National lotteries of Russia

How to win the stoloto lottery - popular strategies for winning

What lotteries are there

Today Russians are offered a choice 16 national lotteries. They
can be in circulation or instant. The easiest way with the instant lottery is here
information about the winnings is available immediately after purchasing the ticket, however the amounts
traditionally small, several million maximum.

To participate in the draw lottery, you need to buy a typographic
coupon or e-ticket, with the date of the draw and the number
circulation. Winnings are determined by a lottery drum or random number generator. Some
lotteries organize draws live on TV channels or on the Internet. Typical middle-aged financial mistakes

At the same time, drawn lotteries are also different - in some
players are invited to independently choose a numerical sequence for
participation in the drawing, while others only provide an opportunity to choose
ticket with ready numbers. Traditionally, lotteries with open playing fields
are the most popular.

Ticket prices range from 20 to 200 rubles, and the jackpot
can reach a billion rubles. Participants can participate in the lottery
only older people 18 years old, the seller of lottery tickets even has the right
ask the buyer for a passport.

Ticket purchased online or by SMS

The ticket distribution system is designed like this, to minimize the possibility of fake coupons on sale. An extensive network of stationary points and online sales allow organizers to fully control the process. One of the ways to get tickets is to buy them in the official app, on the company's website or via SMS code.

Prize to 100 thousand rubles

The complexity of the withdrawal procedure depends on the size of the win. The simplest algorithm for receiving rewards up to 100 thousand rubles:

  1. Create a personal account and log in to it.
  2. Open ticket information.
  3. Order withdrawal of funds to the wallet.
  4. In a few seconds, receive the declared amount to your personal account balance.

When, when the amount does not exceed 5 thousand rubles, you can get a ticket win at the faculty of the bookmaker "Baltbet". Prize to 100 thousand rubles can be cashed out at Balt-Lotto branches. To order funds, at the point of issue, you must provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a residence permit in the country, ticket code, exact information about the winning coupon.

View the results of the draw

Prize from 100 thousand rubles

Big prizes, whose equivalent is equal to or greater than 100 thousand rubles, cannot be obtained in your personal account. In this case, the user creates a request for a wire transfer to his bank account. If the amount does not exceed 300 thousand rubles, then the withdrawal request can be sent to one of the inpatient departments of "Stoloto". Before, how to withdraw money in this way, check the limits at the selected ground point.

By prior call, you can apply for the withdrawal of the amount up to 180 thousand rubles in the head lottery center "Stoloto". Larger prizes are issued only after examination of the ticket for authenticity.

Prize from 1 million rubles

If you are faced with the need to withdraw a large amount, then congratulations. Only a few become millionaires at Stoloto, but miracles sometimes happen. Transfer request will be approved only after examination of the lottery ticket. Big winnings are paid only at the head office of the company. The client must first call the responsible employee. Amounts up to 10 million rubles can be paid in cash, and for larger winnings, only wire transfer is possible. During a visit to the office, you must present an identity document.

Is it possible to increase the chance of getting a prize?

Alas, method of guaranteed winnings does not exist in nature. Otherwise the organizers would have gone bankrupt long ago. Draws are based on a random selection of numbers. But experienced players know, how to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Only bet on the same combination of numbers. This method is one of the most popular among players..
Buy a lot of tickets. Each additional ticket increases the likelihood of getting a prize

It is important to correctly assess your budget.: otherwise the winnings may be less than the amount, spent on purchase.
Do not include numbers, following one after another. Consecutive combinations are extremely rare.
Use one type of lottery

Better to participate in different draws of the same lottery, than to rush between different brands.
Don't use only even or odd numbers. The probability of getting such a combination is also low. (as for sequential options).
Statistics show that, that the sum of winning combinations of numbers often falls in the range from 104 to 176.

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