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Lottery “Euromillions” – Euromillions

The most famous lottery not only in Europe, but all over the world. Its popularity can be easily explained.. She is old enough, the first draw took place in 1994 year. The number of participants includes about 9 countries, therefore the jackpot can be hundreds of thousands of euros. Her rules, like all number lotteries, simple, need to guess 5 numbers from 50 and 1 of 12.

Live broadcasts of the draws are held on the BBC channel 1 on Tuesdays and Fridays. If the winner of the jackpot has not been determined, then the prize goes to the next draw. The maximum jackpot is 190 million, it can be played out 4 circulation in a row. If there is no winner, then the jackpot will be distributed among the winners of the next category. The chance of winning the top prize is approximately 1 to 140 millions. The prize can be received within six months after the drawing..

Only residents of the participating countries and people can take part in the lottery, who bought tickets, being on the territory of such a state. But there is an opportunity to participate in the lottery for all other people - this is to buy a ticket through intermediaries. Sites, selling lottery tickets, enough. An important rule is, that the participant must be of legal age, t. is. reached 18 years old. For UK citizens, the minimum age is 16 years old. Winning taxes vary by country, in which the ticket was purchased.

Description of the Lottery, How to play online

EuroMillions is by far the most popular European lottery. EuroMillions lottery offers us both multi-million dollar jackpots, which have repeatedly become the maximum in the history of world lotteries, and quite high chances of winning compared to other European lotteries.

How to play the lottery ,,EuroMillions,,:

  1. Select numbers on the playing field.
  2. Five different numbers from 1 to 50 and two Mega digits from 1 to 11.
  3. You can take advantage of the "Auto-complete" option and the computer will randomly select numbers.
  4. Use two filling options at once, this will add a thrill to the game.
  5. Each ticket costs 2$

The jackpot changes in each draw and depends on the number of tickets purchased. Other prizes in EuroMillions are based on the total prize pool for that draw, as well as the number of winners.

The EuroMillions lottery draw takes place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 22.30 evenings. The draw is broadcast on local TV channels, such as ,,The One,,.

All EuroMillions ticket transactions are final and cannot be canceled or changed once the ticket has been purchased.

Payout of winnings:

Unlike other similar lotteries, EuroMillions winnings are free of taxes and other government contributions. The winner receives the full amount drawn.

Winnings up to € 5,200 are paid directly to your personal account, immediately after the draw.

If you win from 5,200 € to 1,000,000 €, you will receive a notification of your winning, but the prize will not be credited to your internal account. In this case, the payment of the winnings will be made within 30 days, after submitting a prize claim at the EuroMillions lottery office.

If your winnings are 1,000,000 € or more, You will receive a win notification. Winnings will be paid out in 31 day, after submitting an application to the EuroMillions central office.

Nine Excellent Winning Chances

Matched digits Winnings
5 + 2 Jackpot
5 + 1 200,000€ – 1,000,000€
5 30,000€ – 150,000€
4 +2 2,500€ – 10,000€
4 +1 150€ – 300€
4 70€ – 150€
3 +2 30€ – 3,000€
3 +1 10€ – 20€
3 7€ – 15€
2 +2 10 – 25€
2 +1 5 – 10€
2 3€ – 5€
1 +2 5€ – 15€



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Features of the company

1. company does not withhold any percentage of the winnings of its customers and does not charge any commission fees. Ownership of purchased lottery tickets belongs exclusively to subscribers.
2. The sale and resale of lottery tickets is not within the scope of Our information and courier service makes inquiries and purchases of your chosen lottery tickets from local official distributors on your behalf. Printing your name on the tickets and their scanned copies sent to your e-mail guarantee the authenticity of the tickets and their belonging to you.. Winning lottery tickets are carefully stored in the safes of until they are handed over to their direct owner..

Important to remember: it is preferable to place registration of subscription requests at least one day before the start of a particular draw of a particular lottery. Payment for subscription must be confirmed by the organization, which serves your credit card

Given this fact, if the subscription is placed in a timely manner, has enough time to purchase lottery tickets from official distributors, printing your name on them and sending scanned copies to the email address.
4. You can always familiarize yourself with the results of lottery draws on the website. They are placed immediately after the end of the draw.. Another way to get acquainted with the results of the lottery is to visit the official sites of certain lotteries.

How to get a win if the winnings amount does not exceed 600 US dollars
If the amount of your winnings does not exceed 600 dollars, then getting it is very easy. company can automatically receive the winnings on your behalf. We can choose:
and) add the won amount to your subscription on our website for its subsequent renewal;
b) send the won amount to your specified address in a convenient way for you. In this case, you only pay the expenses, related to the transfer of the amount won.
If the winning amount is 600 US dollars and more
If the amount of your winnings is 600 US dollars and above, You can receive your winnings in three possible ways:
1. You should fill out a special formal request form in order to, to get your winnings. The company will send the required form to your address. After filling it out and signing it, you send the finished document back to . After that, the form you filled out is sent by us to the commission of a particular lottery, complete with the original winning ticket to claim your prize. The next step is identification and subsequent confirmation of the request by one or another lottery commission.. Commission writes a check in your name.
Should be considered, that the lottery commission has the legal right to require the personal presence of the winning person for the delivery of large cash prizes.
2. Personal presentation of the winning ticket. To do this, you should visit one of the offices of , where the winning ticket will be handed over to you personally, after which you can independently receive your prize.
3. In that case, if visiting one of our offices is difficult for you, the winning ticket can be sent to you by mail in a convenient way for you. However, in this case, all material costs and possible risks are included in your area of ​​responsibility.
It should be noted, that the differences in the procedures for obtaining winnings from 600 US dollars and up 600 US dollars is set exclusively by the lottery administration.
Each of the ways to get a win has certain advantages.. The choice is always yours alone. Our task is to do our best, so that the procedure for receiving a prize becomes as convenient and pleasant as possible for you. Qualified specialists of company are always ready to help you in any matter, related to playing the US lottery.

We wish you good luck and big wins!

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