Scam “Mega Million Win-Win Lottery”

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"Mega Millions" – divorce, scam, deception

It is worth starting with, that our article is entirely devoted to plagiarism of the site "Mega Millions", which copies the name of the organization of the same name. We assume, scammers used the brand name for several reasons:

  1. It's easier to hide your tracks;
  2. More user confidence, and, consequently, a loyal audience;
  3. No need to puzzle over the name of the next scam.

And if you compare the first and third screenshots, the difference is obvious.

Cheating scheme

Getting to the site "Mega Millions", "online" broadcast is being demonstrated. Not a minute goes by, how the entire draw is played and you become the winner of this draw. The ticket is initially given free of charge, which is alarming, because. on the official website all tickets are paid.

For people to believe in the reality of what is happening, the site has an online chat MEGA MILLIONS. In him, ostensibly, real people write about big wins, discussing something, but if you write something, so your answer is left out. It's all about a special script and prepared phrases, used on the site-plagiarism "Mega Millions". Everything is brought to automatism. It is impossible to interact with real people on the site. therefore, if you want to know real reviews of the site "Mega Millions" or any other, then look for information in independent sources.

219 100 rub. - this is exactly the amount, which we, ostensibly, won. To withdraw funds, you must contact support. But even here not everything is smooth.

Whatever it is, we have two paths before us. It's a choice without a choice. In the first case, we need to pay a commission for transferring to a card or internet wallet, in the second - pay the cost of delivery by Russian Post.

Instead of, so that a person can pay a commission from an internal account, he is forced to pay in rubles from his own pocket, which, in fact, is the essence of the scam.

Information about the project “Mega Million Win-Win Lottery”

First time on the site, you can immediately pay attention to the visualization. She just doesn't inspire confidence

Some kind of one-page project, which invites you to try your luck in a win-win lottery. We are told, what do all newbies get 3 win-win games. Well then, use the offer and “krutanem” drum.

Push “to start playing” and move to another page.

Next, we are asked to read the rules of the game.. They do not really indicate anything, just described, how to play.

  • Each ticket must select no less and no more 6 any numbers;
  • After selection, click the button “Play tickets”;
  • During 10-60 seconds wait for the start of the draw;
  • The drawing is done automatically, after which the player is notified of the winning amount;
  • Mandatory Mega Millions – you need to collect your winnings within 1 days, otherwise, all winnings will be canceled and placed in the company's prize fund, and will be distributed among all subsequent winners.

After, how we will choose in each ticket 6 digits, then you can start drawing.

What was our “surprise”, when we saw the winning amount in 54 240 rubles. Of course, this already smells like a scam. Push “get it now”

Then we were taken to a page with information about a certain tax, which needs to be paid. It composes 425 rubles. Naturally , if you pay this money. Then no one will return them to you.


Mega Million, like any other lottery, has simple rules, but this does not make it easier to get a big cash prize.

Mega Million Lottery May You Like It Or Not, but don't forget, that it is one of the largest and most prestigious American lotteries, which consistently pay winnings to their participants with 2002 of the year, which made the game very popular among US citizens.

If you like taking part in lotteries, there is no reason to give up the game, especially, what have we already said about, how to buy a ticket and take part in the drawing, as well as all the pros and cons of Mega Million. Nevertheless, the decision to participate in the lottery you will have to make yourself.

If you decide to become a MegaMillions member, develop your own strategy, which will help you regularly receive small prizes. Or just believe in your luck, which will bring you a serious victory sooner or later.

Before, how do you decide to play, do not forget to carefully study and analyze all the information about the MegaMillions lottery, which you can find on Russian-language resources. Find a trusted reseller, read as many reviews as possible and chat with other players on the forums.

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