How to learn to play bingo

The procedure for and methods of buying and checking lottery tickets "bingo 75"


Since Bingo 75 is a gamble, in case of winning in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, you will have to pay tax. Tax amount - 13% from the amount of profit (for persons, who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation, tax amount - 30%). It is charged in one of two ways:

  1. If the winning amount from one coupon of the Bingo lottery 75 is 14999 rubles or less, the user pays the tax. It means, what if you become the winner in the first and / or second round, and, if you win the "Last Move" round, you need to pay tax yourself.
  2. If the winning amount from one Bingo coupon 75 will be 15000 rubles or more, tax is charged automatically, since the Stoloto company acts as the player's tax agent. It means, what if you win on the Jackpot and Card-55 Tours, 13% the lottery organizer will take away the winnings and transfer them to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure.

Many users are interested in, is it possible not to pay tax, if the winning amount is less 15000 rubles? The answer is theoretically possible. But since the likelihood, what the tax office can find out about it, exist, it's better not to take risks and act according to the law.

How to play bingo online

Now you don't have to go somewhere or beg your friends, to play with you. You can do everything via the Internet.

In this game, you can only hope for your own luck. Is it worth gambling? Only if you are not a gambler - it is addictive! But when you get tired of playing with friends "for fun", you can try to raise the stakes and bingo will sparkle with new colors.

Play bingo anyway, as with friends, and in the hobby club, equally interesting. Victory depends on luck and care, but still have a nice time hoping to win.

How to get your winnings?

You can receive the won funds by contacting the official representative of the lottery. The participant needs to present the prize coupon and document, proof of identity. Depending on the amount of the win, the way you get it will vary:

  • Prize, whose size does not exceed 2 000 rubles, available from retail outlets
  • Amount up to 500 000 rubles to the participants can be transferred to the "Stoloto" wallet or issued in the lottery center "Stoloto"
  • Winnings from 600 000 rubles are transferred to a bank account, when providing a package of documents (it can be sent by mail).

Worth remembering, that winnings are subject to income tax. The amount of deductions is 13%. Non-residents of Russia will have to pay thirty percent of the winnings.

FROM 1 january 2018 year, the law established the procedure for paying tax, in which the participant must independently pay tax deductions, if the winning amount does not exceed fifteen thousand rubles. If the amount won is more, then tax will be charged immediately upon receipt.

How the Table and "Bingo 75"

breeds people

An important point before starting to play any lotto, especially online, is the lotto check. You can check the lotto online by reading the lotto reviews of other players. More often than not, people tend to share their victories or failures online., therefore this is a rather important point. If you come across too laudatory reviews, don't read them. Most of these approvals are written by the lotto creators themselves..

Many players point out, that it's almost impossible to win here and it's a waste of money, at least the very feeling of excitement is quite interesting. Many argue, that the system is built this way, that it becomes almost impossible to get a prize. This subsequently discourages any desire to play the free lotto "Bingo 75" online and try your luck, because it gives absolutely no result.

Thus, can see, that many are unhappy with the game in general.

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