The most winning lottery in russia

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win (without cheating)

Is it worth taking part in the draws?

To answer this question, let's turn to mathematicians, some of whom do not mind playing themselves. What drives the literate, educated, people striving to calculate their every move? One such person once hit the jackpot himself, but, According to him, did not expect this. The press had to show a lot of effort to, for the winner to get in touch. Journalists asked the newly minted millionaire questions, among which was the question of whether, at what theoretical probability is it worth taking part in the draws. The winner's response directly discouraged journalists. According to him, if there is at least a probability of winning in the proportion 1 to 8 millions, then you should already take part in the lottery draws.

The participant tells, what is the bid price (ticket fees) negligible. Everyone is free to buy so many tickets, how much will not be detrimental to the family budget. So, eg, many married couples are ready to spend money on buying only one or two lottery tickets every week. From the perspective of a professional economist, there is nothing wrong with, to spend on them in the hope of winning a little more, because in this case, the probability of victory increases in arithmetic progression. However, the winner encourages other players to be sensible and not spend more than those, what they could afford. Another lottery winner told, what, despite his love of numbers, he didn't calculate his winning combination in any way, relying solely on intuition.

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