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What are the latest Eurojackpot numbers?

First, there were no winners for 5 Main and two additional numbers. So that means, that there will be a rollover for the jackpot.

Second guessed five major and one euro number 4 player.

In third place, five main numbers guessed six players.

In fourth place guessed four major and two euro numbers 36 player.

Have four main numbers and one Euro number 826 Guess the player and take away the fifth prize.

In sixth place guessed the four main numbers 1.366 player.

Have the three main and two euro numbers 1.612 Guess the player and win the seventh prize.

Both major and two euro numbers guessed 23.375 player. three major and one euro number guessed 36.920 player.

The three main numbers guessed 62.053 player.

One major and two euro numbers guessed 120.923 player.

The two main and one euro numbers finally guess, that 513.447 Players won the last prize.

date numbers price
03/22/2019 24, 20, 49, 44, 15 + 9 + 7 € 10,029,078
03/15/2019 19, 2, 11, 1, 47 + 7 + 2 € 53,423,674
03/08/2019 29, 45, 4, 30, 31 + 7 + 1 € 41,023,359
03/01/2019 24, 7, 19, 18, 16 + 1 + 6 € 29,863,276
02/22/2019 26, 25, 14, 21, 16 + 10 + 8 € 19,742,573
02/15/2019 30, 24, 31, 1, 47 + 7 + 9 € 10,277,181
08/02/2019 26, 21, 24, 5, 8 + 5 + 4 € 63,248,942

The most common Eurojackpot numbers

Using the latest data from the currently official lottery, you can find out, which main numbers appear most frequently. First the main numbers;

Nummer Times Nummer Times
18 46 46 42
16 45 49 42
19 45 1 41
40 45 4 41
25 44 9 40
33 44 35 40
7 42 10 39
14 42 20 39

Second, the most common additional numbers:

Additional number Times Additional number Times
5 53 4 44
3 52 7 44
9 52 1 43
6 50 2 41
8 49 10 40

Least common lottery numbers

Nummer Times Number Times
2 28 34 34
5 33 36 29
11 34 37 31
23 32 41 34
26 34 42 34
27 28 43 34
29 32 45 32
30 33 48 25

Just to be safe, take some time and find out, which combination would be the best.

Eurojackpot numbers and prices

The last Eurojackpot numbers will be published shortly after the drawing. This means, on Friday, the 29. March, became the numbers 42, 15, 24, 9, 4 and two additional numbers, 8 and 9, drawn. Overall the jackpot was 19.614.132 € and there was surprisingly over 760.000 winner.

Most of all, it would be good, if you could guess the next Eurojackpot numbers. To do this, however, you need to know, how many numbers to choose. No doubt you need to know too, how to increase the chances of winning.

For this reason, we often give the latest information in the article, that could help you choose. In the hope, that you can do it, Get your lucky combination, we also publish information such as the total frequency of the number drawings.

Currently the EuroJackpot numbers are from Helsinki, as shown above, published immediately after the draw. Keep that in mind, the draw takes place every Friday evening 21:00 Am EST in Helsinki. There are indeed many people, who haven't heard of this European lottery game, all thanks to the significant awards.

How to play

The rules of the game are of course very simple. First you choose five main numbers and two additional numbers. After that, with a few simple steps, you will receive your ticket and wait for the draw, so you can see the numbers.

If all match, this of course means, that you have won the greatest possible prize, the jackpot. But do not worry, if you don't agree with them, because there are also many surprisingly great prizes left. This means, if you match five main numbers and only one additional, would you still stay within millions.

Although it may be true, that you win less, when you match fewer numbers, it is very unlikely, that you end up empty-handed, there currently up to 12 Prices are possible. In the worst case, you will get the money back, that you spent on your ticket.

In light of these points, many people especially wonder, what is happening, when nobody wins the jackpot. Point this out, there is a term called rollover, with which the amount of jackpot funds grows and can apparently be won in the next drawing. As a matter of fact, if nobody wins again, the following amount increases again, until he €! 00.000.000 reached.

After that, the additional income will be transferred to the next prize pool. In this situation, winning the second prize will certainly be a general disappointment.

What are the prices

Since obviously no one is playing this game just for the fun themselves, we bring you the news about the latest special amounts of prices. Until you read this, you will be more motivated, intervene safely in the game.

First, we're going to start with Jackpot, those on € 19,614,131.71 Clearly jumped. In addition to this, there was no winner of the jackpot, so the crowd, that means will be even greater in the next draw clearly.

After that we have a second price which offer € 830,333.90 was explicit. But surprisingly, the third prize wasn't that bad either 100,996.30 € stands.

The fourth prize was with 5.610,90 Endowed with euros. So even if you only guess four numbers in total, additionally choose these two otherwise you can get at least a few thousands. This is followed by the fifth prize of 220 €.

Naturally, this is not the end, we still have a sixth prize € 103,50 That brings. After that there will be more there are six prices left ranging from € 75,10 Which all the way to € 7,50. At least a large number of people have therefore received the money invested back.

How can I tap lottery numbers online

There are two lottery draws a week, one takes place on Wednesday and the other on the following Saturday. who would, can only participate in one drawing, or directly on both, the chance of a profit does not depend on it. However, if you place a tip on both days, you throw your lottery tip into two pots and have two chances of winning. This is why most people play the lottery on both days, after all, nobody wants six correct numbers if the wrong number is drawn.

Depending on, Which lottery you want to participate in on Saturdays, whether only Lotto 6aus49 or also super 6, game 77, you can set all this manually in the lottery ticket according to your wishes. In addition, you will be shown clearly, how much your ticket will cost.

The raffle on Saturday takes place at 19:25 Clock instead of, the raffle on Wednesday at 18:25 Clock. The draws will be broadcast live on the internet.

Just choose 6 out 49 Lottery numbers and you have the chance, a jackpot of at least 1 Million Euro (Lotto on Wednesday) or 3 Million Euros (Lotto on Saturday) to win.

In addition to the regular lottery numbers, there is also a super number between 0 and 9 drawn. The super number is the last digit of the lottery ticket number. When you hit lottery six and the correct super number, you won the jackpot.

Which prize categories are there at the EuroJackpot?

The more numbers and euro numbers (these are also referred to as field A and field B.), the higher your EuroJackpot profit will be. The EuroJackpot prize categories show you more precisely, how and what you can win. You crack the jackpot with 5 correct numbers and two correct euro numbers in prize class 1. At the EuroJackpot there is a total of 12 Prize tiers, to which the total winnings will be divided. You can see how the different prize categories are made up and how high the respective average prize is in the following table:

Prize class Winning probability Share of the total prize money
1 (5 + 2) 1 : 95.344.200 36,00%
2 (5 + 1) 1 : 5.959.013 8,50%
3 (5 + 0) 1 : 3.405.150 3,00%
4 (4 + 2) 1 : 423.752 1,00%
5 (4 + 1) 1 : 26.485 0,90%
6 (4 + 0) 1 : 15.134 0,70%
7 (3 + 2) 1 : 9.631 0,60%
8 (2 + 2) 1 : 672 3,10%
9 (3 + 1) 1 : 602 3,00%
10 (3 + 0) 1 : 344 4,30%
11 (1 + 2) 1 : 128 7,80%
12 (2 + 1) 1 : 42 19,10%

The new lottery for Europe

17 European countries (including Germany with its 16 State lottery companies) take part in the new EuroJackpot lottery. The cooperation distributes costs and profits to many millions of customers and the high main profit of 90 Million euros made possible. It is assumed, that the jackpot is paid out every three to four weeks on average. A minimum jackpot of 10.000.000,00 Euro is guaranteed.
The EuroJackpot is a major competitor to the European lottery EuroMillionen, which has existed for a good eight years. If you compare the two European lotteries with each other, one realizes, that Euromillions with a maximum main prize of 190 Million euros offers a higher jackpot than the EuroJackpot. But the chances of winning are with the EuroJackpot 1 to 95 Million significantly higher – with EuroMillions they are only included 1 too round 139 millions, just like the LOTTO 6aus49.

How does the Lottoland special jackpot work?

A special jackpot is offered at selected lotteries at irregular intervals. You can then only win this in Lottoland. While in the regular drawing after a jackpot win, only the minimum amount can be won, the same jackpot may then be multiplied in Lottoland.

By the way, how you can win this special jackpot, of course nothing changes. You have the same opportunities and you pay the same price. Basically only the sum changes, that you can win in the first prize category.

The special jackpot is guaranteed to be paid out in the event of a win, the entire amount is covered by insurance. You can also find more about the special jackpots in our magazine.

Expected lottery numbers for the next drawing

Use our current forecasts and statistics for hot numbers for your favorite lotteries. We calculate the expected lottery numbers based on the average omissions (from the last 52 Draws) minus the current omissions of the respective winning numbers. Of course, every lottery is a game of chance, so only take these predictions as our recommendation. You can play these numbers directly with LottoStar24, by pressing the green button, which is behind every set of numbers.

Lottery numbers – Lotto 6 out 49

The classic lottery numbers from the Lotto 6aus49 have been around for over 60 Years ago. The draws always take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On this page you will always find the current lottery results. To hit the jackpot, you need to, do you need to 6 correct winning numbers (out 49) as well as correctly typed the super number on your lottery ticket. In the lottery you can win up to 43 Win millions of euros. The minimum jackpot is 1 Million Euro. When the jackpot after 13 Draws are not won, the compulsory payout is applied and the jackpot goes to the lucky winner in the lower prize tier.

Lottery numbers – Eurojackpot

The lottery numbers from the Eurojackpot are used by players in total 18 Countries. Every Friday the drawing takes place in Helsinki, then you can find the lottery numbers from Eurojackpot here and match them with your lottery ticket. To crack the euro jackpot, you need to, do you need to 5 out 50 Lottery numbers as well 2 Euro numbers correctly on your lottery ticket. In the Eurojackpot you can get up to 90 Win millions of euros. The minimum jackpot is 10 Million Euros.

Lottery numbers – Euromillions

The lottery numbers of the Euromillions regularly make Europeans richer by millions. This European multi-country lottery has existed since 2004. The lottery draws always take place on Tuesdays and Fridays in Paris, then you will find the current lottery numbers for Euromillions here. You have to go back to the Euromillions too 5 out 50 Winning numbers as well 2 out 12 Stars type correctly, to tap the million jackpot. In Euromillions you can get up to 190 Win millions of euros, which makes it the largest European lottery, that you can play from Germany. The minimum jackpot is 10 Million Euros.

How to win numbers with Eurojackpot

In general, the internet is flooded with all information about advice, how you can win the lottery with certainty. For this reason we made up our mind, to filter out the few most frequently used and offer them to you. As you can see, it is very difficult to say, which work safely and which do not.

In addition, some people choose to do it, make their decisions based on their favorite numbers or lucky combinations.

Regardless of your choice, your chances of winning are theoretically the same, because every number has an equal chance, to be drawn. Why some are less or more common than others, could be discussed.

There is no way, affect the drawing, However, you can make pretty good assumptions about it, what might be drawn next. With a little effort, of course, to select the numbers accordingly.

After all, that's what it is about, Have fun and try your luck. If you can do it, win the jackpot, we also offer you some tips, how to start managing profits.

Tips for choosing the numbers

At this point in time, the previous eurojackpot numbers offer a particularly generous insight into the information, that they need. This is the most important of all the benefits of an online lottery. When choosing the combination, just browse the website and you will immediately see the information you need.

First of all, it would certainly be the best technique, capture as many numbers and combinations as possible, what buying more tickets would mean. Undoubtedly it would be a bigger expense and therefore a bigger disappointment, if you lose.

Even if buying more tickets might undoubtedly be an option for some, everyone has to concentrate on the numbers. With this in mind, we can start with the first, and obviously most commonly used, technique. In short this means, just choose the numbers, which occur most frequently overall.

Not to mention it, that we always offer the following information about the last frequency of numbers in our posts. Together with the numbers, of course, you get a complete package. Besides this system, you can, as shown above, focus on the whole group of numbers. As a result, aiming directly at the entire combination would result in different numbers.

When you're not that good with numbers, you can always choose the undoubtedly easy way out. This means, there is an option for quick selection, which is sure to give you the most random combination of numbers.

There is also the possibility, sticking to your last numbers and testing your luck instead. Whatever you choose at the time, it generally gives you a great chance of winning.

Tips for winners

If you haven't won at that point, it could undoubtedly be silly, to read this. In any case, it is important, prepare for the opportunity anyway, that it actually happens. That prepares and thinks carefully about the total amount, that you will receive. To be sure, Calculate, how long it will take, when you spend a certain amount for each month or beyond, invest it in something.

To make this clear, it is important to mention, that large investments are not recommended for those, who did not previously have the experience. Hence it is best, hire a person, who can advise you professionally, if you choose this route.

It is just as important, generally to be careful, who you tell about your winnings. In addition, giving this information to a large number of people can certainly be dangerous to you and yet to your family.

It's the worst idea, of course, Share your picture at the same time. Sooner or later, it would get you into awkward or even more dangerous situations.

In a nutshell, ask for specific professional opinions, how to deal with a large amount of winnings, and try not to lose control. Because if you take the right steps and manage the crowd accordingly, lasts longer. It will bring you more years of relaxed and undeniably fulfilling life.

Information on the Eurojackpot numbers

The Eurojackpot lottery was launched in 2012 was founded and to this day has undoubtedly made regular guests millionaires. Tickets can currently be purchased in authorized stores in 17 Countries in Europe. But as shown above, Lottomania is the best and easiest option, to acquire them.

Draws will be held every Friday for repetition. The rules are very simple, choose five numbers between 1 and 50. Then select two additional numbers from 1 to 10.

As already mentioned, there are total 12 Prizes and the chances of winning have certainly increased. In addition to the frequency of the numbers, we'll also talk about odds of winning.

How big is your Eurojackpot chance?

Before you decide on a winning combination, you should first consider the right combination of odd and even numbers.

In general, the best combination between these would certainly be, to choose three odds and two even numbers or the opposite. In fact, this combination surprisingly shows roughly 65% of all drawings.

When you cut the numbers in half, this becomes apparently easier. This means for clarity, the table with 50 Divide numbers in half, 25 lower numbers on one side and 25 higher on others. That way you will get a better look at the numbers themselves and be able to easily combine them.

In addition, combinations of all odds or all even numbers are only approximate 3% of all drawings. Likewise is a combination, its just all the numbers below 25 or above, obviously seldom.

So, when putting the combination together, pay attention to it the same way, to confuse them. Im 2/3 or 3/2 Keep the system. That means overall, choose two higher and three lower numbers or the opposite.

After all, this makes the exact lottery system, where you have five main numbers up 50 plus two numbers up to 10 choose, these undeniably frequent wins are possible.

Undoubtedly, two extra numbers generally save players from that, to go away empty-handed. In any case, they ensure great prizes and at the same time increase the chances of winning the jackpot.

Eurojackpot Statistics

Based on the official lottery, the total number of combinations is, the five numbers of 1 to 50 Groups can be generated, 2.118.760. As a result, many people pull themselves out of fear, losing their money, back from the lottery.

On the other hand, if you look at the two additional numbers chosen, is a possible number of combinations only 45. This is because, that this is from the group of 1 to 10 is selected.

However, the overall risk with these numbers doesn't sound too bad and often saves players, if you miss main numbers. After all, these numbers are here, to secure the price, even if they don't match the main numbers.

price Chance to win
I. 1 in 95,344,200
II. 1 in 5,959,013
III. 1 in 3,405,150
IV. 1 in 423,752
V. 1 in 26,485
WE. 1 in 15,134
VII. 1 in 9,631
VIII. 1 in 672
IX. 1 in 602
X. 1 in 344
XI. 1 in 128
XII. 1 in 42

The overall probability, win an in-game prize, amounts 1 to 26,39. With that said, the odds in games generally don't seem that bad. To this end, even the worst skeptics are tempted by such numbers.

Current lottery results, Lottery jackpot and lottery winner of the last draws

There are numerous different lotteries in Germany: The classic 6aus49 lottery with a joint drawing on Saturday and Wednesday, the game 77 and super 6 as well as the Euromillions and the Eurojackpot lotteries. While the first three games mentioned represent German lotteries, are the latter two international products and are played in many European countries.

All Current lottery numbers for the above lotteries are summarized on this page shown. Click on the name of the respective lottery to get more information or simply select the date of the drawing in the calendar at the top of the page, to see any numbers and odds for a specific date.

Use of the Eurojackpot numbers

Above all, using the eurojackpot results history will indeed help you, to significantly increase the chances of winning. In view of this, all you have to do is look in the eurojackpot result archives for the most commonly used numbers.

To be able to collect enough numbers, you will generally need to check out more drawings. For example, if you only selected the last three draws, this may not be enough for a winning combination. Together with all the Eurojackpot numbers, there is a great possibility, to form quite profitable number combinations.

To achieve the winning combination, it is therefore necessary, keep an eye on the Eurojackpot Lotto numbers for at least three months. When you've found the numbers, you decide, whether you want to add all of them or select a part using a different method.

In other words, You can choose three numbers depending on the date and also use the most frequently drawn numbers. It is important, to be persistent, as sometimes more time is required, to collect all the information you need.

Eurojackpot tips

Currently, Eurojackpot is one of the biggest lottery games, at the currently 18 Countries participate. Like Norway, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Island, Hungary and many others.

Point, which is often overlooked, is, that the starting amount of the jackpot 10 Million euros. The most important thing is, that the price continues to rise, if there are currently no winners of the jackpot. Immediately after each draw there is a rollover, which does ______________ mean, that the following jackpot is obviously bigger than in this drawing.

If the jackpot however 100.000.000 Exceeds €, the additional income will obviously be added to the next prize pool. In plain language this means, that the chances of winning in the secondary price category are higher and also increase. Expressed differently, winning the second prize is certainly very close to reaching the jackpot.

Without a doubt, the best advice to win would be without a doubt, Do your research and obviously gamble often. If you miss the current drawing, also miss the chance, win the jackpot elsewhere.

In addition, the numbers of all number frequencies are available on the website. But to save you time, we bring them together in one place for you. In general, the frequent flow of messages about each drawing will undoubtedly help the players, who don't have time to research. But more about that later.

Eurojackpot online

Without a doubt the most convenient way would be, play the lottery, online. Not to mention it, that you can also get an insight into the numbers of eurojackpot in the past. In addition, you can not only approach the game through the computer, but also with your phone.

With a list of the Eurojackpot numbers it should generally be easy, select the numbers that suit you. You can also use your own systems or no systems at all, it's entirely up to you.

On the other hand, there is a quick selection option, which uses a random number generator. In summary, you get the highest possible random combination. It's great for people, who don't want to spend a lot of time choosing numbers or who just don't know, where to start. However, many people also say, that, surprisingly, this is the best option, in order to win.

After choosing the numbers, all you have to do is wait for the draw. After that you can check, whether you have guessed the winning combination. You can also check your purchased tickets in your account.

The most important thing is, that you can subscribe to Lottomania free of charge and contact the support team immediately with any question. You will try, to reply as soon as possible.

In addition, many people wonder about taxes, since we've all heard these horror stories about losing more than half the price in taxes. To point out, in case of winning, you have to pay the tax according to the country, in which you live.

In summary, the biggest advantage of playing the lottery online is, that you don't have to stand in line, to buy tickets. The only, what to look out for, is, that you do everything, before the entries are closed.

Eurojackpot Statistics Generator

If you
find out about the
The overall statistics of the Eurojackpot Lotto Generator are astonishing, can
You definitely do this online right away.

In front
Especially the Eurojackpot is the lottery game, that for sure as a whole
can be won more often.

at this point the jackpot price is subsequently smaller, the odds of winning
however, are much larger.

in any case, this type of lottery game has attracted a large number of fans
and by and large the number is growing all the time.

for this reason the prices increase accordingly. Either way, yours are
current chances of winning with a eurojackpot win 1 to 35.

About that
beyond there 12 Profit levels, that you can win. So you will be without
Doubt is sure to win your prize sooner or later.

The most important is, not to give up after a first attempt, since you never know, when your combination might appear.

What is Eurojackpot Generator?

once the Eurojackpot generator is a random number generator, the total
represents the best random combination of the current numbers.

It is
important to know, that it is difficult, random combinations yourself too

If you
do not want to do long research, you can also use this option easily
use with a click of the mouse.

Definitely take advantage of the online lottery platform and make yours
Combination everywhere together.

As well
important is, that you can play your favorite games anywhere with just your phone
can play.

Of the
eurojackpot random number generator will definitely help you, Your time
to use.

In the hope, that the future winner reads this, we will explain the different types of number generators in more detail.

How to play Eurojackpot?

First, what to remember, is surely, how many pay you
need to choose. These are above all 5 Main numbers plus two
Euro numbers.

these points it is also important to say, that you choose it from a group of
pay from 1 to 50 choose.

Then choose
You also add the euro numbers between 1 and 10.

In front
above all, Lottomania is very easy to use, so you undoubtedly have no problems
Find results and all information, that they need.

this point is certainly the best Eurojackpot number generator too
the one, which you can use immediately when purchasing a ticket.

As well
important is, that the eurojackpot generator can be used online at any time
can. In addition, you can use it anywhere.

About that
In addition, the raffle takes place every Friday 18.00 Clock instead. Watch out for
definitely on it, what time it is in your time zone, to the current
Live drawing not to be missed.

In front
With this in mind, you can be sure of your winning combinations
put together. Together with the Eurojackpot number generator you can with
Security make a great one.

or later you will win, if you follow these simple steps, one
Increase your chances.

In the hope, that future winners read this, we bring more information in the further text.

Eurojackpot Generator online

In front
anything online is certainly better. If you are wondering, Why, we will
explain this in detail in the following text.

it is certainly more convenient. In any case, it is also time-saving, since you
not having to travel to authorized local stores.

eurojackpot generator online brings great results and is currently doing them
most random combination.

Of course, it saves time and solves the problem of lengthy research before buying a ticket.

So take full advantage of the online lottery platforms and meet your

In the hope, that the future winner reads this, we'll bring out more about the current topic afterwards.

Eurojackpot System Generator

Contrary to the method, when you use the computer to simply randomize your numbers
let choose, you can do this for yourself.

Definitely the eurojackpot system generator, to increase your chances of winning

In view of these points, the overall systems for forming combinations are
mostly complicated and take time.

of course it depends on your personal preferences, whichever way you later
will choose.

In each
However, in case we will get some useful data for gamers, the specially designed systems
want to use, safely omit.

In each
Case it's hard to say, which work safely. But you should
likely to rely on those, which are used more often.

This is
for example the system, that uses a number frequency.

The most common numbers

it is very important, use the most frequently drawn numbers, to your
general chances to increase.

this way you naturally increase your overall stats. So look for the
Results of the last drawings.

you can definitely pull out the data yourself. In contrast, can
You also use the data from different locations.

Eurojackpot Generator Analysis
assume so anyway, that this is statistically the best way to go, one
to increase the overall odds.

For this reason, use the latest data and determine the current figures.

Considering these points, you can see, that there are numbers from the last 4
Weeks or even the year.

About that
in addition, you can combine all of these results or select those,
which are certainly much more useful to you.

In each
In case you can certainly add some of your lucky numbers as well, before You
to begin, to look at the combination as a whole.

Respect, think highly of
You on odd and even numbers

you should check, how many odd and how many even numbers are
are in their current combination.

This is
the reason, why most of the drawn combinations 2/3 are. These are 2
odd and 3 even numbers or vice versa.

In light of this, it is also important to say, that these combinations previously
65 % the total time were drawn.

In contrast, the combinations were all even or all odd
Numbers to total 3 % drawn.

is the remainder of the percentage for 1 odd and 4 even numbers or hence
reserved for the opposite.

for this reason it is certainly a possibility, Manage your numbers like this,
that they fit this combination.

correct combination of the most common numbers together definitely increases
Your chances of winning.

As well
is it important, don't give up right after the first try.

is because, that you can never know, when your combination shows up, gives
not a single drawing is the same.

date winning numbers Additional numbers Jackpot
02/15/2019 1 24 30 31 47 7, 9 €10,277,181
08/02/2019 5 8 21 24 26 4, 5 €63,248,942
02/01/2019 6 29 38 45 47 2, 3 €50,191, 532
01/25/2019 24 25 28 35 48 4, 8 €38,549,639
01/18/2019 2 9 23 36 47 2, 9 €28,033,133

EuroJackpot Lottery

These are the characteristics of the Eurojackpot lottery

The Eurojackpot lottery has only been around since 2012. The member countries were initially Germany and Denmark, Estonia and Finland, also Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands. At Europe's largest lottery, also called EuroLotto, the focus is on the community experience. Participants from 17 European countries play the lottery together. This is possible through the cooperation of the state lottery companies of these countries. A very high jackpot of up to 90 Millions of euros is therefore conceivable. since 15. September also Poland is a member of the huge European lottery community.

How is EuroLotto played and what prizes are possible?

The lottery is played once a week on Fridays. You tick a total of seven numbers. Enter five numbers in the A field 50, Select two numbers in the B field 10 out. The numbers in the B field are called euro numbers. In Germany, each tip costs two euros, a small processing fee per ticket is added. The size of the real jackpot always depends on the number of players. The special thing about the Eurojackpot: There will always be a minimum of 10 Million euros guaranteed. Half of the stakes will be distributed to the participants as a profit. The chance of winning the main prize, So prize class / rank I., is at the Eurojackpot 1:95.344.200, for the lowest profit, So prize class / rank XII, 1:35. Every Friday at 19:00 Clock is the acceptance deadline for the drawing. It takes place in Helsinki under police supervision.

The drawing in Helsinki differs in several points from the classic lottery in Germany. For example, it is not broadcast on television. However, you can watch the draws live on YouTube. Players choose the two additional payments themselves. With the conventional lottery 6 out 49 the super number is already given by the ticket. The euro numbers allow more combinations of all numbers. The resulting 12 Prize tiers are more interesting for many players.

The following table shows the probability of winning per rank:

5 Right one - 2 Euro numbers correct Rank I 1 : 95.344.200
5 Right one - 1 Correct euro number Rank II 1 : 5.959.000
5 Right one - 0 Euro number Rang III 1 : 3.405.150
4 Right one - 2 Euro numbers correct Rank IV 1 : 423.750
4 Right one - 1 Correct euro number Rang V 1 : 26.485
4 Right one - 0 Euro number Rank VI 1 : 15.134
3 Right one - 2 Euro numbers correct Rank VII 1 : 9.630
3 Right one - 1 Correct euro number Rank VIII 1 : 672
2 Right one - 2 Euro numbers correct Rang IX 1 : 600
3 Right one - 0 Euro number Rang X 1 : 344
1 Right one - 2 Euro numbers correct Rang XI 1 : 128
2 Right one - 1 Correct euro number Rang XII 1 : 42

The chance of winning the highest prize category in the Euro Lotto is twice as high as in the traditional Lotto six out 49. The guaranteed maximum profit also makes this lottery attractive.

Tips on playing the lottery

First, you should choose the secure online platform, to your
Playing favorite lottery games.

As well
the rules of any game are safe while playing in
within reach.

In addition to the rules, you can also see the amount of the current jackpot.
You can also check your results.

In each
Case and anytime you can find out, whether you won and how
a lot you have won, immediately at Lottomania.

In case you miss the current draw, you can just approach the Lottomania and see your results. After all, the eurojackpot jackpot generator is not the only advantage, that this online lottery platform offers.

most important is however, that you register quickly.

This is
a free registration, the this page for your protection and
at the same time needed for your protection.

In this case, follow the simple rules of eurojackpot and you will surely win the great prizes.

Eurojackpot online

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In particular, playing eurojackpot online saves you a lot of time and money
Money for transportation.

About that
you can also play on your phone. You can also use your
Play your favorite games anywhere in the world with any device.

called, Telephone, Laptop, Computer or tablet, You can certainly do it all
use, to connect with lottomania and watch the current game

can definitely play, while you are on vacation in another country
or wait for a bus.

you can view all information about each game. Learn with it,
how to play and what the current prices are overall.

In light of these points, there are many overall advantages of online lottery compared to local authorized stores.

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