TOP-7 of the best lotteries in Russia

Free online lotteries with real winnings - myth or reality

TOP-7 of the best lotteries in Russia, where you can really win money

№1. "Russian Lotto"

The best lottery in Russia.

It is her tickets that my grandfather buys.

And also from time to time I.

"Russian Lotto" appeared in a distant 1994 year by state decree. Since then, she has won a ton of fans and followers..

It is aired once a week on the NTV channel in 8:20. I remember, because of this, I had to get up earlier more than once, than usual, so as not to miss the draw.

The prototype of the lottery is the classic lotto widespread throughout Russia.

The host takes out the kegs. Lottery participants cross out the dropped numbers on their tickets. And then they compare them to the winning combination..

The prize fund goes 50% from every ticket sold. And the ticket, it seems to me, worth 100 rubles.

From one hundred tickets purchased, the prize fund increases by 5000 rubles. From a thousand to 50 000 rubles. From a million to 50 000 000 wooden!

№2. «The slogan 5 of 36 "

Second most popular and, probably, Russia's first lottery by the number of winners.

Ticket prices start from 40 rubles.

The prize fund goes 1/2 proceeds.

Among the winners are the following figures, as 1, 7, 9 and even 10 million rubles.

Means, it is real to win.

№3. "Housing lottery"

Another cool lottery, which my grandfather approves.

And if he approves, then you can play.

Gives houses and apartments as a super prize. From which it got its name. Though, by itself, real estate can be exchanged for money, which many do.

Cash prizes and real estate are raffled in the game. You don't have to fill out a ticket. You buy a coupon with the numbers you like and wait for the circulation. Each ticket consists of two fields. In the field by 15 numbers from 1 to 90. The numbers in the coupon are selected at random. To increase your chances of winning, buy multiple tickets, where there will be no identical numbers.

Lottery for sale in:

  • Rostelecom offices
  • Russian Post Offices
  • Communication salons "Euroset"
  • Pyaterochka retail chains
  • Lottery network "Balt-Lotto"
  • Bookmaker "Baltbet"
  • Retail outlets "Stoloto"

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№4. "Golden Horseshoe"

To the prize fund "Golden Horseshoe", as expected, goes 50% of the ticket price.

Ticket costs 100 rubles and more.

The drawing takes place simultaneously with the "Russian Lotto" on NTV in the program "We are winning".

IN 8:20.

The lottery is often played not only at home and millions of dollars, but also brand new cars. Therefore, it is very possible to participate in it.

№5. «The slogan 4 of 20 "

Analogue of the lottery "5 out of 36". Only with slightly different rules.

What exactly is the difference?

In, that in the lottery "4 out of 20" it should be noted only 4 numbers from 20 available. And in the second lottery of our ranking - 5 numbers from 36.

"L" is logic.

What is the meaning of this lottery?

In, that you need to cross out either figures, or numbers.

Super Prize - 5 000 000 rubles.

Tickets are sold in lottery machines.

№6. "Zodiac"

According to the lottery rules, you must write down 4 the numbers in the corresponding fields. In the first - birthday. In the second - a month. In the third year. In the fourth - the zodiac sign.

Prizes of this lottery are drawn every 15 minutes.

The numbers must be chosen at random.

№7 Top-3

Popular game Stoloto, in which to win you need to guess 1, 2 or 3 numbers. There are six fields in the ticket, in each of which 3 column, where are located 10 numbers from zero to nine.

There are eight ways to play:

  • "Any order 3". Need to guess 3 winning combination numbers. The order is not important. You can also choose one unique number and two identical numbers for the game..
  • "Exact order 3". To win, you need to match three numbers in that order, in which they were indicated on the ticket.
  • "Any + exact order 3 ". Celebrate 3 numbers. If the selected numbers fall out, you win.
  • "Any order 2". Mark two numbers in 2 columns. You won, if the selected digits dropped out in the specified columns.
  • "First two numbers". It is necessary to mark two digits in the first 2 columns. You are the winner, if the winning combination matches the numbers you selected in the same order.
  • "The last two numbers". Need to do the same, as in the previous game, but the numbers will be in the last 2 columns.
  • "Combo". For the game, choose two identical, one unique number or three different.
  • "Exactly 1". One number must be marked in any column. Victory will be yours, if you managed to guess the number and its location.
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