La Primitiva in Russia

Spanish lottery la primitiva (6 из 49 + 1 of 10)

La Primitiva in Russia

Despite, that the lottery is not held on the territory of the Russian Federation, anyone who wants to take part in it, can do it thanks to intermediaries.

# 1 Create an AgentLotto account

After going to the official portal of AgentLotto, you need to go through a simple registration process, after which it is necessary to confirm it, having received a letter to the specified email address.

# 2 Select lotto

Since you can buy about 20 different lotteries, the user must opt ​​for La Primitiva.

# 3 Cross out the numbers

Now you need to choose 6 digits and Complementario number, then mark them. The participant also has the option to select more numbers, but in this case the ticket price will be increased.

№4 Ticket salaries

It remains only to pay for your coupon. This can be done via a mobile phone, plastic cards and electronic wallets Webmoney and Yandex.Money.

# 5 Get a ticket

After, how will the payment go, the user can go to the personal account, where he will have access to an electronic version of his ticket. It's best to play it safe and keep a copy of it in a separate safe place., so that in case of winning, there were no unclear situations with the receipt of the prize.

# 6 Watch the lottery

Now it remains only to view the broadcast and compare the results. Broadcast on Thursdays and Saturdays, in 23:30 by MSC, on the official website of the La Primitiva lottery. In that case, if the participant missed the broadcast for some reason, it doesn't matter, the portal publishes the results of all draws. They can also be found on the AgentLotto portal.

# 7 Get money

All payments can be divided into 2 up to 600 euros and more. If the participant won the amount up to 600 euros, then AgentLotto will be able to transfer funds to a plastic card or to a mobile phone.

La Primitiva win size

The La Primitiva lottery has several prize tiers:

  • 3 - those win, who correctly named three numbers out of six
  • 4 - those win, who correctly named four numbers out of six
  • 5 - those win, who correctly named five numbers out of six
  • 5+C - those win, who correctly named five numbers out of six and guessed the bonus ball "C" (Complementary)
  • 6 - those win, who correctly named six numbers out of six
  • 6+R (jackpot) - get those, who guessed six numbers out of six and whose ticket has the correct "R" number (Refund).
  • R is a "consolation" prize for those, who failed to name at least three numbers out of six correctly, but guessed the ball Reintegro.

Distribution of winnings by prize categories:

  • 3 - prize in 8 euros
  • 4 - the winners are distributed among themselves 24% prize fund
  • 5 - the winners are distributed among themselves 16% prize fund
  • 5+С - the winners are distributed among themselves 8% prize fund
  • 6+R - lucky, winning the jackpot, gets 52% prize fund
  • R - prize in 1 euros.


La Primitiva lottery is the national lottery of Spain with one of the largest prize pools in Europe. Twice a week, La Primitiva participants claim a super prize. And this is the minimum 3 million euros.

The advantage of the La Primitiva lottery is the high probability of getting a prize. With probability in 10% the ticket price will be refunded: it's enough luck with the Reintegro number. Well, if you can correctly name at least three barrels of six balls, dropped from the lottery drum, then the investment in the ticket will increase in 8 time.

Another plus of La Primitiva - simple rules of the game. In fact, this is a regular lottery "6 out of 49" - guess 6 kegs from 49 in the lottery machine and receive a prize. Moreover, the probability of winning is greater, than in the classic "6 out of 49", because there are numbers Complementario and Reintegro.

This concludes the manual for the Spanish national lottery La Primitiva. Despite, that this lotto is officially held only in Spain, residents of Russia have a chance to participate in it. We think, that lottery lovers should take part in La Primitiva - there are not only simple and clear rules of the game, but also honest organizers, as well as high chances of winning.

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