Spanish national lotteries

National lottery of spain

What are Spanish lotteries

Spain is one of those European
states, where the tradition of holding lotto games has a very long history. how
and in other European countries, in Spain, the popularization of gambling was
associated with the government's targeted policy to replenish the national
treasury. AND, given the hot temper of the Spaniards and their love of various games,
natural inclination to gambling, they managed to do it - lotteries began to bring royal
treasury substantial income.

Modern Spanish lotteries have their roots in the 18th-19th centuries. IN 1763 the year King of Spain Carlos III founded the nationwide game Real, income from which went to replenish the state treasury. Even larger funds were required by the country during the Napoleonic Wars. Exactly then, far away 1811 year, the famous Lotería Nacional de España was founded. It was launched at the initiative of Don Siriaco Gonzalez Carvajal, who saw in the lotto a tool for replenishing the country's budget without raising taxes on the population. People themselves brought money to the state, trying to win gambling.

Play Spanish Lotteries Today
seeks more and more people, and not only citizens and residents
Spain, but also citizens of other states. Show interest in these games and
our compatriots. Therefore, we will briefly dwell on that, what do they represent
are the most famous and popular lotteries in Spain.

Spanish National Lottery (National Lottery of Spain) - one of the oldest and most famous gambling games in the country, the appearance of which has already been mentioned above. This lotto draws are held on Thursdays and Saturdays, and jackpots reach tens of millions of euros (from 10-12 to 42 million euros and more).

Fat From La Primitiva also has a very long history. Its main feature is, that El Gordo has the world's largest jackpot - in 2010 year he made 36 billion 657 million 630 thousand 47 euros. Even American lotto is not yet reaching this level of jackpots. And after all, other Spanish games also feature multi-million dollar grand prizes..

Bonoloto enjoys no less
popularity, and her secret is, that there is a very high probability of winning.
Every 10th player in Bonoloto can count on a "consolation" prize, but
someone is lucky to hit the jackpot, the minimum amount of which is 400 thousand euros.

The popularity of the Once lottery is, what tickets of this game
sometimes they even give out change in grocery stores. Held this Lotto Spanish
national organization of the blind (ONCE),
and the maximum win in its history was 15 million euros.

Talking about Lotto Popular in Spain, one cannot fail to mention the Lotería de Navidad - Spanish Christmas Lottery, which is held annually, beginning with 1812 of the year, and has the largest prize pool in the world. But also the cost of the ticket - 200 euros, therefore there are sales of one tenth of the ticket for 20 euros, which are most popular among the Spaniards.

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