is as follows, that it is actually no different from buying a lottery ticket. If the lottery rules, eg, American Powerball Lottery, say, guessing what 3 numbers, You'll get 7 dollars, then this is exactly how much these organizations will pay you in case, if your bet on these numbers works. They have no odds, unlike classic bookmakers, so you won't be able to put, let's say, $10 dollars and win several thousand dollars. But in case, if you have placed a bet on 5 rooms, but only three numbers were drawn, it will be considered, that your bet played. All, like in a real lottery.
And the most important plus – when, if your bet on numbers plays out completely, then you will be paid the jackpot in accordance with the rules of that lottery, which you play. No other bookmaker pays lottery jackpots. Organizations "Jackpot" and "Lotolev" guarantee payments, because they have obligations not only to the players, but also before the harsh British laws. The Jackpot organization is licensed in the UK by the Gambling Commission (UK Gambling Comission, License No. 000-045548-R-323924-002) and, Consequently, an agreement with an insurance company. Lotolev is licensed under the laws of the Netherlands Antilles (80 8048 / JAZ license) and operates under UK law, which guarantees payment of winnings in full.

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