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Bingo loto estonia: latest results and information

Internet bingo

Bingo lovers can always find the game on the Internet. There are several hundred online bingo halls in the world, in which up to a thousand players gather at any moment of the day or night. The participant can play as for real money (to transfer funds in this case, you will need a bank card or electronic wallet), and "on candy wrappers". Bingo is available to players on 90 balls, on 75 balls, as well as other varieties - for example, bingo on 80 balls. You can play from one to a hundred cards, and the computer can help fill them. It is usually possible to chat with other players. Also, there is usually a representative of the bingo hall in the chat, which can host various side games with cash prizes.

History of bingo

Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia is considered the progenitor of modern bingo, the first mention of which refers to 1530 year, and this game actually goes back to the custom of electing members of the Great Council of Genoa at the beginning of the 16th century by drawing balls with numbers. Then the game spreads in other countries and by the 19th century it was known throughout Europe, as well as in Russia.

Bingo itself in the modern version is associated with the American Edwin Lowe. During the Great Depression, his toy company went bankrupt., and he was looking for a new occupation

At one of the fairs, his attention was attracted by a group of gambling Italians. Cards were dealt to players, on which they are using the beans (English. bean) marked the dropped numbers

The winner shouted "Bean go!» ("Bob is coming") - this exclamation gave the name to the game. Edwin slightly modified the rules of the game, started selling play kits and organized a game in New York. Lowe commissioned mathematics professor Karl Loeffler to design bingo cards. He created 6000 unique bingo cards; popular, but an unconfirmed myth claims, that as a result he lost his mind.

Bingo quickly became popular in English-speaking countries.. Despite, that it is essentially a game of chance, she stands closer to the lotteries, therefore, in many countries there were no serious restrictions on bingo. Furthermore, bingo is often played in churches, as part of the collected money goes to charity or the needs of the parish.

Is it possible to win?

Probability to win a super prize, that is Jackpot, relatively small. On the organizer's website, she, Unfortunately, not specified. The lottery uses a number formula 24 of 75. In this case, winning the main prize is possible only up to 46 course. Using mathematical analysis, can be understood, that in this case the chances of getting the Jackpot are approximately 1 to 2 200 000.

At the same time, chances of getting smaller prizes, there is. In the first draw more than 7000 tickets won in the first round, 23 tickets won in the second, the same number of participants won the Card-55 round. And more 90 000 person (almost a third of participants) received prizes in the last round. Guaranteed Jackpot 10 000 000 rub. nobody got, but it went to the next edition.

How to buy a ticket?

When will you buy a lottery ticket through a kiosk or partner's office, get a bright coupon "Bingo 75", where will 24 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Remarkably, that purchasing them at points of sale, you can buy several copies at once.

Mobile phone numbers are not required for a personal transaction. If you win, you just have to show the coupon, therefore, be sure to save it in case of a winning combination - the payment will be made on it.

But in the case of ordering tickets via the Internet, upon registration, the Stoloto website will definitely ask for a number. Indicate the current card, to which you personally have access always: if you can get a cash prize, then the payment is confirmed according to this data. Registration on the portal is simple, and implies a simple algorithm of actions:

  1. When authorization on the site is completed, you need to select the required lottery format (in this particular case it is "Bingo 75") and click on the corresponding banner with the logo.
  2. On the web page that opens, you will be offered several lottery tickets, from which you can choose your favorite configuration of numbers.
  3. Having decided on a solution, select the card you like with the mouse and confirm the "add to cart" function.
  4. Then go to your personal account, choose a convenient payment method, deposit the required amount and save the purchased tickets (they can also be printed via email).


The game entered the gambling market recently. During this time, she has not yet managed to collect a large army of fans.. However, the ranks of the fans of this drawing are growing every day..

At the moment, no player has managed to hit the jackpot. Let's hope, that soon someone will be able to collect this amount.

Anyone can take part in the game. You can buy a ticket at the points of sale of lottery tickets from "Stoloto". For the convenience of the players, the developers suggest using the official Internet resource. You can also get a prize there.. In addition, there are other ways to buy a ticket and receive a prize..

The rules of the game are quite confusing. At every stage, and there are five, there are some nuances. After a few tries, you can figure it out.

maybe, the popularity of this draw will increase over time. After all, this is a rather promising and interesting game..

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