The megalo: European Official Lottery. What is it?

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I have checked many lotteries, but it was a divorce. Now there is a European official lottery. In theory, citizens of different countries can participate, but before i checked the site

I was alarmed, that the live broadcast of the official draw starts right after entering the page, as if they were waiting for me. After reboot it starts again. Feel the catch?

Here I took a break and looked, how much money went down to my balance from one of the working methods, which I am currently testing. For 5 hours 1200 rub. Rodnik passive income, so there is time to write reviews for you.

Next, I checked the details of MegaLoto. Here they are:

The license to conduct the drawings was issued by MEGALOTO JSC dated 11.07.1999. for number №89458432 AI.

The game calls itself official, but it is not so. Self-proclaimed lottery doesn't mean, that there is money. The requisites turned out to be fake, and on the official portals about the company JSC "Megaloto" there is not a word.

Mega-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH At the TÜV 2 + 4 30519 Hannover. Online Draw Participants Support Service: [email protected]

Address written in Germany, but when searching for a game on the internet results 0. The site also has a user agreement, in which the authors disclaim responsibility for your possible losses.

Not a word about the distribution of prizes, but written, that the site sells information. Doesn't sound like lottery description! Then I passed the game and won a big prize.

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