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Outwardly, the main page of the site looks quite attractive. Dark shades of reds combined with green gaming tables for a luxurious ambiance, inherent in land-based gambling clubs. Every new client can handle site navigation, since there is nothing difficult in management. The user agreement specifies the Jackpot jackpot rules, describing the features of the savings system and the distribution of funds between slot machines.

All Jackpot games in the gambling hall are divided into "Popular" categories, "New", "Favorite", "Alphabetically", "Casino games" for the convenience of players. Slots with jackpots are also taken out separately., and they indicate the amount of the main prize.

Kushi from the casino

Well, what is a casino jackpot?? In fact, same, only the interest from the bets entered is not accumulated by the machine itself, and the casino. Such a jackpot stands out primarily because, that it is usually larger. Online casinos provide an opportunity to win their own jackpots on a wide range of slots, or even all at once. So, user has, who dreams of jack-sweat, there will be a wider selection of favorite devices and it seems like you can combine business with pleasure. for instance, open your favorite Book of Ra and wait for bonuses with books in it. And the jackpot can fall at any moment, no matter, what winnings are given to you by the currently running slot.

Description of the slot and the plot of the game

Slot machines "Gemstone Jackpot" or "Precious Jackpot" is a machine, which has at its disposal 5 drums and 10 active pay lines. Recent, by the way, are permanent. In this spin game, you can simultaneously place bets from 40 to 10000 credits. And all this is due to the fact, what is allowed to be placed on one line from 4 to 1000 credits.

"Precious Jackpot" – this is a slot machine, in which sparkling gems are arranged in three rows. To receive payments you need, so that at least three identical symbols-stones simultaneously appear in the active selected area of ​​the slot. They must form a single chain without any breaks., which goes from left to right, in the direction from the first reel to the fifth. If several sequences drop at the same time, but only the most valuable of them is taken into account when paying.

Win Big Jackpots on the Slots Site

Huge jackpots await you at, formed at the expense of our numerous users. We are a gaming club, offering a solid collection of slots, therefore we give everyone the opportunity: count on the jackpot, play any slot machines for free, make any virtual or real bets, etc.. d. We appreciate the efforts of our players, that's why we regularly play big money and there is always that person, who manages to hit an unprecedented jackpot!

It's very easy to get the jackpot for free with our casino. The main thing is not to rely on mythical chronic bad luck and quit the game., being just one step away from a possible victory. It's simple: you cannot win a large amount, without playing or trying to attract fortune to your side. History knows many examples, when big winnings were waiting for players after the very first bet. Why deprive yourself of the opportunity to become one of them?

Don't forget that, what to count on a solid jackpot casino Vulcan offers in all existing games:

  • virtual roulette,
  • poker for money,
  • slots online,
  • black Jack,
  • bones, etc.. d.

It means, that at any game table there will always be a lucky one, who can complete the game, taking with him a record amount! On you can also become the owner of the jackpot, so do not limit yourself in the playgrounds and try your hand at different games of our casino.

How to win Jackpot at a casino: dreams and reality

However, the fulfillment of cherished desires in the casino is not so simple, since there are a lot of jackpot varieties, and not all of them are able to bring a lot of money, and for some of them special additional conditions have been invented.

The largest are progressive jackpots, since a huge number of players participate in the formation of the size of their prize pool. Their payouts can be cosmic, reaching millions of dollars. Everything is extremely simple here: who gets the required combination of symbols, that gets all the money and a paradise vacation on the magnificent beaches of the Maldives!

Throughout the centuries-old history, almost everyone has dreamed of winning jackpot slots. The cherished words “I got the jackpot!»Fill everyone with adrenaline, who are lucky to be in a similar situation.

How likely is this super prize, whose amounts are sometimes measured in millions of dollars?

Progressive Jackpots at Netgame Casino

Play Netgame Casino Jackpot Games – means to provide yourself with double luck! In them, you can win not only the usual wins by combinations, but also 1 of 4 progressive banks.

What games can you win the jackpot on?

Dozens of the most popular games are connected to the progressive jackpots of Netgame Casino. Among them – familiar classics and new machines.

How jackpots work

Every bet, made in any of the jackpot games, increases the bank. The more active the game is, the more rapidly jackpots accumulate.

The moment of hitting the jackpot does not depend on anything: nor of the amount, not from time to time, nor from drop-down combinations. It happens completely spontaneously., and anyone can be lucky, who is playing any of the jackpot games at the current rate at that moment.

How to win the jackpot: minimum rates

There are four jackpots at Netgame Casino – Red, Silver, Gold и Diamond. Each of them – this is a separate jackpot, which does not depend on the rest. They differ from each other in the amounts of the minimum bets, and correspondingly – self-worth.

Jackpots Red and Silver have a minimum bet 1 UAH / 0.04 Doll / 2 rub / 0.04 euros.

To win the Gold jackpot, you need to play at a rate of 9 UAH / 0.36 Doll / 18 rub / 0.36 euros.

Users claim the Diamond jackpot, playing at rates from 25 UAH / 1 Doll / 50 rub / 1 euros.

So, hitting the bet 1 UAH / 0.04 Doll / 2 rub / 0.04 euros, can be won like the jackpot Red, and Silver. Well, if you put on 25 UAH / 1 Doll / 50 rub / 1 euros – you can win absolutely any of 4 jackpots!

What jackpot will I win?

Let's admit, you played at a bet 1 UAH / 0.04 Doll / 2 rub / 0.04 euro and you received a notification about winning the jackpot. This is the bet, which forms immediately 2 bank – Red и Silver. Which one will you get – will solve a special mini-draw.

The drawing will start automatically. In front of you you will see a field with the same sections, similar to scratch lottery card. Each section is responsible for a particular jackpot, which you are applying for. Just open them at random, and when will it be 3 sections of the same color – everything will be decided!

I can win a jackpot with an active bonus?

Yes! If your active bonus – deposit and it does not exceed 200%, then your bets also take part in the drawing of jackpots. At the same time, the won jackpots still do not have any wagering requirements: the whole amount will go straight to your main balance.

Discover new possibilities of familiar slot machines and win more! Anything is possible with Netgame Casino jackpots.

Slot machines on mobile phones

Telephone machines are widespread. They are adapted for touch screens, adjust to the display diagonal automatically. Created on the html platform 5, so no additional software download is required. Benefits include a simplified interface, the ability to unfold the game horizontally, single key control.

Manufacturers create new mobile slot machines and adapt old versions for smartphones. The result is fast downloads even at low internet speeds, session continuity, no freezes. To start, just connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

Free to play slot machines

Everyone can play slot machines for free, to read the rules, interface, check hidden parameters. This is the variance, declared cycle length, theoretical return. The volatility in demos is the same, as in paid counterparts. Instead of money, nominal loans are at stake, credited by the administration of the institution. As soon as they are used up, just refresh the page. The balance will be restored immediately.

Download starts after clicking on "Demo". It remains to adjust the number of lines (if possible), put virtual coins on the line, start the reels manually or automatically. In demo mode, players will test popular strategies in practice, risking nothing. If tactics work, it can be used after switching to paid mode.

In pursuit of the main prize of the Monoslot casino

Talking about, what is jackpot, it is worth immediately defining two vectors. By itself dje kpot – this is a certain prize in a gambling game of a particularly large size. Jackpot can be won by playing slot machines. And it could be a bank, embedded in the machine itself or an internal prize pool from the casino. However, in both cases, the guarantee of receiving the jackpot will be playing on a slot at a certain rate.

The jackpot of any kind is accumulated by the players' bets. This is when a percentage of the bets entered into the game goes to the formation of a separate bank. Every player can hit the jackpot, participating in the formation of this bank.

♻️ Pros and cons of the casino Jackpot gaming club

  • regular bonuses for newbies and VIP clients of the establishment;
  • 24/7 support;
  • high-quality mobile version;
  • average level of return - 95%;
  • fair draws based on the work of a random number generator.

To make sure of the reliability of this club, rated online casino with a license and check the quality of the club, make a deposit with the minimum amount and try your luck. Bonuses on the site are cleared quickly and easily, so there is no cause for concern. During the first withdrawal of funds, immediately indicate that payment system, which you will use in the future. This will speed up the transaction., since after a while the process is automated.

Why Jackpot Casino Doesn't Open?

Gambling business in the Russian Federation is prohibited by legislative bodies, therefore, even virtual gambling establishments are blocked by regulatory authorities. There are several ways to bypass access denial., including installing a VPN and looking for an up-to-date mirror for today.

Where to find a working mirror online casino Jackpot?

The portal administration creates an alternative resource even before the main site is closed, therefore it can be found on modern search engines. But in order not to get confused in the variety of options, use addresses, which we regularly publish on our page.

Is it really possible to win at online casino Jackpot?

Sure. Portal honestly pays money to clients, and this has been proven by many years of experience and numerous players, leaving positive reviews. Consider, that cheating the establishment is punishable by blocking the account without a refund.

Does online casino Jackpot pay real money to players?

Yes. Each client can withdraw funds at a convenient moment. Consider, that real money can be won only after replenishment of the deposit. It is impossible to withdraw winnings in the demo version, since the session is conducted on virtual coins.

How to withdraw money from casino Jackpot?

At the checkout of your personal profile, create a withdrawal request and wait 3 – 5 days. When using e-wallets, waiting times are reduced to 1 – 24 hours. Provide your personal details honestly, so that you are not suspected of fraud.

How to check casino Jackpot for fairness?

The gambling company software is provided by the NanoGameSoft brand, proven from the best side. Draws are conducted using a random number generator, and victory or loss cannot be specially adjusted. In addition, the license was issued in Costa Rica and is characterized by a high level of reliability..

Gemstone Jackpot Interface

The visual design of the machine is quite pleasing to the eye, and the interface is quite simple and straightforward. There is not a very large number of buttons in the game window of the slot, but at the same time, each of them is important in its own way. First of all, it should be noted the button "Autoplay". It is she who will allow players to speed up the game process, as bids will be placed automatically.

To get the best experience of all buttons, demo version available for players. Here during the free game for candy wrappers, you can get acquainted not only with the features of the game itself, but also with game buttons. Which, by the way, can only be presented in English. For, to make the process of the game more understandable for English-speaking people, a few words about game buttons.

"Start" - button, responsible for the beginning of the game and each start of each new spin.

"Collect" - allows you to transfer winnings to your gaming account.

"Gamble" - launches a risk game.

"Bet / Line" - the ability to choose a bet per line.

"Lines" - button, which determines the number of lines for the game.

"Credit" - button, which allows you to see the state of the account.

"LastWin" - payout per round.

"Autoplay" - automatic game.

"Paytable" - button, allowing you to view payout rates.

Anyway, even if players have any questions about the game, then the answers can always be found in the help department, which is located at the top in the right corner.

Deposit and withdrawal of money from Jackpot casino

If you choose real money slots for the Jackpot, it will not be superfluous to study the availability of payment systems. You can use any service, of which you are.

Payment systems Deposit replenishment Withdraw funds Min deposit Max deposit
Visa Yes Yes 150 rub. 150 000 rub.
Mastercard Yes Yes 150 rub. 150 000 rub.
Qiwi Yes Yes 150 rub. 150 000 rub.
SMS Yes Yes 150 rub. 5 000 rub.
Yandex.Money Yes Yes 150 rub. 150 000 rub.
Piastrix Yes Yes 150 rub. 100 000 rub.

The main feature of the online casino cashier is the fast payment function. It means, that you do not need to re-enter the details to transfer funds to your balance, but you can use the previous data. So you will save time on entering the wallet number. But we still recommend to double-check the data., otherwise, in case of hacking, the attacker can change the address, and you independently carry out a transaction to its balance.

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