How to get Stoloto winnings

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How to get your winnings?

Most of us ask the question “How to win the lottery?». The question is, how to get your cash prize, fades into the background. Still interesting, where and when prizes are given to the winners of the draws?

How you receive money depends on the size of the prize and how you participate in the lottery. The withdrawal of money is carried out in different ways and in different places, starting from post offices and ending with the Stoloto lottery center in Moscow. To receive money, present your ticket with a lucky combination, the passport, win code, received by SMS.

To 2 000 rubles

Prize to 2000 rubles are issued at all authorized points of sale and on the website. In the mobile application and on the Stoloto website, this amount is automatically transferred to the wallet in your personal account. You can get your money at the Russian Post offices.

From 2 000 to 100 000 rubles

The sum of this range can be obtained in different places, depending on its exact size.

I will list the places, where can you collect your prize:

  • to 5 000 rubles are issued in the Svyaznoy chain of stores and in the Russian Post offices;
  • to 10 000 rubles you will receive in Euroset, at the post office;
  • to 50 000 rubles are given in the branches "Balt-Lotto" and "Baltbet".

You can receive your prize by bank transfer. Send a correctly completed application to the postal address of Stoloto, information about yourself (passport data), information about the winning ticket (key and number), win code, received by SMS, and bank details.

From 100 000 to 999 999 rubles

Such amounts are paid in cash directly on the day of the winner's request or by prior agreement. Full check of the ticket is required, verification of documents, confirming the identity.

Cash issued up to 180 000 rubles. Amounts from 180 thousand are issued by bank transfer to the winner's bank account. Before the transfer, bank details are checked.

To transfer money, you need the following bank details:

  1. Name of the bank.
  2. Correspondent account of a bank branch.
  3. BIK bank.
  4. INN bank.
  5. Bank checkpoint.
  6. Current account of the branch for transferring the winning amount.
  7. Winner's personal account, or the account of his plastic card.

More 1 000 000 rubles

Payment of a prize of one million or more is done only after the examination of the prize. For security reasons, the winner will not receive money in hand. They are transferred by bank transfer.

To receive the prize, the winner must personally visit the central office of Gosloto. The date of the visit is agreed in advance. The winner must have a document with him, proof of identity.

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