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Where to buy a lottery ticket in Russia - how to buy stoloto lottery tickets

The ticket to the future

The first lottery terminal "Stoloto" appeared in 2017, it was installed in the Moscow shopping center "Gorod". IN 2018, at the "Week of Russian Retail" was presented an already modified version, from manufacturer «Sensis». Now there are three modifications of lottery machines (Premium, Economy and Mini), in today's article we will briefly talk about their characteristics.

Stoloto stand at the exhibition

Lottery machine economics

Today's announced price of the vending lottery machine (the cost is valid until 01.04.19) starts from 493 thousand rubles. According to Stoloto, the average sales per month are 270 thousand rubles (or from 8800 daily), payback period is about 1,5 of the year.

Stoloto lottery terminals. Options and prices valid until 01.04.19


The difference in the configuration of the models is small. The cheapest option lacks an advertising topper, no cashless payment, less screen and number of dispensers for loading tickets.

Characteristics and equipment of terminals

All three models accept cash, also they can all give out winnings (to 5000 rubles). Other characteristics:

  • Terminal body - 2mm steel
  • 2 scanner: two-dimensional - to check the win, lingering - to capture a ticket
  • Bill acceptor with cassette on 1000 banknotes of all denominations and a device for changing / winning (banknote recycling)
  • Device for accepting coins and issuing change / winnings in all denominations (recycling of coins)
  • Cashless payment: terminal with NFC contactless cards, contact card reader
  • Front-facing security camera for age determination
  • KKT "Treasurer FA"

The lottery terminal requires only electricity and internet, in this case, the installation is assumed only in closed rooms.

An interesting point related to age determination. By law, you can buy lottery tickets from 18 years old. When buying e-tickets, a confirmation of age is displayed on the screen, which is the basis for authorizing the purchase. When selling instant lotteries, a video camera is used, by which age is automatically determined. If in doubt, that an adult buys a ticket, then a failure is displayed with a warning.

Terms of cooperation

Terminals can only be purchased, rent is not provided. Service warranty period - 1 year. An important point, both before and after the expiration of the warranty period, Stoloto has the ability to control the terminal remotely, to the owner did not have the opportunity to sell their tickets or somehow interfere with the drawing process.

After purchasing the terminal, there is no need to spend money on the purchase of lottery tickets, work takes place on terms of sale. At the same time, there are lottery tickets, according to the terms of registration, can be divided into three groups:

  • Electronic. The receipt is formed at the time of sale for the next (or selected edition)
  • Instant (paper). They need to be downloaded once a week., or more often, as sold. At the same time, instant lotteries do not have a strict deadline., they are sold as long as the lottery permit is valid (to 2029 of the year)
  • Circulation (paper) - "Russian Lotto" and "Housing Lottery". In this case, tickets are tied to certain circulations. (held once a week), therefore tickets that have not been sold out are seized and disposed of

The terminal owner receives a commission for the sale of lottery tickets, it also depends on the type of lottery:

  • Instant (paper) - commission 20%
  • All circulation except Rapido and Gosloto "4 out of 20" - 16%
  • Rapido and Gosloto «4 of 20» - 12%

It is worth noting, that the conditions are quite attractive. The terminal owner does not need to invest in goods, he earns exclusively on the back. From expenses - rent of space for a lottery machine and maintenance (Stoloto rates them in 10 000 monthly based on salary of one engineer, maintaining in working order 5 terminals)

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