Multilotto – divorce?


How Multilotto breeds people

Multilotto offers not only playing + lotto. The main task of the site – cheat people for money. Maybe it sounds rude, but this is evidenced by lotto reviews. But while we talk about something else. We will tell you about standard divorce schemes. But we are unlikely to surprise you with this.

  • Website technical support is not working, which means, that in case of any problems you cannot contact the resource staff.
  • Don't pay out winnings, whatever it is;
  • Block player accounts then, when it suits them;
  • Charge fees for obscure services;
  • Write positive reviews about their resource;
  • Subscribe players to newsletters and VIP offers without their consent.

Unfortunately, everything is so predictable and standard, what sometimes it seems, that no one will lead to this. But, as practice shows, there are those, who believe in their luck and bright website banners.

If you go to the official lottery sites, then you will see, that the company does not place such bright advertising slogans on their websites. It looks cheap. And in general, American and European lotteries do not distribute their tickets on the Internet and do not particularly cooperate with intermediary agents.

Multilotto website review

Multilotto is an intermediary site, where you can buy lotto online from the largest lotteries in the world. Sure, if you need more 18 years old. All you need to do is register on the site. This resource was registered in 2010 year. Every year the organizers add new lotteries, to satisfy your visitors. Site translated to 16 languages, Russian available, true slightly crooked translation. Besides, recently added a section - online casino and millionaire store. But that's not all, what the resource can boast of. The developers have created a mobile application, so that everyone can play lotto online in any convenient place.

Talking about the site, then here, everything is standard: bright and colorful resource with a lot of advertising banners. This format will scare many, because such an advertisement immediately shows that, that the resource is not serious. Besides, site pages - "sheets", where too much fits. For example, on the first fit:

  • huge banner with changing advertising slides of various lotto;
  • top menu and bottom menu;
  • clickable blocks in two lines;
  • game rules at the bottom of the page;
  • banners, reporting that, that every ticket ordered buys a tree seed for developing countries;
  • strange, white space in the middle of the page and more.

Generally, if you have enough nerves, then you will read the information on the first page of Multilotto.

Playing lotto online on this platform is, that the player can bet on the outcome of the game, or buy a ticket. The first option is quite suspicious, since no lottery in the world works according to this scheme. And betting on the result is not a game, but most likely just a bet on luck. But buying a ticket, more like the truth, but again, the essence of the mediator is, that he buys a ticket on behalf of the player, in the country of the drawing and provides a scanned copy. It is uploaded to the site in the player's personal account. But before that, how to start a game with an intermediary remember that, that without a ticket in hand, you will not be able to participate in the drawing.

Initially, the resource offered lotto tickets online for:

Game Full cost
SuperEnalotto € 7.50
€ 30.00
€ 12.50
€ 17.50
€ 25.00
Lotto 6/49 € 5.00
Finland Lotto € 5.00
El Gordo Primitiva € 12.50
Cash4Life € 10.00
Bitcoin jackpot € 15.00
California SuperLotto € 10.00
New York Lotto € 7.50
Irish Lotto € 10.00
€ 12.50
Norway Lotto € 2.50
Mega Sena € 7.50
Poland Lotto € 5.00
Gold Lottery € 7.50
Easy € 5.00

But that's not all, what the Multilotto site can boast about. Here you can not only buy a lotto ticket, but also play express games, scratch cards. Game principle, such, like in the instant lottery: you need to find a winning combination in the playing field, which is under the protective layer. It can be fruits or numbers..

Another feature from the site - online casino, where there is 76 slot machines for every taste. You can play "three in a row", at "21" or your favorite poker. To show yourself as a caring developer, the site offers to play for virtual money, without any risk. But we all understand, what, playing for virtual money Multilotto you will win, and as soon as you put your hard-earned funds, you will start to lose. Classic.

SMARTGUIDE notes, that you do not need to be led to sweet "enticements" of such platforms. Thus, you are bred like children and money is pulled.

Look further. The Multilotto website has many, sort of, useful information: how to play the selected lotto, how to increase your chances of winning, confidentiality terms, how to register and more. By the way, the developers themselves write about, that they are not responsible for information about third companies, which is provided on their website. This is somehow strange in reality, because somehow the information appeared on the platform. Take this seriously..

Withdrawing money - in a convenient way and there are more of them here 10. And if you have any questions, then you can contact technical support, however, the maximum you can do is write a letter and wait for an answer, suddenly lucky.

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