Lottery – phone scammers

Cheating schemes in Russian lotto in 2019 year: the media got information about huge fraud

Cheating on the phone

As a rule, all such lottery cheats are based on the same scheme.. You receive a call, usually at an inconvenient time for you, so scammers try to catch you off guard.

so, they call you, report, what have you won, overwhelm with riches that have fallen on their heads and before you have time to pack up and change your mind, they forcefully notify, that this is a lottery without cheating and you need to transfer a certain amount to them, usually small. Money is required to pay tax, or to form a package of documents. You will certainly be rushed, arguing that, what, if you hesitate the money will go to the next on the list, or burn.

Lottery cheating, business is frequent and scammers are sophisticated. You may be informed, that there were two winners and that one won, who will pay more money right now. So playing in a competitive spirit, lottery scammers pull money from gullible people.

Never share information from your bank cards with anyone and remember, that the lottery winner is not asked for money. The tax is either already deducted from the amount, or you will have to fill out the tax return yourself.

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