The primitive

Rules governing primitive lottery forecast contests and their modalities.

La Primitiva prizes

To receive a cash prize, it is necessary to guess one of 6 winning combinations. You can claim the win by guessing the minimum 3 figures, dropped in circulation. What amount of money corresponds to each winning combination is described below:

  • Guessed 3 numbers - the winning is 8 euros;
  • Guessed 4 numbers - the winning is 75 euros;
  • Guessed 5 digits - the winning is 2 400 euros;
  • Guessed 5 digits and "C" (ball number Complementario) - the winning is 350 000 euros;
  • Guessed 6 digits - the winning is 2 million. euros;
  • Guessed 6 and "R" (Reintegro - number, indicated on the ticket) - jackpot.

Any player can increase their chances of winning. To do this, you can use the "multi-bet" function, which allows you to mark in the lottery ticket not 6, and 7, 8, 9, 10 and even 11 numbers. But the cost of the ticket in this case can seriously increase:

  • Ticket with 1 additional number is 7 euros;
  • Ticket with 2 additional numbers is 28 euros;
  • Ticket with 3 additional numbers is 84 euros;
  • Ticket with 4 additional numbers is 210 euros;
  • Ticket with 5 additional numbers is 462 euros.

For those, who plans to win the jackpot, the amount of which can be several million euros, it's not such a big waste.

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