American lotteries "Powerball" and "Mega Millions"

«Powerball» и «Mega Millions»

The two largest lotteries in America: «Powerball» и «Mega Millions». These are massive multiplayer games, designed to increase the jackpot amount and increase ticket sales in the participating states. Both games premiered in 1996 year, in the midst of the American lottery rush.

Powerball is offered in 44 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Powerball is operated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (known as MUSL), non-profit group, created in partnership with state lottery councils. The minimum Powerball jackpot is 40 million dollars. Winners can choose to pay out as a lump sum or receive their winnings in installments. In the second case "Powerball" payments are made in thirty equal installments on an annual basis..

Powerball draws were always held on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10: 59 Eastern time. The ball matrix is ​​a little tricky - five balls are taken from the pool 69, then one "powerball" is taken from the pool 26. The total odds of winning the jackpot are 1 to 292,201,338. Each Powerball ticket costs $2, or you can increase it to $3 with a special option "Power Play". No tickets, sold after 10 hours of the evening on the night of the draw, will not be honored to participate in this week's draw. Powerball Draws are held at the Florida Lottery Studios in Tallahassee and are broadcast nationwide ahead of the evening news.

«Mega Millions» (once called the "Big Game") almost identical to Powerball in terms of participation. Every U.S. state or territory, where Powerball is available, also accepts Mega Millions. The minimum Mega Millions jackpot is $ 15 million, and the winners have the option to choose an annuity payment (30 payments, increasing by 5% Every year) or a lump sum.

Megamillion lottery, the results are pleasing not only to Americans

You can buy a lucky ticket both in the traditional form and online. Prizes are paid immediately after the drawing in any way available to the winner (except for jackpot). The rule is set, according to which you can only get a prize in the country where the ticket was purchased and the participant himself lives. For example, players from Russia can receive money only in the Russian Federation, with the payment of established fees.

To receive jackpot winnings, which amounts to tens and hundreds of millions of special payment rules. The winnings can be divided into several annual tranches, up to 30. You can get all the money at once, but in this case, the amount of tax and commissions will be higher.

Information on the Megamillion lottery results is available immediately after the draw in all major languages ​​of the world, including in Russian. According to professional players, this lottery is one of the most profitable, and a high chance of luck really gives an opportunity for everyone to become a millionaire. It is most convenient to buy lottery tickets in the Russian Federation via the Internet.

Lotteries only enrich their owners?

The most common myth about gambling, this is "the rules play on the owners". We've heard it all before - that casinos can tighten or loosen slots at their whim., that roulette dealers deliberately rob people - and it's all nonsense.

Without a doubt, some illegal lotteries and fraudulent games have existed and continue to exist. We know, that the US lottery system was destroyed in 19 century due to fraud scandals. Although in the distant past this was a problem, modern accounting rules and tactics mean, what lottery games, state sponsored, are transparent. As for people, which take advantage of the naivety of some players? They will always exist. The trick is, to learn to notice and avoid them.

If you interact with a legitimate lottery organizer, for example, a multi-state lottery association or a corporate lottery organizer for a state lottery, you will play games, which are audited by third-party auditors. Do not forget, that these lottery games are produced by organizations, who are accountable to their shareholders and tasked with keeping accurate public records.

Happiness is almost half a billion

First, about the fact of winning: Jackpot amount 435 million dollar player ripped, guessing 5 "Red" numbers and one "white". The winning ticket was the only one, so the lucky one won't have to share his millions with anyone. The organizers are not ready to say yet, who was the winner: citizen of the USA or another country, only known, that the lucky voucher was bought in Lafayette (Louisiana).

The chance of winning the Powerball Jackpot is very small at 1 to 292 millions. This player is really lucky..

In connection with such deafening news, you involuntarily think, how to play American lotteries in Russia. There is always an opportunity if you want. But before looking for her, read the rules of the game. After all, buying a ticket for a domestic lottery and a foreign one online is similar, but still different procedures.

It looks a little comical., in my opinion (if unlucky, you can't fix the situation with complaints). But Americans think,that in this way they can influence their own lottery happiness.

The lottery winner in the middle of the night remembered, that he has unverified lottery tickets

However, from that, what did we learn: the lucky owner of a giant jackpot is currently working as a freight forwarder. I bought the winning ticket by absolute chance together with my family, on a tour of California. As Steve himself later added, that one of the first, who found out about his win, became his own boss.

After, how did the man know about his win, he called his boss on the phone and told him: “To my great regret, i won the lottery jackpot. therefore, I very much doubt, that I will go to the robot in the near future, definitely not tomorrow, maybe never at all ".

To find the lucky one, lottery representatives had to do it with their own hands, and also contact the media, that they spread information about the draw, because during the first weeks no one came to claim their winnings. According to different people, the jackpot winner just expected, when all the hype about finding a winner is gone, and also trains a team of lawyers and accountants, for instant development of a multi-million dollar fortune.

But as it turned out later, in fact, everything was much more commonplace: the winner simply did not know, that he became the owner of a giant jackpot. At the time of the drawing, he didn't even suspect, that he has that lucky ticket. After the winning combination is announced, Steve said to himself: “Someone was lucky, now everyone will talk about it at every step ".

Thereafter, Steve decided to take a break from work and take a vacation., to go with your family somewhere. Meanwhile, all those lottery tickets, which he bought while traveling through cities, just were at his house. The lucky one discovered his win only then, when he brought a new pack of tickets home and thought, what if the winning ticket is in a pile of old tickets.

Pros of foreign lotteries

One of the main advantages of participating in a foreign lottery is having a chance to win a huge jackpot, which is calculated in millions of dollars or euros. Besides, foreign counterparts of domestic lottery games have impressive secondary prizes.

The advantages of overseas drawings include:

  1. Simplicity of rules. The Russian player will not find anything new and unusual in them..
  2. In most cases, there is no tax on winnings, or is insignificant. Exceptions are some North American draws and some European games. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a citizen will need to pay a tax fee according to the laws of the Russian Federation.
  3. Sufficiently democratic cost of foreign draws pendants. Most foreign tickets cost more than domestic tickets., but at the same time, the prizes received cannot be compared.
  4. Russian players have the opportunity to participate in foreign contests online, without leaving your own home, and in some cases it is possible to play directly from a mobile phone on the lottery website or using a downloaded mobile application.

One of the methods to increase the chances of winning is by joining a syndicate, which is a group of people, uniting in order to purchase the largest possible number of tickets. In this case, the winnings for all tickets are summed up and divided by the number of participants in the syndicate..

This approach allows, spending a few dollars, earn a decent amount of money under a good set of circumstances.

How to participate in American lotteries from Russia

Traveling to America to play a game is not a smart decision. Flight and hotel costs will be big, and the chance to win the top jackpot is illusory.

Reseller services are a compromise solution. They enable Russian residents to take part in sweepstakes, held in the United States. There are many similar firms, among which TheLotter is considered the most reliable.

How to use TheLotter services

More than fifty of the largest lotteries from other countries are presented on TheLotter website. PowerBall and MegaMillions are there too. To participate in them, you need to do the following steps.

  • Register at TheLotter
  • Find the PowerBall or MegaMillions names in the draw list
  • Buy a ticket for the next draw
  • Get a scanned ticket in your personal profile
  • Expect Results
  • Transfer the winnings to your account

The results of the draw are published on TheLotter website, they can also be viewed on the official portals PowerBall and MegaMillions. Although in Russia these two sites are blocked.

Why Choose TheLotter

There are several reasons to focus on this intermediary.. It has a number of advantages over other companies of its kind.

  • Winner lists. The names of the winners are publicly available, you can talk to them and find out, how they received money through TheLotter website
  • Availability of reviews. Since the opening of the site in 2002 year, there were many reviews on the network about his work, there are almost no negative responses among them.
  • Scanned copies of tickets. Immediately after the purchase, copies of tickets appear in your personal profile.

Foreigners wishing to participate in the American drawing do not have many alternatives to choose the right decision. For this we will have to go to the USA and buy tickets there.. Or choose a reliable intermediary. TheLotter guarantees that you will receive your winnings if you participate in PowerBall and MegaMillions lotteries.

Receiving winnings

You will find out the results of the drawing in your personal account or from an email immediately after the end of the broadcast.. In case of any win, except for the jackpot, money will be transferred to your account.

Winners receive the biggest prize differently. Sometimes the winner will have to travel for the prizes himself. In such cases, The Lotter helps with ticket purchases and accommodation reservations.. You can clarify all the details in a conversation with the service manager, who will contact you himself.

Money can be withdrawn in the following ways:

  • Bank cards MasterCard,Show, Discover, Diners Club,
  • Skrill and Neteller e-wallets

The service processes the request for translation within 3 working days. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollars. Maximum output - 1 000 dollars for MasterCard and Visa cards. In other ways, you can withdraw no more than 2 000 dollars.


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