How to play Vikinglotto

Tips for playing vikinglotto

Play online

To play Vikinglotto online, just click on the "Play" button below or touch it:

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Next draw: Wednesday, 26 August

I play online, you automatically receive the following additional benefits:

  • Safety. Your tickets are automatically saved to your online account, as soon as you pay for them. This eliminates the possibility of loss, damage or theft of the ticket.
  • Convenience. Tickets can be purchased at any time and on any device. Furthermore, if you win a prize, you will receive an automatic notification!
  • Payouts. If you have chosen the lucky numbers and won a prize, winnings will be immediately transferred to your account after confirming the winnings.

How to play

Vikinglotto players need to choose six numbers from 1 to 48 and Viking number from 1 to 8. Members can either choose their own numbers, or use the Quick Pick function ("Quick choice"), which automatically generates a random set of numbers.

To win the jackpot, players need to match all six main numbers and the Viking number. The jackpot amount starts from 3 million euros, and, if the jackpot is not played, he goes to the next draw. After the jackpot exceeds the limit of 35 million euros, additional prize amount is added to the lower tier prize, which can be won, by matching all six main numbers without the Viking number.

The prizes of the top two tiers are distributed among all participating countries, and the rest of the prizes are set individually by each participating State. A percentage of the revenue from each ticket sale contributes to the total prize pool, and the remaining money is distributed among the remaining prize tiers in each country.

The following table shows the different prize levels and the odds of winning in each category.

Guessed 6 + Viking ball Total jackpot (minimum 3 million euros) 1 of 98 172 096
Guessed 6 General prize 1 of 14 024 585
Guessed 5 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 389 572
Guessed 5 Special prizes in countries 1 of 55 653
Guessed 4 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 7 601
Guessed 4 Special prizes in countries 1 of 1 086
Guessed 3 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 428
Guessed 3 Special prizes in countries 1 of 61
Guessed 2 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 58
Guessed 2 Special prizes in countries 1 of 8

Prize tiers differ in each participating country, and not all countries offer all of the above prize levels.

A number of additional games are also held in selected countries, such as various Joker games, in which players must match up to seven numbers in exact order, in which they are determined during the rally.

What you should pay attention to

Lottery scam messages are very easy to spot, If you know, what to fear. Follow these simple steps, to determine, whether the email is genuine or fraudulent.

  • Scammers often claim, that you must refer to them within a certain time, to get a prize. This is done in order, to pressure you and force you to provide them with your data before, how do you seek advice or carefully consider your decision.
  • If you are asked to keep your winnings secret, this is another sign of, that everything is too good, to be true. Scammers will do it, to not let you tell anyone else about your win, who can recognize deception.
  • Letters, sent to you by scammers by regular or e-mail, often full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This could be a sign, that English is a foreign language of the senders; in official letters such inaccuracies are unlikely.

What to do, if you receive a fraudulent message regarding Vikinglotto

If you receive a fraudulent message or phone call or suspect, what have become the target of scammers, you should follow these steps.

  • Do not under any circumstances send money to those, who contacted you.
  • Do not open any attachments or follow the links in the letter, which you think is fraudulent.
  • Don't communicate with the sender of the message at all.
  • Do not disclose any personal or financial information and make sure, that you keep all personal data with you.
  • If you have already sent personal or financial data to the sender, inform the bank as soon as possible.

Types of fraudulent messages

You should be aware of several types of fraudulent messages. They include:


Fraudsters may send phishing emails asking you to click on the link provided. This link is used to redirect you to a malicious site, who may collect personal data and information. Before, how to follow any links, make sure, that the email is genuine.

Mobile phone

You can get a text message stating, that you won a prize, since your number was randomly selected as the winning number. There are no such promotions., and the Vikinglotto suppliers will never text you about them. Don't follow the links, indicated in suspicious text messages.


Scammers sometimes pretend to be lottery officials over the phone. They will ask you to provide bank details and personal information, to send you a prize. Never give this kind of information to strangers over the phone..

Social networks

The rise of social media has sparked a new type of fraud, according to which you receive a message via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or other social network, which says, what are the lottery winners. Always remember, that it is impossible to play Vikinglotto through social networks, and you will never be notified of your winnings through the social network. You can play only by purchasing a ticket at an official point of sale or online using an authorized lottery concierge service.


In case of fraud by mail, you will receive a letter, which will report on winning the lottery. Letter, possibly, will not be addressed to you personally, and the circulation will be "Dear Winner", Is a clear sign that, that the letter is not authentic. The letter may be misspelled or may not look official.

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