List of free lotteries with real winnings

How to get winnings in stoloto - all the ways to collect the winnings

List of free lotteries with real winnings

The two free online lotteries have the highest level of trust: Social Chance and Lotofreebie. These are the most popular and proven ways of gambling..

Social chance (

Social Chance is a well-known free lottery game. The project is positioned, as a free online game with the opportunity to win real money. As in any lottery, it all depends on luck. The organizers are betting on the social activity of the participants, who will actively talk about the project in social networks and invite referrals, increasing the audience of players.

The rules of the game are standard and simple:

  1. Register in your personal account, where balance and number of attempts will be displayed.
  2. Go to the "Play" tab and select 6 any numbers. Exist 2 version of the game: "In order" and "in any order". In the first case, the numbers must match strictly in order from right to left, in the second - in any order. The corresponding game level can be selected in the settings.
  3. For 1 match is awarded 0,01-0,1 rub. To play "in any order" it is enough, to match at least one number from any card.

The second version of the game is more difficult and the prizes are higher.

The day is given 6 free attempts (chances). The number of chances can be increased, if you link to a social network account, join official groups or watch ads.

Before starting the game, you can download an archive with a combination of numbers from the site, which the system chose. The password for it is issued after the end of the attempt. This site confirms the honesty of the lottery, just no guarantee, that the numbers in the archive are indeed preset.

Once a month, a jackpot is drawn among the players (10000 rub.), which is distributed depending on the occupied place according to the rating of the participant.

Minimum withdrawal amount 50 rub. You can transfer savings to e-wallets.

Pros of the lottery:

  • You can have fun, satisfy your needs for passion, without sacrificing finances.
  • The game is completely free. Buying a VIP account, over-limit attempts and winnings multipliers (modifiers) carried out only from the personal account of the account, that is, from the funds accumulated from the lottery. There is no deposit function on the site.
  • You can get real winnings, but it will be an insignificant amount. If you play every day, then by the end of the month it is realistic to accumulate a minimum for withdrawal.
  • There is honesty control.
  • Doesn't take a lot of free time, as the chances run out fast.
  • There is an affiliate program.

Cons of lottery:

  • Lots of negative reviews on the Internet. The main problem is difficulties with the withdrawal of funds. The process takes from 4 weeks before 2 months.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is accumulated for a long time. Mostly charged by 1-10 cop. for a lucky try.
  • For withdrawal from the participant, a commission is charged by the system.
  • The site is unstable, often unavailable or overloaded. No guarantee, that the project will not be locked, like many others like him.
  • Lots of intrusive ads.


Unlike Social Chance, Lotofreebie offers free draw lotteries. The result of the game becomes available the next day. The site itself is nicely designed and not overwhelmed with ads.

Rules of the game:

  1. Register in your personal account with confirmation e-mail.
  2. Click on the "Play" button and go to the playing field, where is offered 6 different games. I.e 6 free attempts. In the first version, "Super Game" should be noted 7 numbers.

To get the prize, you need to guess from 4 to 7 numbers from 50. Other games are of the same type - mark 6 any numbers, win matches from 4 to 6 numbers on the ticket. Tickets resemble Stoloto draw lotteries.

After filling out the tickets, information about the date of the draw will appear in your personal account. New attempts will be available the next day.

Results are displayed in your personal account in the "Results" tab, like lotteries from the Stoloto website.

Real money and emoticons are given as prizes, which can be spent on an additional game.

It is allowed to withdraw funds to electronic wallets, bank cards, phone bill, etc..

Pros of the lottery:

  • Free to play, have fun and recklessly. The lottery is similar to the classic Stoloto lotteries.
  • The maximum winning is declared in 20 million. rub. Get it unreal, but 5-10 rub. you can win.
  • You can buy games for emoticons, accumulated during the game.
  • There is an affiliate program.

Cons of lottery:

  • few reviews on the internet;
  • no information about the winners, who received real big winnings;
  • no data on the minimum withdrawal amount.

Where else can you try your luck?

In addition to the considered lotteries, several more sites can be noted, offering free gambling.

LotoFun - game, similar to Social Chance. The conditions require you to guess one or more numbers from 6. The day is given 4 attempts. The minimum withdrawal amount is 16 rub. Nothing is known about big wins. For one victory really get 0,05-0,5 rub. Many positive reviews about the successful withdrawal of the minimum amount.

Zemoney and Hemoney are the same sites, resembling online casinos. To play, you just need to press a button and wait for the number to appear. The integrity of the lottery is questionable, especially the declared winnings on 100 thousand. rub. every hour. You can play 1 once an hour. Basically gives you win at a time 3-7 cop. There are a lot of ads on the site. Reviews about the game are mostly negative.

Lotzon - a site with many gambling games. In addition to the lottery, they play here for money with other players, eg, in a sea battle or a fool. Real online casino. The lottery has a principle 6 of 49. You can play from 3 time. Really earn 10-50 rub. per month according to player reviews. There is no minimum withdrawal amount.

Freelotto - hourly lottery, similar to Social Chance. There are a lot of pop-up ads on the site. Minimum withdrawal amount 15 rub. There are not many reviews on the Internet, they are mostly negative, as players face account blocking right before withdrawing funds.

Lottery types

All lotteries are conventionally divided into two categories - drawn and instant.. Each is described in more detail below..

Draw lotteries

Draw-type lotteries are held at a fixed time and date. Tickets are sold through online services or specialized outlets.

Draw lotteries have two types of tickets:

  • with certain combinations of numbers;
  • with empty number combinations (filled in by the participant).

The second type of tickets is more popular among players, as it allows them to indirectly affect their luck.

The advantage of drawn lotteries is the increasing jackpot. Its value is proportional to the number of participants in the game and the results of previous draws. If no one breaks the jackpot for a long period of time, each subsequent draw implies an increase in the number of tickets in the game. This is due to the desire of players to buy more tickets., to increase the likelihood of winning.

However, draw lotteries also have a significant drawback - the low probability of a big win. It is conditioned by the rules of the game.

Instant lotteries

In an instant lottery game, the results of the game are determined instantly after performing an action. This means there is no need to wait for the draw - you can find out about winning or losing immediately at the place of purchase.

If the winning is a small amount, then the player usually gets it on the spot. If the amount to be paid is impressive, the winner can get it in the organizer's office.

Nobody forbids buying a ticket and opening it later. If you win, you will need to contact one of the lottery representatives, provide a ticket and receive the indicated amount.

The most common representatives of instant draws are scratch lotteries. Here you just need to erase the protective strip, to set ticket status (winning or losing). There are "win-win" scratch options- lotteries, but the probability of getting a large amount of winning is very low here. In addition, it is possible to receive a prize not only in cash, but also in a presentation.

It is recommended that when participating in instant lotteries, first familiarize yourself with the rules of participation, which are presented on the back of the ticket. Otherwise, you can spoil the ticket, making it "invalid" even if you win.

The main feature of instant lotteries is fixed prizes, the size of which is set before the start of sales of game tickets. They are usually not large., as observed in draw lotteries.

The disadvantage of instant lotteries is that they are opaque.. No one can control the process of issuing tickets for sale, especially with large prize money.

so, understanding the types of lotteries, which exist today, it's time to share effective ways to, how to win the lottery.

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