How to win the Lotto Eurojackpot jackpot

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How to win the Lotto Eurojackpot jackpot

Can you imagine winning several million euros? In fact, it is possible, if you match anybody's winning numbers. Besides, you can choose the numbers yourself or using the quick selection tool. Many people prefer to use "quick match", because they don't want to deal with making a winning combination.

However, if you still want to pick the numbers yourself, you should first think about, how to sort numbers. You can try using the most frequently drawn numbers.

Did you know, what figure 18 was played out 45 time, numeral 1 — 40 time, numeral 46 — 42 times? Besides, don't forget the last two additional numbers. Also, number 10 was played 39 time, and the number 2 — 40 time.

When, if you found out, that several numbers are repeated, why not choose this method? Even if you're not the only winner, you will win a lot of money anyway. Basically, you must choose seven numbers, two of which are optional (from 1 to 10). The first five are the main numbers from 1 to 50. Besides, the draw is held every Friday at 21:00 evenings. After the official announcement, you will find out, did you manage to match all the numbers.

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