The lottery paradox

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Benefits of foreign draws

Many experienced players prefer foreign lotteries. Main reasons:

  • the organizer is mainly the state
    . Such draws are strictly controlled. It's almost impossible to do some kind of fraud to get a win. The slightest misunderstanding is immediately eliminated;
  • large prize pool
    . Winning lottery statistics show, what, without even breaking the jackpot, the player has a chance to get rich for several thousand dollars;
  • non-disclosure of player's name, winning a large sum of money.
    Many winners wish to remain incognito, at least considerations ;
  • currency selection
    . The prize is valued in dollars or in , However, a foreign player can receive it in national currency.

The only drawback is the amount - 25-30% of the prize amount.

Won millions? And you're hooking!

Occasionally Stoloto pleases with a message, that there such and such won a jackpot or just a big prize of a couple of million rubles. The news spreads instantly. Hope flashes in the hearts of lottery participants, that if someone won such a huge amount, so they will certainly be lucky. You just have to keep buying tickets and hope for a miracle. And here again the crowds are running for tickets.

Yeah ... maybe sometimes someone managed to accidentally become one of these lucky ones, however besides the sum with several zeros on the screen, they never saw anything else. Scandals broke out more than once with those, who won millions in Stoloto, however remained with nothing.

History 1.

In November 2016 of the year a resident of Transbaikalia won 6 million rubles in Stoloto. But when you try to pick them up, it was announced, what was a technical glitch, An error has occurred, therefore his ticket is considered a losing one. What kind 6 million?!

History 2.

Pensioner Nina Koryagina from Dzerzhinsk Stoloto "broke off" even more. The woman won 54 million rubles on New Year's Eve 2017 years in the "Russian Lotto". The lottery organizers confirmed and promised the prize, that she will later be contacted about the issue of money. However, no one else wanted to deal with the winner - the phone was either constantly busy, or unavailable for months. Interesting, isn't it true?

Yes, I always want to believe, that someday you will be able to win the lottery and solve all your financial problems. However, if the lottery is not fair, cheats and does everything, so that people do not win or receive minimum amounts, then the probability of a big win tends to zero. Hopefully, the above evidence of fraud, will make you think, is it realistic to win in Stoloto or is it all cheating. Are you ready to give your money to scammers for a ghostly hope?, which is simply not destined to come true? But some people get so excited, that they spend their entire salary and even borrow money to buy packs of tickets.

Reach a million

The fifth win brought Richard wealth. True, he did not become a millionaire: the sum of all his winnings was less. But, now he had money, allowing you to bet high, and continued the game.

In a later interview with ABC News, Lustig said, that his method is, to invest all your winnings in the lottery. Most of the received 800 thousand he (rumored) spent on lotteries. A little reckless, isn't it true?

Nevertheless, it paid off - some of the money returned in the form of large winnings. In November 2008 Richard got a super prize of $ 73 658, and in August 2010 he hit another jackpot, for the amount $ 98 992, in both cases it was the Fantasy lottery 5.

Richard's favorite lottery - Fantasy 5 (now it 5 of 36). Three out of seven winnings were in this particular lottery

Financial journalist Felix Salmon wrote, that given Lustig's habit of using most of his winnings to buy tickets, it is unclear whether he saved at least some prize money or everything went into play? Richard himself never said, what expenses did he incur and does he still have the money he won.

But, the final score looks impressive. 7 jackpots, total winnings exceeded 1 million dollars ($1 052 205), could anyone achieve more? true, Richard received the main share from only one of them, all other prizes are not that great. But, why be interested in details, the main thing is not this. The main thing is, that a person who hit the jackpot more than once knows the secret of the game and earned a million on it

What numbers will be drawn in the lotto?

To understand, how can you win the lottery, need to understand, that the manifested part of the universe (physical and subtle worlds) consists of energies and energetic mechanisms. In the manifested part of the universe, there is a basic law - balance should be observed everywhere. The latter is measured by the five elements: by fire, land, metal, water and wood. When all five elements are concentrated in a specific place or at a specific time in equal amounts, then there is harmony or balance.

But if on some day or in some place there is a lack of any elements, then the missing elements are automatically attracted to those, which form a defective circle of five elements. According to the same principle, numbers in the lotto. Trying to figure it out, how to win the lottery, should be understood, that any date can be decomposed into energy units. The easiest way to do this is with the Ba-Tzu calculator..

To make it clear, how energies are attracted to each other, it is worth taking as an example the situation, when a couple from Virginia Beach was able to win two hundred thousand dollars in the lottery. The lottery draw took place in the evening 15 October 2011 of the year. If you look at the Ba-tzu-layout of this day, then you can see, that it was water day (second column from the left, top value). However, the fire was very strong that day. After all, the Rabbit of the day and of the year and the Dog of the month create a strong fire together. Since the month was a strong earth (second column to the right), it turns out, what 15 October 2011 the energies of fire and earth were strong.

How to determine if there is a balance or imbalance of energies on a particular day? It's easy to make, focusing on the circle of five elements. Weak elements in the case of 15 October 2011 years were: metal and fire. The drawing took place in the evening at the hour of the Rooster. But if you look at GMT and take into account, that the time zone Virginia Beach is UTC −4, and besides, daylight saving time was in effect in the USA.


It turns out, that the rally fell on 23:00. And this, as seen, tree on the water Rats (first column to the left). Means, metal and fire remained weak. Considering the combination of energies, which are created between energies, then we can conclude, that strong earth supports and strengthens metal, and he, in its turn, able to interact with fire, creating strong water.

Energy, who were active in the evening 15 October 2011 of the year, created a strong element of water, in need of suppression. Wood and earth drain water. But in combinations of energies 15 October 2011 there is earth and wood. Means, not enough metal and fire. To find out, with what numbers will it be possible to win the lottery, find a suitable combination, eg, person's date of birth, whose energies can create a balance between the elements of the evening 15 October 2011.

Woman, who, together with her husband, was able to win two hundred thousand dollars in the lottery, decided to take numbers from the date of birth of Barack Obama. The day before, when she won, she dreamed of the president of the United States. Therefore, the lucky woman took the numbers, related to his fate. Barack Obama was born 04.08.1961. If you look at the Ba-tzu-layout of his date of birth, then we can conclude, that on his birthday the Bull created metal with the Snake.

This metal was strengthened by the Lord of the day - earth. In the month of his birth, there is a tree on the Goat. This is a tree, interacting with metal, creates fire. I.e, in the evening 15 October 2011 the years have attracted the missing metal and fire. And that's why the lotto got numbers, from which you can make up the date of birth of Barack Obama: 1, 4, 6, 8, 19.

To win a large amount in the lottery, you need to learn to analyze the energies of days, when the draws are held and the dates of birth of people. Woman's subconscious, got a big win, helped her consciousness to read from the universe information about, what energy will not be enough at that time, when a woman dreamed of winning. Therefore, it showed her in a dream an image of this energy, it was Barack Obama. To better understand the topic, worth reading about, how energies cause dreams. Setting specific goals before bed, then the subconscious will communicate with the consciousness and show the most likely results of that action, which you want to implement.

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