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Bingo lottery 75 - timelottery

What prizes are provided in the Bingo 75 lottery

Half of the amount of all tickets sold goes to the formation of the prize fund. It is distributed among the players in the following proportions:

  • At the first stage, you can win a prize in the amount of 150 rubles
  • For the second round, the winnings in 750 rubles
  • At the stage of the "Jackpot" draw, the minimum winnings for the TV draw 25 million rubles, for online drawing 10 million rubles
  • Section "Card-55" can bring 15 000 rubles
  • Last move gives you a chance to win 75 rubles

Players, which will break the jackpot, can expect to receive twenty-five or ten million rubles. And that is not all. The amount is added to the winnings, carried over from previous editions. Therefore, the longer there is no super-winner in the game, the more jackpot will get that, who will finally be lucky.

Rules of the game

Each player receives a card with a unique set of numbers. They may be:

  • disposable - players cross out the dropped number with a pen or felt-tip pen;
  • reusable - special tokens are placed on top of the desired number.

A special device is used for the drawing - a lottery drum. Balls with numbers are poured into it, and then the presenter pulls them out one by one and announces the dropped numbers. Players look for it on their cards and, if they find, cross out.

The goal of the game is to fill in the card faster than others a certain figure or all the numbers. Once the goal is reached, the winner shouts "Bingo!», and the game stops. The facilitator checks the numbers on the card and, if everything is correct, gives a prize to the winner.

There are several types of bingo, which is why there are some differences in the rules.

Bingo 75 or American version

This type of lottery must be played on a square card, composed of 25 cells with sides 5 on 5 cells.

Example bingo card.

In the center is an empty cell, more precisely, it is considered immediately filled. The rest of the cells are filled with numbers from 1 to 75. Each column has the letters BINGO - five letters for five columns.

The columns contain 5 numbers randomly from the range:

  • Under the letter B numbers from 1 to 15.
  • Under the letter I numbers from 16 to 30 .
  • Under the letter N from 31 to 45.
  • Under the letter G from 46 to 60.
  • Under the letter O from 61 to 75.

The presenter takes random balls from the lottery drum without looking, and loudly announces their number. For American bingo, not only numbers are written on balls, but also one of the letters of the word BINGO.

Players are looking for the specified combination of numbers and letters on their card. Gradually cross out one cell after another, do not fill the required area yet.

In the classic game, you need to fill all the cells in one row horizontally, vertical or diagonal.

In some versions of the game, you need to fill out a specific form: hats, aircraft, machines or lines. Accepted as regular shapes, and deployed to 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

The winner is the one, who was the first to assemble the desired figure. If several players shouted "Bingo" at the same time, the prize is divided equally.

Bingo 90 or UK version

This type of bingo is very similar to the Russian loto. The only difference is, that in the Russian game they use a bag of barrels, and in bingo 90 - lottery drum with balls. By the rules of the bingo game 90 use numbers from 1 to 90.

Bingo cards 90.

To play, use a card with 3 lines by 9 columns. In one horizontal row, randomly place 5 digits. Moreover, the numbers depend on, which column are:

  • In the first column before 9;
  • In the second from 10 to 19;
  • In the third from 20 to 29 etc.

No more on one card 15 digits. If the player has a number in the card, which the presenter pulled, he crosses it out or marks it with a token.

The game takes place in three stages:

  1. In the first, to win, you need to collect all the numbers in one row..
  2. For the second, fill two lines.
  3. In the third stage, the player wins, who was able to fill out the whole card.

The prize depends on the stage, in which the player won: for one line - 15% from the prize fund, for two strips - 30%, for a fully completed card - 55%.
If several players managed to collect the desired combination at once, they share the winnings among themselves.

Is it possible to beat the bookmaker and win consistently?

This is definitely a TOP question from those people, who are just starting to understand the topic of betting: is it possible to beat the bookmaker? Today I'm talking specifically about Bingo Boom, although my answer can be safely applied to the game in any legal bookmaker.

If the answer is more detailed, then you can get a one-time win in "Bingo Boom", and leave the betting market as a winner, but you can continue to put, and be in the red in the distance

That is why it is important to know all the secrets and nuances of, how to win at Bingo Boom

These are the thoughts running through my head, when I think about the question of, is it possible to beat the bookmaker:

  • It's incredibly difficult to do, especially at the initial stage. Beginners are lucky, but only for the first time. The bookmaker does not forgive mistakes, and too quickly novice bettors learn from their own mistakes.
  • This is also difficult to do for the same reason, that there are many professional analysts on the staff of the bookmaker, there are paid programs, etc.. Capper - often works by itself, analyzing tons of information every day.
  • You need to decide right away, what in your understanding means "to beat the bookmaker". You can win a large sum once, and stop betting. Does this mean "beat the bookmaker"? Or we mean winnings in bookmaker at a distance for a certain number of bets?

My job is to tell you, how to beat "Bingo Boom" in legal ways.

The thing is, that it is impossible to hack the bookmaker, it is also very difficult to deceive the bookmaker, since the company has its own rules. Find errors in the line, perhaps, possibly, but it will not bear fruit either: the bookmaker will simply calculate the bet with the odds “1”, returning your money, and then also cut the bill for deliberate bets at wrong odds.

Lottery "Bingo 75" - how to play and what are the chances of winning | World lotteries

Hundreds of people from all over Russia become millionaires thanks to drawings from the Stoloto company. Not a month is complete without a big win. for instance, in early July 2018 of the year, a sports coach from Voronezh became the owner of five million rubles.

We also offer you to try your hand at draws from the Stoloto company. Today we will consider the conditions of one of the new lotteries - "Bingo 75". Let's figure it out, how to play Bingo 75 and is it really possible to get a big prize.

How to buy tickets?

The same methods of purchasing tickets are available to Bingo 75 participants, as for fans of other draws from "Stoloto":

  • official lottery kiosks "Stoloto" (discover, where are they in your city, you can on the interactive map)
  • Site "The Chair"
  • Rostelecom offices, "Russian Post", "Messenger"
  • points of sale "BaltBet" and "BaltLoto".

The cost of a Bingo 75 ticket is the same at all points of sale and amounts to 100 rubles.

Paper option

If you decide to visit the lottery kiosk or the office of the Stoloto partner, you will receive a paper coupon "Bingo 75":

In him 24 numbers from the range 1-75.

You can buy such a ticket without a mobile phone number - if you win, present coupon, and the payment will be made on it.

Electronic variant

You can also become a Bingo 75 member when buying a ticket on the Internet:

note, that in the Bingo 75 lottery, the participant does not choose the numbers on the ticket. They are generated automatically (if the coupon is purchased online) or immediately written on paper (when purchasing at offline points of sale)

If you buy a ticket online, then Stoloto will request a mobile phone number. Enter the current mobile: if you manage to win a prize, then you will receive payment on it.

About that, How is the Bingo 75 drawing going?, we will tell in one of the following sections.

1. "Corners"

The winners are determined in the first round, which have the required numbers in the corners of the ticket:

The first round lasts 28 moves. If during this time all numbers from the set fall out 1, 3, 61, 73, then the player with the ticket, as in the picture above, will be the winner.

If you managed to pick up a prize in the first round, then the game does not end - the ticket continues to participate in the drawing.

2. "Crossing"

The second stage starts from the very beginning of the draw, simultaneously with the first. It lasts until turn 38 inclusive..

To win a prize in the second stage, need to collect 8 digits at the "intersection":

If the player has, who has a ticket like in the picture above, for 38 number of moves 15, 29, 31, 33, 44, 45, 60, 70, then he becomes the winner of the second round. At the same time, there remains a chance to receive prizes at other stages - the ticket continues to participate in the drawing.

3. Jackpot

The most monetary stage of the drawing. Starts on the first lottery number (that is, from the same moment, as the first, second stage), but ends on move 46.

The participant wins the jackpot, if for 46 moves (or less) all the numbers on his card fall out:

If tickets, for which for 46 moves all numbers fell, several, then that participant becomes the winner, which took fewer moves. for instance, if one player has collected all numbers for 40 rooms, and the second for 46 rooms, then the first participant becomes the winner of the jackpot.

Ticket holder, jackpot ripper, completes participation in the drawing. The rest of the participants continue to play - there are still two rounds.

4. "Card-55"

The essence of this stage is the same, as at the "jackpot" stage - the winner is the one, who collected everything 24 numbers on the card. The difference is in the number of moves: here they are not 46, and 55.

5. "Last move"

Consolation stage with a minimum prize. Those win, who closes everything 24 numbers on the card for moves from 56th to 72nd.

To become the winner of the "Last Move", must have by the 56th turn of the draw 0 closed numbers on the card. If at least one is guessed, you won't be able to win the consolation prize.

After the fifth stage, the "Bingo 75" drawing ends.


Participate in "Bingo 75", as in other lotteries from "Stoloto", just. You can buy a ticket online, at a kiosk or in a partner's office.

Bingo 75 is convenient for, for whom the lottery is more of a ritual, not an opportunity to win money. The draws are broadcast live on TV on a weekend. It is convenient to get together with the whole family and cheer for the right numbers together, which fall out of the lottery drum.

If you want to play Stoloto lotteries more often, we recommend taking a closer look at Gosloto 4 of 20 ", "5 out of 36", "6 out of 45", "7 out of 49", as well as "Sportloto Matchball". The probability of winning is higher here, than in "Bingo 75", and draws are held several times a day.

Lottery rules

The ticket has one playing field, the drawing takes place in several rounds. Winning occurs in case of coincidence of the numbers of the playing field located in a certain way (corners, cross) with numbers drawn during the drawing

1-th Tour ("Corners")

Winning tickets in the first round, in which 4 the number of the playing field located in the corners of the square (the method is shown in the figure 1 - "Corners") coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing up to 28 stroke inclusive. The winning tickets will also participate in the further drawing

2-th Tour ("Crossing")

Tickets won in the second round, in which 8 numbers, located crosswise (the method is shown in the picture 2 - "Crossing") match the numbers, dropped out during the rally before 38 stroke inclusive. Tickets that win this round are also eligible for a further draw.

Examples of winning combinations (figures) in the bingo lottery 75


Grand Prize (jackpot) win tickets, in which on 46 go or before all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with the numbers before others, dropped out in the course of the drawing. On the ticket of the 1st draw there is an inscription - jackpot from 10 000 000 rubles. But, not specified anywhere, what is the guaranteed size of the super prize.

3-th Tour ("Card - 55")

In the third round, tickets are won, in which all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with those dropped out during the drawing, after the last move of the "Jackpot" category drawing up to and including the 55th move. Winning tickets do not participate in the "Last move" draw

Last move ("Card")

Last round wins tickets, in which all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with the numbers dropped out during the drawing from the 56th to the 72nd move inclusive.

Varieties of bingo and game rules

Talking about bingo, then the rules are slightly different. In general, there are two types of games:

  • American version on 75 balls;
  • british (like our Russian) on 90 balls.

The only difference between the British version and ours is balls instead of kegs., which we used in lotto.

very simple: the player acquires one or more cards with numbers from 1 to 90, placed in fields 3 * 9. In the first column there can be numbers only 1-10, in the second 2-20 etc, in general, each line contains 5 numbers. The game begins and the host takes out the ball (or keg) randomly announces a number. If this number is on your card, then you cross it out or close it. Player, who manages to cross out all the numbers in one line, receives a prize of 15% from the prize fund, if there are two lines, then 35 %, and if all 3 lines- 50%. If several players have collected lines at the same time, then the prize fund is equally divided between them. Sure, there were cases, when the lucky ones took all three prizes in a row.

American version on 75 balls differs in several ways:

  1. Firstly, the card is divided into fields 5*5 and the columns are labeled with "B", « I», « N», « G», " THE
  2. Secondly, to win, you need to be the first to collect a non-straight line from closed numbers, and a certain given combination ("plane", "Cross" "hat", etc.)

Prize fund, usually, makes up a certain share of income from the sale of game cards, and organizers somewhere 20-25% they take their income. But there are games, when the prize pool is a fixed amount. It's not hard to guess, that in such a game with a small number of players there is a good chance of winning. However, the number of players often increases dramatically over time..

Rules - how to play the lottery?

To start playing the lottery, you need to buy one or more tickets and wait for the broadcast of the drawing. There are several tours in total, maximum number of moves - 72. Consider, how is each bingo lottery round 75:

  1. First round of Bingo game 75. An employee of the company takes out of the drum sequentially 28 balls, each of which has its own unique number. You are comparing numbers on balls to numbers, which are indicated in the corner boxes of your ticket. If for 28 moves (inclusive) all will fall out 4 required numbers, your coupon won in the first round "Angles". But you still continue to participate in the drawing.
  2. Second round of Bingo game 75. An employee of the company does more 10 moves - with 28 by 38 inclusive. If the numbers of the balls (including those dropped in the first round) coincide with 8 numbers, which form a "cross" in the middle of the ticket, you win the second round of the "Crossing", and also continue to participate in the drawing.
  3. The third round of the Bingo game 75. A company employee takes steps with 38 by 46, getting more 8 balls. If after 46 move you will see, what up to this point 24 of 46 previously dropped balls coincided with 24 numbers in the cells of your ticket, means, you win the Jackpot Tour. In this case, you terminate participation in the lottery.
  4. The fourth round of the Bingo game 75. If you haven't won the Jackpot, you still have a chance to get a big win. The operator will get more 9 balls, making moves with 46 to 55 inclusive. If after 55 move or earlier you find, what numbers in 24 ticket cells have already been taken out of the drum, you win this round and end the raffle.
  5. The fifth round of the Bingo game 75. The operator takes steps with 56 by 72, pulling out of the drum 17 balls. This is the last chance to win, which you can get in case, if after 72 moves or earlier dropped out numbers will coincide with 24 numbers, which are indicated in the cells of the ticket.

As seen, nothing fancy in the Bingo lottery 75 not. The rules are simple - keep track of the ball numbers, that fall out of the drum, celebrate, which cells of your ticket do they match. In the first 2 rounds, geometric combinations matter, which are spontaneously obtained on the field

In the next three rounds, it is important, so that everyone 24 the numbers in the coupon cells coincided with the numbers of the balls, taken out of the lottery drum before the end of the drawing

Where to buy tickets

Bingo organizers 75 tried to make the process of participation in the lottery as easy as possible for everyone. You can buy a lottery ticket, using one of the available methods:

By visiting a lottery interactive supermarket. Electronic online tickets are sold directly on the official Internet resource of the Stoloto company. And also through a mobile resource, adapted for smartphones and gadgets - You can also install an application on a smartphone or tablet. (there are programs for iOS and Android) and shop through it.

You can also quickly buy a coupon, using your mobile phone. You need to send SMS to the addressee 9999, in the text column indicate "Bingo 75".

You can pay for a lottery ticket in any way convenient for you. For instance, when buying online, you can use a bank card. The easiest and fastest way to buy a ticket is to register on the website, enter your personal account, using login and password, replenish the deposit. And then go to the Bingo section 75, choose the ticket you like and click on the "buy" button.

At a retail point of sale, at the kiosk, at a trading terminal or lottery machine, you can pay for your purchase in cash - banknotes and 10-ruble coins. Cost of one Bingo lottery ticket 75 – 75 rubles. And the jackpot is over 10 million rubles. The prize fund is formed depending on the amount of proceeds from sold tickets and is equal to 50% of this amount. Moreover, each lottery participant has three chances to win in one draw at once.

What is closing sales?

The term "closing sales" is not difficult to understand. This time, after which the user is no longer able to buy a coupon for a particular Bingo draw 75. In the case of this lottery, the closing of sales occurs at such a time:

  1. Bingo Coupons 75 for draws, which are broadcast on television, cease to be sold in 16:00 Moscow time on Saturday. Sometimes the end time of coupons is postponed, what the lottery organizer informs about in advance. At the same time, the user still has the opportunity to buy a ticket for the circulation with television broadcast, but already for the next draw. The ticket is automatically transferred to the next draw, if it was bought on Saturday after 4 pm.
  2. If you want to buy a ticket for the draw, the draw of which will be broadcast online, your opportunities expand. The closing of sales takes place exactly five minutes before the start of the lottery. That is, in 8:25 evenings Moscow time on the day of the specific draw. If you bought your ticket later than this time, he will not take part in the next, and in the next draw.

Thus, the user always has the opportunity to buy a coupon for the next or next circulation.


Players, matching four numbers in each corner of the table from the first 33 numbers, win the smallest prize. Then five more balls are drawn, and the players win a prize, if they match all nine numbers, which will create a diagonal cross in the table. At the final stage, the balls fall out until then, until at least one of the players guesses all the numbers.

Jackpot is won, when one of the players guesses everything 25 numbers from the first 41. If nobody wins the jackpot during the week, next week's goal will be to match all the numbers from the first 42. The numbers played increase by 1 every week, until the jackpot is won.

Prizes are awarded on a sweepstakes basis, so they will be calculated based on the number of tickets sold and the number of players at each stage. The table below provides information on how to, what do you need to do, to win a prize at every stage, and the probability of winning.

Game stage Guess numbers Number of drawn balls Prize fund percentage
The first 4 (each angular number) 33 35%
Second 9 (forming a diagonal cross or X) 38 15%
Third 25 (every square) Drawing, beginning with 41 incrementally, until the jackpot is won 50%

50% goes to the prize pool for matching all numbers, 30% - separately for all, who will win the jackpot, by guessing all the numbers from the required number of balls. If the jackpot is not won, he goes to the next draw. Rest 20% used for payments to players, who will guess all numbers not from the specified number of balls to win the jackpot.

for instance, if you guessed all numbers from 41 balls or less, you win everything 50% prize fund, allocated for this level. If you can guess all the numbers from 42 balls or more, you will only win 20% prize fund. Rest 30% prize money of this level will be transferred to the next drawing.

Interesting fact

The minimum jackpot is 100 000 €. If there is less money in the prize pool, the Estonian national lottery reserve fund is used to pay out winnings. The reserve fund is also used to pay the minimum prize in 2 € to players from the lowest winning group.

Types of lotteries with the highest chances of winning

More than a dozen different lotteries are offered to players on the official website of Stoloto. Each of them has its own characteristics in terms of rules and timing., and they also differ in winnings, at stake. Here is the rating of the lotteries, where the probability of winning is high enough.

  • Russian lotto - lottery, which was the very first in Russia, exists now. To participate, you just need to buy a ticket with the numbers already printed on it. The draw is carried out once a week and the results are announced live every Sunday morning. Mainly cash prizes and cars are raffled.
  • The housing lottery is also one of the most popular, most often the draw includes real estate, that is, apartments in different districts of Moscow. Also, as in the Russian Lotto, for, to claim a prize you need to purchase a ticket. You can buy it online.
  • The 4/20 lottery is often profitable. It needs to call on intuition to help., and select on two fields, each of which contains twenty digits, only four. The probability of winning is high enough, and the recoupment of the ticket price is ensured. There are variants of this lottery, which involve a choice 7 numbers from 49, 6 of 45 and 5 of 36. But, surprisingly, it is in the variant with the choice of four numbers that the number of wins is much higher.
  • "Bingo-75" is an interesting lottery, in which each purchased ticket can win three times! The ticket itself is a field of 24 numbers, covering a range from 1 to 75. The drawing takes place in several rounds, like in Russian lotto.

This list included a list of long-playing lotteries, which are drawn once every few days or a week. The chance of winning is pretty high, and super prizes reach huge amounts.

But besides such draws, there are lotteries of quick wins. Their varieties are not less, than long lotteries.

Lottery "Rapid" - the drawing takes place every 15 minutes. It should be noted 8 numbers from 20. And one in a field of four numbers.
The second kind of "Rapida" - a lottery, which is drawn once an hour. The rules of participation are exactly the same, and the winnings under a successful coincidence of circumstances can reach 45 million. rubles!
Winning seems unrealistic in the Duel lottery, because in each of the two fields, composed of 26 number you need to choose two

But you can specify in how many editions the selected combination of numbers will participate.
The Joker lottery attracts attention with its catchy name and an interesting layout for winning. To buy a ticket, you need to choose five or more cards, which are presented in all stripes from 2 to the ace

If you guess everything 9 kart, then the entire accumulated jackpot will be ripped off. But besides this option, there are five other possible winnings..
Very interesting lottery "Top-3". In column, which is duplicated three times, from 0 up to nine you need to choose three numbers. And then specify the type of game. From the selected type of game, the chances of winning either increase or vice versa become lower. for instance, choice of the type of game - "Combo 3" means, that the selected three numbers will swap in all possible combinations, increasing the chances of winning.
Winning the Keno sports lotto promises up to 10 million winnings. In the field with 80 numbers you need to select only 10. You can also choose a multiplier, which will add the chances of winning and the number of draws, in which the bet will participate.

Important, what long-term lottery, usually, promise a solid jackpot. But there are a lot of people who want to rip it off.

Therefore, the chances of such a win are slim.. But it is quite possible to win in instant lotteries. But the amounts will be insignificant - and it is quite possible, that they won't even be able to recoup the costs of lottery tickets.

Play or not - it's up to you. However, one must understand, that there is no one lottery, where you can win guaranteed.

Predict, which of all the listed lotteries will turn out to be winning impossible. Everyone can bring victory. But to doubt, that all draws are held honestly is not worth, because if you look at the history of victories, then it can be noted, that ordinary people become winners in Stoloto, who were just lucky. So it's worth taking risks periodically, make your bets and predictions. One day is sure to get lucky! Or not…

Description of games and rules in Bingo Boom

General rules in the Bingo-Boom bookmaker are standard: do not create multi-accounts, register an account with a real person, the same applies to withdrawal of winnings, do not cheat in games, do not use prohibited strategies, etc.. In addition to the generally accepted rules, there are rules for each game., describing features, game algorithm and bets in it.

The Bingo-Boom bookmaker is popular with customers thanks to lotteries. On the official website, a player can place bets on events from 12 categories, including sports, and lottery "Bingo-Boom".

  • Sport. This is a sports section, traditional for bookmakers.
  • From Russia with love.
  • KENO.
  • KENO 2.
  • Bingo Boom.
  • Bingo Boom 2.
  • Bingo 37.
  • Bingo 38.
  • Bingo X.
  • Sea battle.
  • Sea battle 2.
  • Money Wheel.

Sports betting rules are traditional:

  • choose a sport and a match or meeting, duel;
  • place bets on any of the outcomes. In the same way, add more options to the coupon.;
  • indicate the size of the bet.

Make a bet and wait for the coupon to be calculated.

In BingoBoom, you can place bets in Live mode or on pending events from 40 sections, including sports, entertainment, for example, the results of Eurovision.



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Bonus ₽100000

Availability of unique live games

Fast payouts

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The peculiarity of the Bingo-Boom bookmaker is, that the player can change the choice before calculating the coupon. And if the coupon is still not calculated, then return the previous version, if he is more confident in him.

Consider the rules of the game "Bingo Boom" for other sections.

"From Russia with love". The game is made in Russian style. The principle is similar to automata, in which symbols appear on the reels. The task is to guess these symbols, which fall on combinations of 31 lottery balls. Minimum bet - 10 rub. on one line, total lines 10. You need to make a combination before the start of the game. The symbols repeated on the balls are considered winning.

Keno / Keno 2. A game about the rules of the classic "Keno" - the player receives a virtual lottery ticket, in which you need to guess before 10 numbers. The more guessed, the greater the winnings will be received by the client of Bingo-Boom. Numbers should not be repeated.

Bingo Boom/Bingo Boom 2. The player receives a virtual ticket. Virtual dealer calls numbers. Player, if they are on his ticket, crosses them out. When from 10 named figures 5 coincided with the numbers of the opened cells, then you win the jackpot. Combinations are activated automatically. The faster the line is assembled and the higher the ticket value, the higher the jackpot. To increase the chance of winning, you can buy multiple tickets. Win in a line, if a 5 numbers in one line are crossed out among 30 named by the dealer. Bingo Level - Strikethrough 15 numbers, that is, a whole ticket from 70 numbers named by the dealer.

Bingo X. The game is similar to Bingo Boom, but somewhat complicated, and other factors are applied. The rules are described in detail in the section with the game.

Bingo 37 / Bingo 38. The basis is a roulette with a machine instead of a game wheel. Lottery machine gives out balls with numbers. Roulette rules follow. The client chooses a number - one of 36 (Bingo 37) or 37 (Bingo 38). It must be a combination of 1-6 numbers, in line: 1 Line, 2 Line or 3 Line. Winnings are calculated using odds.

"Sea Battle" / "Sea Battle 2". The rules correspond to the game "Sea Battle", only the deck does not consist of empty cells, but from numbers. Crossing out the numbers of the flooded ships of the rival robot, the player earns points. You can choose tickets of different denominations, thereby increasing the gain. Besides, the player is given an additional field. After crossing out the combination of 5 numbers are awarded extra points.

Money Wheel. The strategy of the game is consonant with the Wheel of Fortune in the casino. There is a drum with numbered sectors. Once in 30 seconds the wheel is spinning, the player must place a bet from 50 to 50 thousand. rub. before launching one or a couple of sectors. If your sector fell, the amount won is calculated from the bets, made in the games below, multiplied by its number. You can bet at random or based on statistics on 100 previous games. It's a win-win lottery, the player wins anyway, since each sector has a number.

To make it easier for the player to navigate, each section is accompanied by an overview of the games, rules. In some categories you can place bets in the demo game, checking yourself.

More details about the games in "Bingo Boom". The rules are placed in a separate section, located at the bottom of the official website of the bookmaker.

Stoloto conditions for receiving winnings

Let's go through the main conditions for receiving a win (more in the material):

  • Your ticket contains a winning combination;
  • It is registered according to the rules;
  • You have turned 18 years old;
  • If you receive a prize NOT online, you must have a certain package of documents.

What documents are needed to buy a ticket and receive a prize

To buy a ticket on the website, you only need a mobile phone. If you won, it will be necessary to pass identification (confirmation of majority). When buying a paper ticket, you will only be asked for a document, which confirms your identity.

If you purchased online, and want to collect your winnings in cash, you must have with you:

  • Winning code (comes by SMS to the number, specified during registration);
  • Original document, identity;
  • Unique key and ticket number (information on the ticket itself, better print it).

Transfer to a personal account:

  • Statement;
  • Unique key and ticket number;
  • Winning code (comes by SMS);
  • Copy of the document, confirming the identity;
  • Bank details, where to transfer;
  • Copy of TIN.

In the case of buying a coupon at retail outlets, indicating a mobile phone, instead of ticket information, you need to show a purchase receipt. The rest of the set of documents is the same.

If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, to receive a cash prize, all documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.

The prize can be collected in cash at points of sale or at the stoloto office on Tverskaya (to 200 thousand rubles). On the company's website - before 500 thousand rubles. If the winnings are more 600 thousand, then the winner receives money at the lottery center.

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