Why is playing with LottoSmile dangerous?

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Why is playing with LottoSmile dangerous?

Lotto game with intermediary LottoSmile, seems safe at first glance. But is it? If you just click "buy a lotto ticket" you may not know that, what is this company really hiding. Above we wrote about, what to read then, what is written in small print, and especially be careful, reading the information in the "Terms of Use" tab

Believe me, there is something to pay attention to

The site immediately disclaims responsibility for the loss of money. But the question, how can you lose money, if you top up your e-wallet? Most likely they themselves withdraw your funds..

Also LottoSmile immediately notes, which is not responsible for , damage, inflicted by third parties.

note, that the list says The Lotter, which is the regulator of this intermediary.

Another interesting point is that, what with LottoSmile reserves the right to, that they can use the player's personal data and have the right to delete the account, without explaining the reason.

I.e, You can play, you can win (if possible), but quite real, that you will be quickly blocked, before, how would you like to withdraw the prize.

Please note that, that this online lotto site asks to provide only correct information about the bank card. What for? Most likely for that, to write off money without your knowledge

SMARTGUIDE notes, that in no case information about your bank card is left to third parties. Otherwise, don't be surprised, that your money will disappear.

The site administration immediately writes about, that they have the right to prohibit you from playing any game, if they see, that it is illegal. But how can anything go wrong, if the game is played according to the rules of the site and through it?

Since the main task of the intermediary – buy a ticket from the company and provide the player with its scanned copy. In the "Terms of Use" they write, that there may be problems with providing a copy of the ticket. And we know, that without a ticket in hand - you cannot become a participant in the drawing.

One more moment, which is worth paying attention to – the company can change the rules of the game. Sounds good?. And finally, The most interesting:

And finally, The most interesting:

Is it worth playing with this middleman? The decision is yours.

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