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Lottery Russian Lotto - what is it?

Russian Lotto is a commercial version of everyone's favorite classic lotto with numbers on barrels and playing fields.. This loto was in almost every Soviet family. Therefore, the game itself can be considered traditional for our country.. This is a special game, and she has long gone beyond the usual lotteries. Russian Lotto draws are broadcast on TV from 1994 years on federal channels.

This is not just a prize draw, but a real entertainment show. The stars of the Russian stage and cinema regularly become its guests., athletes and politicians. TV broadcast had high ratings among viewers in the 1990s-2000s, the circulation was observed in almost every family.

Now the Russian Lotto is one of the three most popular drawn lotteries in Russia. The lottery is positioned as a state, organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The operator is JSC "State Sports Lotteries", and the only distributor is TK Center JSC under the well-known brand Stoloto. To date, the statistics on the lottery are as follows, according to the media and official data of Stoloto:

  • more 1000 participants became millionaires, that is, they won prizes in the amount of 1 million. rub.;
  • more 5000 players were able to get a prize in the amount of 100 thousand. rub. to 1 million. rub.;
  • number of winning tickets for 2018 year exceeded 45 million;
  • a record win is 506 million. rub., the owner of which was a pensioner from Voronezh;
  • total winnings for 2010-2018 yy. amounted to more 18 billion. rub.

The permanent host of the TV broadcast is Mikhail Borisov. Draws are held every week. The luckiest players can win the Russian Lotto:

  • money;
  • cars;
  • the property;
  • travels.

Main features of the lottery “Russian lotto”

The official organizer of this lottery is the Ministry of Sports of Russia. Regular draws “Russian lotto” started back in 1996 year. The lottery has a self-explanatory name. It's not hard to guess, that its rules have a lot to do with lotto. Each ticket has 2 fields with numeric values ​​from 1 to 90. The combination of numbers is unique. The person does not need to do any manipulations with the ticket after purchasing it – you just need to wait for the draw.

The circulation is carried out weekly live. During the drawing, the presenter sequentially pulls out barrels with numbers. The player needs to follow this process and mark the matching numbers on his ticket. The one wins, who will match the required number of values ​​faster. If a person has the same 15 running 15 numbers on any of the two ticket fields, he will win the lottery jackpot. This does not happen in every draw.. Therefore, if the jackpot has not been played, he goes to the next draw. Moreover, the size of the jackpot is increasing. Also, in addition to cash prizes, cars and apartments are often raffled in this lottery. IN “Russian lotto” in addition to the main draw, an additional. It is called “Kubyshka”. Numerical values ​​take part in it, not dropped out in the main circulation.

Several options for purchasing tickets are currently available “Russian lotto”. They can be bought online at the official lottery website.. They are also available in communication salons, Russian Post offices and some chain stores.

Draw results and archival information, lottery, available in the corresponding section of its official website. If for some reason you missed a program with a draw on TV, you can check the ticket at the lottery distribution points, by phone hotline or in the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”.

Get your winnings (to 100 000 rubles) available at ticket distribution points. Larger amounts (from 100 000 rubles) are transferred to the winner's personal account. Winnings, which exceed 1 000 000 rubles, paid non-cash, but only after visiting the central office “Russian lotto”.

Worth considering, what with winnings less 15 000 rubles, personal income tax is not withheld. But with an amount over 15 000 rubles charged 13% at the time of payment. For non-residents of the Russian Federation, a similar tax is 30% of the winnings.

How to win Russian Lotto. Tips and Secrets

All lotteries, if they are conducted honestly and in compliance with the rules established by law, obey the theory of probability. That is, the chances of winning for all tickets are equal. It is quite difficult to win a large sum, the probability of such luck for one ticket starts with 1:1000000. The more people buy tickets, the less chances. However, there are several ways to, how to increase the likelihood of luck. They are used by players with many years of experience:

1. The theory of symmetry and systematization of the famous financial analyst J.. Granville. According to his method, in the ticket there must be even and odd numbers. Besides, small and large numbers must be the same amount

When buying a ticket, you should pay attention, what's the number of numbers, ending in 1,2,3,4 etc. should be about the same

2. British statistician theory L. Tippetta. According to his suggestion, you need to focus on the duration of the game and the number of numbers. Participates in Russian lotto 90 numbers. therefore, high probability of dropping numbers, close to 45 (average of 90).

3. Method for selecting a specific number D. Myroca. The method is to select tickets, where there are certain lucky numbers for the player.

4. Number of tickets and place of purchase. Avid gamblers recommend buying at least 5-6 tickets for one drawing. All tickets are best purchased in different places (eg, 2 on the site, 2 at the post office and more 2 at any other point of sale). The organizers themselves claim, that everyone wins in Russian Lotto 3-5 ticket, therefore it is logical, that the more tickets you buy, the higher the chance of winning.

5. Maximum different numbers in all tickets. According to this theory, the chances of winning are increased, if everyone on your tickets 90 numbers. The Stoloto website offers a special function for this “All numbers from 1 to 90 on 5 tickets ". When choosing, the system itself will select you 5 tickets, where will everyone 90 numbers.

6. Studying the archive of previous editions. Information about all past runs is stored on the Stoloto website. Experts suggest checking out outstanding numbers for the last few games. They practically do not repeat, these are always different numbers. Chance, that they will not fall out again soon very low. Try to choose tickets, in which there will be these numbers that were not previously dropped.

7. Using computer programs. There are tons of applications on the Internet now, which calculate statistics of any lottery. They are based on information from previous printings., use a lot of calculations and allow everyone to develop their own strategy. Programs can be customized for specific lotteries.

In addition to these methods, experienced participants recommend referring to yourself and your feelings., believe in victory and not try to cheat the system. Better to perceive the lottery as a rivalry with other players

Somebody think, that appearance influences luck, positive attitude and attention to clues from your life. In any case, it all depends on luck., winning the lottery is more of an accident, than mathematical calculation

None of the proposed methods guarantees getting at least some kind of win., it's just a probability.

How to check the ticket and find out about the win?

Draws are held once a week. Information about the next draw can be found on the Stoloto website:

1. In your personal account in the "My tickets" tab. Date 17.02.2019 r. - this is the date of the drawing, in which the purchased ticket participates;

2. On the site, when you open the selected lottery, you can get all the information about it. To the right of the ticket selection there is information about the drawing, his room, jackpot and closing date of sales.

On the day of the drawing (Sunday) ticket status data is published on the website only through 2 hours after TV broadcast. You can also find out about this from your personal account., by going to the tab "My tickets".

In the circulation archive, you can see a message about, that information on the current circulation (1271) not yet uploaded to the site.

After circulation took place, the results are available on the Stoloto website in the "My tickets" tab

Pay attention to the words “Win. Status"

Our ticket was not winning, so, there is an empty field. If the ticket was won, then this field would reflect the gain.

To check the status of your ticket, you can click on its number and get all statistics of the circulation, in which he played.

The extract shows, which numbers were drawn in each round and which coincided with the data on our ticket. To print the results of the game, you can use the function "Print ticket information".

Full statistics on the past game is displayed in the "Draws Archive" tab, if you click on the number of your circulation (we 1271). Here you can see how many tickets and what you won. The jackpot was never played today.

After the end of the draw, announcements of upcoming games appear. See dates for next draws can be found in the Russian Lotto tab, by clicking on the button "Announcements of future editions".

You can also buy a ticket here. The case is visible, what circulation 10 Martha 2019 the year will be carried out two more turns and as a result there will be only two captive kegs. Theoretically, the chances of winning in such a game are better., than in the standard edition. According to information from the Sportloto website, it may also remain 3 missed numbers. The organizers inform about these nuances in advance..

Is it realistic to win?

To evaluate, how realistic is it to win in the "Russian Lotto", you need to calculate the probability of winning in the current draw. for instance, let's take the lottery, which took place 16 Martha 2018 of the year. Here are her results:

  • 58 tickets won 1 000 000 rubles;
  • In total there were 3 230 466 tickets;

Means, chance of victory 0,0032%. Not a little, and if you buy more tickets, can be reached 0,1%. This happens because, that buying another ticket, chance increases not in 2 times. The ticket increases the chance of winning out of the total number of tickets, and from that amount , which is left. excluding the main (who can win, and no).

The chance of getting a prize is slightly higher. For, so that, calculate the exact chance, you need to add the number of winning tickets and divide this number by 3 230 466 (total circulation). Total, wins 23% from all tickets.

Remarkably, what circulation, which passed 18 Martha 2018 of the year, was "ordinary". It was removed from the bag 86 barrels (but not 87 or 88), also there was no draw "Kubyshka". And the private, which means, that in other editions the chance of winning is greater: sometimes it reaches 24%.

Big win cases

There are many winners on the website of Stoloto itself, who have ever purchased tickets and were able to receive their winnings. Here are the amounts, which they won, or real estate. To look at people, who became the lucky ones, and were able to win a big prize, just enter the section "".

Winners, winners of the Stoloto lottery

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
check in + ticket promoleon Indefinitely
Without registering No bonus

One of the recent cases, who surprised the whole country - this is the win of an ordinary pensioner Natalia Vlasova, who lives in the village of Panino. A woman bought a ticket in one of the Russian Post offices for only 100 rubles. And won 506 million. The woman found out about the win, by checking the information on the Stoloto website.

Winner, which managed to win in Stoloto

Another example of successful people is the Vedernikov family.. Their head Sergei just heard the horoscope, where he was promised a big win. The numbers turned out to be lucky for Sergey 15 and 22. According to the lucky one, these numbers were his favorites, they accompanied him throughout his life, and it was they who got caught in the lottery ticket.

The Vedernikov family, winner of the Stoloto lottery

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
check in + ticket promoleon Indefinitely
Without registering No bonus

As you can see, really real, and there are several examples of this. The main thing here is to believe in luck and tune in only to positive thoughts when buying a ticket.

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