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“Russian lotto”

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This is one of the most famous Russian lotteries. For the first time it was carried out in 1994 year. At first, only residents of Moscow could take part in it., but over time it became available for the whole country. The essence “Russian lotto” very simple. On tickets in two fields are marked by 15 numbers ranging from 1 to 90. Permanent presenter Mikhail Borisov mixes the barrels with the numbers marked on them and pulls them out one by one, until there is 1-3 pieces. Sometimes invited guests do it for him.. Win tickets, in which all sounded numbers were indicated. Record prize in “Russian lotto” – 506 million rubles, which received in 2017 63-year-old pensioner. IN 2019 two more participants won half a billion each year.

“Housing lottery”

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She is very similar to “Russian lotto”. The two fields of the tickets are also marked on 15 digits ranging from 1 to 90. To win the minimum prize you need, so that all numbers match. The main difference is, that instead of kegs in “Housing lottery” rubber balls are used, with numbers. They are loaded into special lottery drums and mixed. Prizes are also a distinctive feature. Most often, apartments are played here, private houses and other real estate. If desired, the winners can receive prizes in cash. Record holder “Housing lottery” participants of the circulation, held in July 2017 of the year. They were lucky to win 12 million rubles. IN 2016 a family from the Samara region became the owner 4 million. IN 2018 year lucky resident of Penza. She won 2 million.

“6 out of 45”

The first draw of this lottery took place much later., than is the case with “Russian lotto” – in 2008 year. However, she is also quite popular.. The thing is, what for the first year of existence “6 out of 45” became millionaires 12 participants. Also, this lottery is in demand due to the fact, that people can independently choose the combination, while in “Russian lotto” it is marked in advance. To participate in the drawing, you must choose 6 numbers from 45. However, if desired, the participant can indicate more numbers. – to 13. As a result, the ticket price rises, but at the same time the probability of winning increases (although this is still not a guarantee of victory). Unlike “Russian lotto”, here it is not necessary to guess all the numbers of the combination. But the more numbers matched, the bigger the win. The largest amount was received by a doctor from Novosibirsk. IN 2016 year he won 358 million rubles. IN 2017 an engineer from Novosibirsk was lucky (267 million), and in 2014 – a construction company employee. By viewing the result of the draw, he found out, what became the owner 184 million.

Who are the real winners

The largest lottery win in Russian history is still on
account of Natalya Vlasova, a resident of the village of Panino, Voronezh Region, In November
2017 of the year the pensioner won the jackpot of the "Russian Lotto" in the amount of 506 million
rubles. A woman after retirement was selling pies, transporting goods to

1 january 2019 of the year "Russian Lotto" raffled off its first billion
rubles - then by 500 million received a 35-year-old milk carrier driver from
Yekaterinburg Nikolay Miroshnichenko and
60-summer locksmith from St. Petersburg Sergey Dogorov.

21 May 2017 a prize of 364 million rubles went to
a resident of Sochi - it is known about her, that she works in the city house of culture
and her name is Hasmik. AND 29 february 2016 47-year-old physician from Novosibirsk
named Nikolay won the lottery 358 million rubles - this hit jackpot
one of the five largest.

By comparison, the largest win in US history, dropped out
for one ticket, made up 758 million dollars. This incredible amount 23
August 2017 of the year 53-year-old Mavis won the popular Powerball lottery
Wonchik from Chicopee, Massachusetts. Russian lotteries up to
such amounts are still very far away.

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